Uvirith’s Legacy 3.2 Changelog Dec 2013

Originally Posted December 2013. This changelog is unaltered from the original, save formatting alterations. Posting it as is, typos and all, is for purely academic purposes (not that anyone will ever read all this crap).

Update 3.2

Alterations to Tower NPCs

  • Added more food to Salmeama. Now she offers bread with lunch, and an appetizer with every dinner. Altered the effects of some foods (will be overwritten by NoM if you use it).
  • Almossaren and Meiree’s disposition now syncs with between their two different versions.
  • Money given to NPCs using the “reward for service” dialogue option now shows up in their inventory.
  • Now if you give your servants enough money, they’ll upgrade their clothing to reflect your status and contribution to their personal wealth — up to three times.
  • The clothing upgrade happens for servants at the 50, 150, and 300 gold mark. Each upgrade also only happens with each tower upgrade. Almossaren will upgrade his clothes if the final stronghold build is complete and you’ve rewarded him with 500 gold.
  • Gavyn will randomly spend any money you give him. His disposition will also drop significantly if you take back any money you gave him using the “reward for service” topic. Note: he will spend ANY money you give him regardless if it’s rewarded to him or not. He won’t be able to help himself. This was done on purpose (because it’s funnier that way).
  • Made sure Gavyn’s greetings don’t override Big Mod chore greetings. Now you can actually use Anteres Big Mod to give him extra chores. Also made sure he won’t do Big Mod chores if he’s traveling with you or already on another chore.

Alterations to Tower Shipments

  • Removed Emerald Pinetear from Bloodmoon shipment chest, reduced Heartwood to 1, added gravetar, reduced grahl eyeball to 2, reduced horker tusk to 2, increased holly to 20 and belladonna to 40 (20 ripened, 20 unripened — have fun making ultimate magicka potions). Added Srikandy Solstheim ingredients. Split Solstheim shipments into barrel and crate.
  • Added sload soap to the soap crate (shipped with the mainland shipments).
  • Recalculated shipment costs based on ingredient additions and removals. Solstheim shipments have decreased by 200 gold, but mainland shipments (after calculating them properly) have increased so the end total is 8500 gold.
  • Now becoming Factor in the East Empire Company will reduce Solstheim shipments by 300 gold, and reduce mainland shipments by a further 200 gold if you order mainland shipments after that, ending in paying 8000 gold instead of 8500.
  • Recalculated mainland shipments in TR add-on based on mainland shipment recalculation in base mod (so I added 500 gold to the final cost here as well).
  • Topic “Telvanni Servitor Robe” will now show up at the right time.
  • Aryon’s egg mine mentioned in his note is now dependent on quest completion.
  • Golden Dawn book isn’t sitting in Edwina’s chest before quest to retrieve it.
  • Unchecked References Persist on containers that didn’t need it.
  • Almossaren no longer calls player Archmagister before player becomes Archmagister.
  • Shifted Amossaren and changed his chair so he stops popping out of it.
  • Fixed a bug in one of Primus’scripts.
  • Fixed Gorven Menas’ sale chest so it works more than once.
  • Removed activator from Mawia because it conflicts with changes to NPC Delvam Andarys in Quest Alternatives mod (TBA).
  • Filtered Eddie’s “stronghold” dialogue so it’s different if you haven’t recruited him yet.
  • Updated Llunela’s “stronghold” dialogue so she doesn’t tell you the teleportation platform is in the secret lab anymore.
  • Altered magicka font so it still gives you magicka if you absorb the spell. Altered Azura’s blessings (from Sara’s altar) to do the same.
  • Altered Uvirith’s Curse to make sure magicka stays drained, and also added script to make sure the player can’t remove the curse (because you can make remove curse scrolls with inscription).
  • Changed “Uvirith’s Gift” to an undead summoning power because turn undead doesn’t work.
  • Added dialogue to tie the Tel Vos/Zainab trade agreement quest into the shipment quest.
  • Fixed ownership on a couple of the inscription material sale chests so vendors sell them like they’re supposed to. These cells require cleaning for them to show up. See save cleaning list for UL 3.2 upgrade.
  • Fixed hole in Shushan so it doesn’t appear until the dungeons are built.
  • Fixed boots clipping through the servitor and archmagister robes.
  • Removed dispel from list of spells you can teach Gavyn because it doesn’t work.
  • Toned down Qorwynn’s dialogue so it doesn’t clash with LGNPC Secret Masters anymore.
  • Added missing icon for NOM water bottle.
  • Fixed mesh for water bucket so it no longer sinks into the ground when dropped.
  • Added script to make sure conjuration bonus is removed if you teleport out of the conjuration circle in the lab. Also added message when you step in and out of the circle for the first time so player knows what’s going on.
  • Cursed the items in Berom’s Tomb.
  • Made sure Barrie the Skeleton can’t be changed into a vampire using VE.
  • Added apparatus load/unload to alchemy table in base mod and MWSE add-on.
  • Fixed issue with ingredients sometimes not loading into table in base mod and MWSE add-on. The first time you activate the alchemy table after upgrading to this version, the menu won’t pop up while the table fixes itself. Just activate it again and it work fine from there on in.
  • Fixed levitation belt and slippers in RoHT patch as well as main mod.

Add-on Updates

  • Removed greeting exploit by turning yourself into a rock from the MWSE add-on.
  • Added Telesero Ash Ghoul soul fix for Skink-in-trees-shade’s Mage Guild quest.
  • Added Archmagister’s Chambers (in the Telvanni Council House) to the levitation belt and slippers in the RoHT add-on.
  • Gave the Archmagister’s Chambers a visual upgrade to better match the grandeur of Tel Uvirith.
  • Added an option to the RoHT add-on to invite Folms Mirel to come live in your tower after the Mages Guild is destroyed. This means access to the Dunmer strongholds from your tower if you’re using the Master Index plug-in.
  • Spared Ajira in the RoHT add-on (by popular request) and gave her a little housepod at Tel Dwemeris. She’ll only end up there if you don’t kill her before destroying the Mages Guild.

Update 3.11

  • Added a few missing textures to archive.
  • Made sure Master Llapp gives back the special quill like he’s supposed to (for 3.0 players who already finished the quest).
  • Altered gems in N’tashra’s Sepulcher to include more variety.
  • Gave Gaius Varres a pottery collection.
  • Moved switch to library secret archive so it’s not clipping through the wall.
  • Fixed Barrie’s position so his leg-bone isn’t sticking out of the table.
  • Replaced square trapdoors in Zhariphel houses with Telvanni ones.

Update 3.1

New Add-Ons

  • Updated TR add-on for TR Sacred East 1.5 and UL 3.1
  • Made upgrade patch for the Bag of Holding.
  • Made upgrade patch for Stinkers 3.0.
  • Made weapon rotate add-on.

Fixes and Tweaks

  • Fixed issue with “Telvanni Servitor Robe” not being available from Master Aryon.
  • Fixed issue with “Vault Code” topic not being available.
  • Fixed issue with “shift in power” topic not being available from Eddie.
  • Fixed issue with “phylactery” topic not showing up for Verena.
  • Added “Tea Book” topic for Tea Mod compatibility.
  • Fixed dialogue typos
  • Fixed misplaced slave house door-marker in Zhariphel.
  • Fixed dialogue filter: not being able to stop TR/NoM shipments if player is not Factor of East Empire Company.
  • Fixed minor issue with quest filters regarding “business” topic in tower shipment quest.
  • Fixed Lord Uvirith being recognized as dead if he resurrects himself.
  • Fixed spellmaking and enchanting tomes.
  • Fixed issue with male Ash-Kosh bugging out.
  • Fixed upper tower bed.
  • Fixed tower shipments. Shipment containers no longer disappear. Now new shipments will be added to the existing containers.
  • Altered practice dummy script to be less exploitative (using Practice Dummies 2.0 robust/1 day respawn script). They now also have Companion Share so you can retrieve ammo.
  • Added more shipment-related info to Almossaren’s dialogue.
  • Added USC version of Shock Centurion Manual to book sorter.
  • Added random respawning ingredient sale chest to Gorvan Menas (on top of the inscription goods chest).
  • Removed negative soul gem count from Llruvii the Hoarder (for balance), and gave her a random daily restocking script for soul gems. This is pure RNG, so you’ll be lucky to get grand soul gems.
  • Added a throne to the lab, because altering the quills and container make that cell dirty anyway.
  • Removed wooden bookshelf from lab and replaced with more Telvanni shelves.
  • Added a bit more wizarding stuff to the lab.
  • Removed swinging chair from bathroom because it made it impossible to use the stairs.
  • Added Adamantium ore to shipments as bonus for becoming Factor of the East Empire Company. Removed it from TR add-on.

Inscription Overhaul

  • A new quest replaces the old one to acquire inscription quills. Players must perform a ritual to make their own quills. If you’ve already completed the old version, most materials for the ritual will be provided.
  • Switched two inscription inks so their color is consistent with spell school: conjuration is now pearl, and restoration is sapphire. Altered book text to match.
  • Added activators to Master Llapp’s training room for quill-making rituals. Turned conjuration circle into ritual circles.
  • Created new scrolls and book for quill-making rituals.
  • Altered quill scripts so they’re activated after placing the quills you make during the ritual into the stationary inkwells.
  • Added Telvanni mineral oil as a necessary ingredient for making ink.
  • Added random weekly restocking mineral chests (with rare inscription materials) to some alchemists, including Gorven Menas.
  • Added mineral oil to tower shipments (from Zhariphel).
  • Added 2 extra amethysts, opals, and sapphires each to shipment if you pay for mainland shipments.
  • Added book Daedric for Dummies to Gavyn’s inventory after he returns from visiting Master Llapp.
  • Added quill-creation book to the library book sorter.
  • Replaced inkwells and quills with Qarl’s versions. Ink retextures are from UA.
  • Gave winged twilight feather unique texture.
  • Removed free inks from container. Replaced them with ink-making oils.
  • Changed Gavyn’s Master Llapp chore to only a three day wait, since even if he’s dawdling he can teleport there.
  • Added TR gems to inscription mortar in TR add-on. Can now use TR amethysts, opals, and sapphires to make ink.

Release 3.0

Complete tower overhaul

  • Lab has been moved into its own cell, and has a new scroll rack and better looking potion rack.
  • You can now change the rugs and bed covers in the upper tower. See full readme to learn how.
  • Increased storage in lower tower, hidden with a wall switch similar to the treasure alcoves in the upper tower.
  • Tons of visual changes to the whole tower with new unique textures. New decorative items as well. Too many to list here.
  • Expanded the treasury, added a new high security vault, and added a little something unusual to the library.
  • Torture chamber added to the prison.
  • Altered AshKosh’s realm to make it more daedric. Added Anteres’ scripted daedric portal, which can teleport you to any daedric ruin.

NPC Changes

  • Slave changes are listed under version 2.5
  • Trenam Faren now has a unique head, a couple small quests, and a lot more character — maybe too much. Is this bad news? Maaaaaaaybe.
  • Since I gave Trenam Faren a huge sword collection, I altered his stats to make him better with a longblade.
  • You can now reward all your tower staff. You can even give some special items rather than gold. The bigger you tip Durza, the funnier she gets.
  • You can also reward any Telvanni above the rank of Oathman with the new Telvanni Servitor Robe, which you can purchase from the Council House once you become Archmagister.
  • Antere’s animations have been added to few npcs to bring more life to the tower.
  • Almossaren has a smarmy new face you’ll want to punch and more dialogue that will make you want to punch him even harder. Good news! Now you can either torment him, or tickle his vices to make him talk.
  • Added a new npc to the library. I’m not giving away any more about that one.
  • People now recognize Primus as a follower, and he has new dialogue.
  • Rewrote a ton of dialogue. Will probably tweak it more before the final version it out.


  • Now you can help build a Telvanni Teleport to Vivec. If you’ve already killed Mavon Drenim, you can get Garethi Nemas to take his place to complete the quest.
  • Further streamlined the start of the Missing Prisoner quest, and made Trenam Faren’s quest dialogue make a lot more sense (man, I sucked at writing two years ago).

Other Visual Changes and Items

  • Lord Uvirith is now a unique lich, has a unique staff, and an even more unique way to kill him.
  • All keys are unique and so are the notes and scrolls. Also added a tower floorplan to the secret archive in the library.
  • 12 new portable chests can be found around the tower, as well as cushions. See full readme for details.
  • Gothren has a new robe, one more befitting the Archmagister, and with a scripted enchantment. If you’ve already killed him, you can find it in the chest along with the Seal of the Archmagister.
  • If you load UL before becoming Archmagister, Master Aryon will give you a Telvanni Servitor Robe. Once you become Archmagister (or Master, but who does that?), you can give them away yourself.
  • Added a Telvanni Levitation Belt for people who’d rather not wear the shoes because they have better boots.
  • Most bookshelves and lecturns are now in use for the booksorter in the library.


  • Silver display can now be completely restored to the treasury. Just hand in the silver to Trenam Faren once you find it and he’ll make sure it gets put back.
  • A final shipment option will bring in ingredients from NoM, the Bathing Mod 2.0, and the Tea Mod, as well as TR if you have it loaded along with the add-on.
  • You now get the Tel Uvirith key earlier, and the teleportation ring is handed to you along with it. You no longer find the ring just lying around the tower. Non-telvanni players can kill Rayenel Uvirith for it.
  • Removed the old companion burial tombstones (from the old pre-2.0 open beta) and only include the 2.0 ash urns now.
  • Changed the rocks in Uvirith’s Tomb, because some replacers make the outdoor rocks I used to huge to fit the space.
  • Decreased amount of some gems in shipments, and removed stahlrim and adamantium. Adamantium is available again if you increase the shipment cost to get the mod ingredients.
  • Simulated Archmagister Robe’s effect on Gothren, so hopefully he’ll be a tougher fight.

Add-ons and mod compatibility

  • New Tamriel Rebuilt add-on adds TR shipments to the tower, all the books to the booksorter, new platforms, a couple new quests for the platforms, and a few other odds and ends.
  • Teas from my Tea Mod are also added to the tower shipments. Make sure to load the Tea Mod AFTER this one. The TM book is also added to the sorter.
  • Also included minor compatibility for Get Fezzed. Fezzing a certain npcs will get a unique reaction.
  • Added all the new books for the upcoming Books of Vvardenfell update (but will probably have more before releasing the final version).
  • Added CoM books to booksorter in CoM add-on.
  • Converted platforms to new version in RoHT add-on.
  • Added minor lich compatibility. All this means is various undead characters have something to say about your lichdom. Works with Lichcraft or Illuminated Order.
  • Added Sri’s Alchemy ingredients to main mod. No longer requires the add-on.
  • All add-ons have been checked over for continued compatibility and redated.
  • A Weapon Rotate compatible version is not available yet, but will be with the final release.
  • Bathing Mod 3.0 compatibility is not available yet, but will be in a separate patch.
  • LGNPC books are still not included in the book sorter, because I still need to sort out which books don’t violate Beth’s copyright. If someone feels like helping with this, PLEASE DO!

Added more silly crap, easter eggs, and hidden stuff that I’m not going to tell you about.

Version 2.1

New Content

  • Skooma dealing — a minor quest involving skooma use among the tower slaves, given by dungeon slave Ra’Sha.
  • Added skooma and moonsugar purchase option to Almossaren. Though separate from regular tower shipments, supplies are limited, and replenished as supplies are brought in.
  • New slave scripting on dungeon slaves.
    • Slave capture now requires slave bracer in player’s inventory (provided in crates near the slave pens).
    • Slaves with low disposition will flee if slave bracers are removed using CompanionShare.
    • If slavery is abolished in the tower, Ra’Sha now has an option to stay on as a paid servant.
    • The rest will disappear, but be automatically added to your freed slave count.
    • You no longer need the key to let fleeing slaves go.
  • You now need to get Arnamir’s disposition up to make him talk. I’ve included new options for making him happy while he’s imprisoned.
  • Primus Plus has been upgraded with a personality chip!
  • Sara will now become bitter if you turn down her companionship offer. If you turn her down, she’ll only wait a week before wandering off on her own adventure.If she wanders off, you can still find her in the game world, in a place she’s vaguely associated with.
  • Gavyn may wander off if you leave him too close to temptation. I’ll let you all figure out what that is.
  • Overhauled and streamlined dialogue for turning Gavyn into a vampire.
    • After Gavyn returns from his “vampire research” chore, speaking with him at all (in person, or by travel ring) will start the vampirism timer.
    • This means if you call him and don’t get back to your tower within three days, you lose your chance to cure him before he becomes a vampire.
    • If he becomes a vampire before you get the dust he went questing for, he’ll forget about it, but you can still grab it using CompanionShare when you can access his inventory again.
    • If you decide to lie to him about making a cure potion, you have to option to lie to the rest of your staff to keep them from slipping him a cure potion (roleplaying option — won’t effect the outcome)
    • If you’re playing as a vampire (non-VE) you will drain him to subdue him for the three days it takes for him to become a vampire (similar to VE).
    • Gavyn will now recognize you’re a vampire if you turned into one while he was away gathering vampire dust. You will be forced to subdue him with a bite (because he wouldn’t trust you otherwise).


  • Increased tower shipment costs.
  • Made sure Gavyn’s non-nude body was included and default this time, as it was meant to be.

Add-on Updates

  • RoHT Compatibility add-on — fixed issue regarding tower teleports
  • MWSE add-on — broken into two separate add-ons, one for companions, one for the rest.This means you can choose not to use the MWSE companion scripts if they’ve been bugging out on you without losing the other stuff.

Bug Fixes

  • Potential CTD in Uvirith’s Tomb has finally been fixed.
  • Two dialogue loops involving Apprentice Gavyn, after player becomes a vampire, have been resolved.
  • Last build in Zhariphel Mine, for the Floating Gardens, will now kick in.
  • Sara’s shine to Azura should now properly enable.
  • Enchanting tome will no longer bug out when spending 50,000+ gold (fix thanks to Abot).
  • Book sorter will no longer create new copies of complete volumes every time books are sorted.
  • Galethis Fear changed from power to spell so it will vanish from the player’s spell list when helm is removed, as intended.
  • Gothren’s box trap will now properly remove curse after five seconds.
  • Teleport bans should now be removed properly after exiting any area where it is in effect.
  • Naked Prisoner quest will initialize a week after resolving Felinglith quest, no matter how it’s resolved.
  • Display case animation loop caused by PC processor timing. The script timing has been altered to make this less likely (fix thanks to Einars).
  • Escaped dungeon slaves will no longer flee after being captured.
  • Freed slaves will follow player out of Dungeon Deep Tunnels before disappearing, due to them not disappearing properly in that cell.
  • Made sure you can’t teach Gavyn a cure spell (before he becomes a vampire) to complete the quest without actually knowing one. The potion option is still an alternative if you want to cure him.
  • Made sure teleportation rings and companion teleportation doesn’t work in endgame cells. Also checks for cells flagged with a negative cdc_teleportation variable.
  • Fixed unarmed bug in Uvirith’s Telvanni guards.
  • Fixed original Brown Book so it lists the correct mouths for each master. This error existed in the original game. Because UL alters the book’s script, the change must be included because it will overwrite any patches that fix it.

Known Bugs

  • Gavyn will still follow you if you use a command spell on him to get him into the High Security Prison (when you capture him as a vampire).If you notice he’s rattling his cage as you’re about to leave, talk to him and tell him to wait. That will stop him following you. If you don’t, he’ll warp out, so be careful.It’s safer to use a calm spell instead. Command doesn’t reset through scripting, it seems.
  • Sometimes UL doesn’t register that Vampiric Embrace is loaded. If this happens, type “Set Uvi_EmbDetected to 1” in the console.This problem might lead to you turning your apprentice into a vampire using UL’s scripts by accident. Not a problem. I’ve made a quick fix to add the memory items that register him as a vampire child, just in case. You can continue your game as is.
    • If you have a vampire version of Gavyn who’s never properly registered as a vampire child in VE (and already turned him ages ago) select Gavyn in the console and type “additem emb_memitem_mychilde 2” (you should only have to do this once).
    • If Gavyn stops registering as a VE vampire child, and used to, use “GetItemCount emb_memitem_mychilde” before adding the correct amount. If he has less than 2, change it to 2. If he has more … save your game and consult the VE readme before messing with the amount.
    • If you want to take him by force during his apprenticeship test (combat choice), make sure Uvi_EmbDetected is set to 0 before you accept him as your apprentice. UL will automatically embrace him for you. Don’t force embrace him using VE. It’ll screw up the quest.
    • Minor Incompatibility Note: if you took Gavyn by force, don’t let VE register this (the emb_memitem_mychilde amount for this is 4). His greetings get messed up with the VE ones in this case.

Release 2.0

Please note as you go through earlier versions, many later changes have made these older entries outdated.

New Content

  • Made new RoHT compatibility add-on, with new features.
  • Made a new MWSE patch for UL.
  • Added extra dialogue for VE compatibility. Now everyone in the tower will have something to say about being a vampire if you decide to turn them all into your children. Salmeama will still adhere to her regular cooking schedule, but she has new dialogue if she’s a vampire.
  • Added teleportation bans to certain areas, and also added the same limitations to your companions — except for Ash-Kosh, because s/he is a daedra and is not using mortal teleportation magic. These areas are:
    • N’tashra’s Sanctuary, because it’s a magical realm created by Azura and not technically on Nirn.
    • Asharakumuk, because it is Ash-Kosh’s realm on the edge of Oblivion. You have to ask Ash-Kosh to teleport you to and from this place.
    • Uvirith’s Tomb, because it is cursed by Lord Uvirith
    • Tel Uvirith High Security Prison, because it’s specifically designed to dampen magic and hold wizards captive. It wouldn’t do a very good job if people could teleport out of it.
  • Added schedules to all the NPCs in Tel Uvirith and Zhariphel.
  • Added a schedule toggle to the lower tower and vault.
  • Added new quests and buildings to Zhariphel.
  • Added new travel ring for Zhariphel, and a teleport to the Telvanni Council House in Galdin Manor.
  • Completely altered the Bloodmoon Shipments quest, allowing more roleplaying choices in order to complete the quest. Now you have to talk to either Carnius Magius, Falco Galenus, or Constans Atrius in order to arrange shipments, depending on which choices you make in the East Empire Company questline. You no longer have to choose to build the trader at Raven Rock.
  • Added more dialogue to companions, specific to where they are travelling with you, including new weather based dialogue that checks for exterior/interior/fake interior cells that will allow both Sara and Gavyn to react to the weather while outside.
  • Added scripting that will cause your entire prison staff to walk out on you should you kill Trenam Faren. Also, all tower npcs will acknowledge the deaths of other tower npcs.
  • Overhauled Primus’ scripting to bring him in line with other major companions. Also added autorepair function and a repair script in case he gets broken.

Rebalances and Tweaks

  • Removed much of the “free” ebony loot found around the tower:
  • I have made Trenam Faren’s weapon collection impossible to pick up. He values his collection enough to magically lock it down.
  • I have removed all the ebony armor and stuff from Ralemos. This is something from UI that I hadn’t bothered to change, but finally I decided that having him wear ebony armor, as a thief, just doesn’t make sense. No offense intended to the original creator. I know their original reason was to make him a tough boss type fight and give a suitable reward, but the loot is now unbalanced considering that I toned Ralemos down a bit in a previous update.
  • I’ve replaced his armor with a bonemold set so that he’s walking around disguised as a guard. I also gave him a more modest weapon.
  • I also gave Arnamir a more modest staff while I was at it.
  • Stuff not removed is, Uvirith’s Staff, and the stuff belonging to the retainers outside, since I will NOT be altering those cells in any way whatsoever. Those are part of the original un-modded game.
  • Rebalanced some of the quest rewards and magical objects found in the mod, by toning some down and adding counter effects to others.
  • The scripted clothing from the Queen N’tashra questline have had their spell effects drastically reduced, and they are now enchantable. The Soft Leather Boots have had its effect changed from jump/slowfall to 10 points of feather, the Mantle of Sorrows only gives 10 point sanctuary, and the Robe of Sorrows only restores 1 point of magicka per second.
  • The Sceptre of the Sepulcher is now a (not super powerful) 1H blunt weapon that adds a scripted spell of 10 points reflect when equipped. It will still bring up a menu when equipped that offers to teleport you, but this can be canceled.
  • Rebalanced Ash-Kosh to make her a little less overpowered, and also reduced the spell damage of her arrows.
  • Rebalanced the Telvanni Travel slippers. These are now scripted to only add the levitation effect in or near Telvanni towers.
  • Galethis Aged Cephalopod helm is no longer cursed when you wear it, however, using the power it grants you adds a curse with a scripted hour long duration.
  • Tweaked soulgem removal scripting so that it will return the Star of Azura if it uses it. I have also made sure any named souls of any type required will be used only if no other gems of that type are in your inventory.
  • Added an option to acquire the Tel Uvirith key from one of your retainers outside of the tower. This means you no longer have to run back to the Telvanni Council House to get it, though you can still get it from Llunela as well.
  • Removed skill-up from Verena’s guide to Enchanting, since skill books are generally hated by almost everyone, including myself. I don’t know what I was thinking when I added that so long ago.
  • Made sure the golden saint in the high security prison doesn’t respawn anymore.
  • Made sure centurions only enable after the upper tower and dungeon are completed, because the quest for that build specifically mentions their construction.
  • Centurions will not disable for a non-Telvanni raiding the stronghold before it is complete, to make sure the challenge is there.

Rebalanced costs of the stronghold shipments. It will now cost 5000 gold for the full services including all the quest added shipments. This is meant to be a money sink, and it was far to easy to make more than twice what you paid into the shipments just by selling all the ingredients. They’re still worth more than 5000 gold, but it’s much closer to balanced now. You still get a bit of a discount for buying in bulk and cutting out the middle-man. The base cost has been brought up to 500 gold to pay for your staff as well, and an additional 500 gold bonus if you keep waking them in the middle of the night.

If you become Factor in the East Empire Company, you will be rewarded with a 500 gold discount to your shipment costs, bringing the final cost down to 4500 gold.

Made tons of tweaks to most of the cells to fix little things here and there, like clipping or floating objects.

WARNING: This WILL dirty your saves if you’re upgrading from one of the betas! I’ve made adjustments to nearly every cell altered or added by UL.

Unfortunately the intended upgrade version for Beta players completely failed in execution. There are just too many changes from the previous version. You will need to do a complete save cleaning in order to upgrade.

New textures and meshes

  • Added a female version of the Robe of Sorrows, using Hudry Gurdy’s female robe mesh.
  • Added a new texture to Verena’s Robe as well as a female version using NoLiv’s female robe mesh. Also made matching gloves and shoes.
  • Retextured the Telvanni Travel Slippers using Better Clothes meshes.
  • Made all rings and amulets unique using meshes from Rings and Amulets by Daduke.
  • Retextured the summoning floor from UA found in Master Llapp’s Training Room.
  • Gave the Sceptre of the Sepulcher a unique mesh, retextured from Rdjeke’s wands.
  • Converted almost all icons and textures from .tga to .dds.

Fixes to major issues

  • Fixed a bug that causes freezes in Ebonheart and the Caldera Mages Guild caused by a timing issue in the companion’s teleport scripting.Thanks to Rex Little for his weeks of detective work on this issue, who also found and fixed a bug with Ash-Kosh not teleporting to Mournhold properly.
  • Attempted a fix for a random CTD that happens to some players when attempting to enter Uvirith’s Tomb after completing the dremora quest.If you still experience any CTDs in Uvirith’s Tomb please let me know along with which point in the quests that the problem started.
  • Fixed a filtering problem with Eddie’s “chores” dialogue, sporadically caused by the original MW dialogue.

Fixed several minor dialogue issues

  • Fixed an issue with Gavyn refusing training due to a journal entry regarding vampire research firing off too early.
  • Added a check to make sure the journal is not updated before reaching a certain part of the quest line, and also changed some dialogue to make it clear that the book needs to be read in case the player reads the book before starting the quest.
  • Also changed the dialogue check in Gavyn’s training dialogue to make sure he’ll train even if this journal entry has been updated in current saves.
  • Fixed a dialogue error in the topic “Verena” when talking to Master Aryon about marrying her off.
  • Fixed Sara’s dialogue filtering in the topic “Verena” regarding her revenge.
  • Added a dialogue entry for “Gothren’s key” so the player can track down and get this item if not found on the Archmagister’s corpse.
  • Also added an activator to the Tel Aruhn Upper Tower that will place the key in Gothren’s inventory if he’s still alive, and removed the key from his inventory, so that resetting his inventory to find the key is no longer an issue.
  • Fixed a bug with Almossaren’s state being set to the wrong variable if the player chooses minimum payments.
  • Added ClearInfoActor to most of the non-essential dialogue, so it will no longer clutter up your journal.
  • Fixed many other small dialogue issues that were so small they were never noticed by testers.
  • Made sure all quests have endings checked so they don’t clutter up the journal, and reduced dialogue clutter for certain npc after quests are completed.
  • Made sure any time money is required, a proper check is made to make sure the player has enough money to pay.
  • Made ink required for Arnamir’s to write out his enchantment for the player.
  • Added a dialogue contingency for Sara during the revenge sequence just in case “mugging” her fails and she enters dialogue instead.
  • Added a special greeting for Eddie if his chorestate is 1 and you’re not calling him from the upper tower using the LGNPC telepathy crystal.
  • Added dialogue to all companions where the absence of nolore filtering causes them to sound like crazy people in certain regions, especially for the Bloodmoon expansion.

Fixes to minor issues

  • Fixed Gavyn’s desk so that it doesn’t enable before it should.
  • Made similar fixes to the alchemy potion racks, inscription quills and some of the barrels in the storage room.
  • Added a small fix to make sure your books are added to the sorter containers properly if you completely empty the containers and ask the librarian to sort them again for you.
  • Made a few small fixes to many scripts thanks to the editing to Malt Hitman.
  • Fixed the original Brown Book’s script so that it can be properly picked up from the game world.
  • Fixed the script on the inscription book which prevents it from enabling due to a conflict between its old scripting and the book rotate script which I added.
  • Fixed a small issue regarding Sara’s AI not responding properly if the player gives her the ring in the Verena revenge sequence.
  • Made sure Garethi only appears after his related quest is started.
  • Replaced all variables that had potential conflicts with existing globals or MWSE variables. These include all references to DaysPassed, Position, and xSin from the Book Rotate scripts.
  • Removed scripting from upper tower elevator that positions it out of the way for levitating, since it was causing some problems and the elevator can just be moved down to the basement to get it out of the way.
  • Removed references persist flag from some objects and added it to others depending on whether or not it was necessary.
  • Removed altered doors to the upper tower in order to prevent conflicts with the build all strongholds mod, and attached the added scripting to activators instead.

Fixes to companions

  • Added an extra check to prevent Ash-Kosh from warping to the player when asked to wait in its lair.
  • Made a small tweak to the dremora’s follow dialogue so that you can’t order the dremora to go somewhere else while it’s on its way to the player. Asking the dremora to come to you and meet you outside and then immediately asking it to return to it’s lair will make it bug out a bit, so I’ve completely disabled the ability to do that.
  • Fixed Ash-Kosh’s script so that she won’t warp to the player while staying with Lord Uvirith.
  • Fixed Ash-Kosh’s boredom timer so that it doesn’t add to the boredom count while Ash-Kosh is away with the other dremora.
  • Completely overhauled Ash_Kosh’s boredom timer. One result of this is that fighting her/him will no longer decrease the count. However, sending Ash-Kosh to change gender will completely reset the count.
  • Completely overhauled all my companion scripting, making them more reliable while following, particularly while levitating through load doors.
  • Made sure Sara can’t be called to the upper tower with the telepathy ring if she’s angered Verena and Verena is still there.


Removed the rock count from the quest npc that’s turned into a rock near Tel Mora.

If you do not have the magical rock dingus yet, and you’re getting a period before greetings are initialized for the npc, please open the console and type Set uvi_rockused to 0.

  • If you have already started changing npcs into rocks, and have not cured the npc outside of Tel Mora, then use Set uvi_rockused to ( uvi_rockused -1 ) in the console instead.
  • If you have completed the quest and changed this npc back, then there is nothing you need to do to reset the rock counter.
  • I have also fixed the journal entry for completing this quest using the rock dingus. It will now set to the correct entry.

Added a script that will lower the Telvanni NPC in Mawia’s fight level if the player is a fellow Telvanni and not on the quest to kill him. This fight level will be reset to high if the player accepts that quest.

Overhauled the companion burial scripts so that a cremation sequence is initiated instead of a burial. This will place an urn of the companion’s ashes in your inventory once the sequence is completed. Players who have buried their companions in previous versions can return to their tombstones to claim the urn. I also added a workaround in case players are having trouble accessing their inventory once dead. Simply toggle sneak on, and the corpse removal menu will be circumvented.

Added new NoM objects for NoM 3.0 compatibility, including all of the NoM books to the library book sorter. The final version replaces the old Dwemer oven with the new Telvanni one. Because of this, players using the old version of NoM need to load the added compatibility patch in order to use it. While I was at it, I made it easier to get to the trap door in the kitchen.

Beta 1.10

Non-Telvanni Compatibility

  • Tweaked scripts on the dungeon hounds and tower centurions so that they attack on sight if the player is non-Telvanni. Llruvii the Hoarder should now attack non-Telvanni as well.
  • Added further tweaks to make sure you can’t get the stronghold maintenance quest by picking up the note in the storage room if you’re not Telvanni.
  • Also added the Tel Uvirith Key to Reynel Uvirith so that other faction players can loot her and have access to a few other areas of Tel Uvirith (and play with the elevator).
  • Locked the door to the dungeon deep tunnels. You now have to get the Tel Uvirith key to access this area (this lock can also be picked and the trap disarmed).
  • I’m still going to leave the vault, throne room, and other areas inaccessable. Since Reynal Uvirith is not the Archmagister, these areas would never be built.
  • Blocked the door in Shushan with a rock that will disable once the vault build is complete. This is so that someone playing as non-Telvanni will never even see the door to the Shushan Deep Tunnels that they can never open.


  • Added Gavyn’s training options, and fixed his leveling script.
    • You can train Gavyn in a specific selection of spells (because some don’t work with the methods I’ve used, but that’s ok).
    • It checks for spell effects, so you can cheat by using enchanted items, but it was a much better method than only testing for spells in the player’s spell list that are only included in the original game. This way it allows for player made, or modded spells.
    • You have to show him how to cast these spells by casting them yourself. He will wait for you to cast the spell. After a few moments, if you haven’t cast the spell yet, he will bug you and you have the option to cancel the training if it turns out you don’t actually know the spell.
    • An hour will pass and then he will cast the spell to show that he’s learned it. It will drain his magicka each time, and once it’s too low he’ll say he’s too tired to train further until he gets some rest.
    • Teaching him spells will also increase his skills. Some spells won’t be available to him right away, but with training and his leveling scripts, he’ll eventually be able to learn them.
    • Offensive spells require you to taking him down to the training room in the prison barracks and target the practice dummy.He also has three levels of destruction spells that you can train him in as his destruction skill increases.
    • The player needs a base skill level of 30 in each school, and some spell training requires an even higher skill for that spell to become trainable.
    • There are two places where you can train Gavyn in offensive spells. If you have the fourth tower build, you can go down to the training room in the prison barracks and target the dummy there. If you don’t then Gavyn will teleport you to an area of Master Llapp’s tower to train on another practice dummy there.
    • You have to target the practice dummy to get him to learn these spells. For the rest, you target yourself.
  • Made vampire Gavyn fully compatible with VE and other vampire mods.
  • Adjusted Sara and Gavyn’s companion scripting according to feedback from betas 1.07, 1.08 and 1.09.
  • Added a headdress to Sara, which functions as a low level medium armor helm, as well as some dialogue in the armor and combat options about it.
  • Upgraded the Dremora companion to be more in-line with the other major companions.
  • Added a telepathy ring and teleport scripting.
  • Upgraded dremora to npc using Miltiades dremora race (with permission of course).Added companion share and special scripting so the player cannot take the dremora’s weapons and armor, but instead has to request them to be removed via dialogue.
  • Created a lair for the dremora that will serve as a meeting place. The dremora can be banished to this cell, and from there the telepathy ring is required to contact him/her again.
  • Made both a male and female version of Ash-Kosh that can be chosen by the player (and not based on the player’s gender). This will banish the dremora, and it will take a week for Ash-Kosh to reform as the new gender. Ash-Kosh will call you when ready.
  • Added lots of new dialogue for Ash-Kosh and the people who meet her/him.
  • Ash-Kosh will no longer leave if the player kills the Bonelord Uvirith. This way, you may still choose to help Verena and not lose a decent companion. However, you must still manage to convince the dremora to stay. Instead, s/he will only leave if s/he gets bored.
    • Boredom timer: Ash-Kosh will now wander off home if you leave her in wander mode for a couple days.
    • After a month Ash-Kosh will leave for good.
    • Leaving Ash-Kosh in her home increases the time she will wait significantly.
    • Travelling with Ash-Kosh will decrease the boredom count by 1 every other day (Ash-Kosh has to be in follow mode).
    • Added another option to the “-combat-” topic for Ash-Kosh. You can now ask Ash-Kosh to “spar” with the player. Ash-Kosh will warn you that s/he only fights to the death, so you will be forced to “kill” Ash-Kosh. Ash-Kosh will reset to normal fight levels after it resurrects itself.
    • Doing this will also decrease Ash-Kosh’s boredom level by one, if the boredom count is greater than 0.
    • Also added a check to ensure that Ash-Kosh’s boredom count doesn’t go up while off for a week to change gender.
  • Added more dialogue to the companions, and more book topics for the Librarian…and anything else I can think of.
  • Added a burial script for Gavyn and Sara. If one of them dies, the player can now place a tombstone where he or she fell. I did this because I ended up checking “corpses persist” to solve their 72 hour bug problems. The burial script will now clean up the corpse for you.

Tower Additions

  • Added a version of The Chess Mod to the Upper Tower, available in a separate .esp.
  • Completely overhauled the upper tower elevator.
    • It now goes up and down all four floors, which the player can choose from each floor (even more versatile than a real elevator!)
    • It also detects when the player is levitating and instead gives the option to move it out of the shaft so you’re free and clear to levitate up and down instead.
    • Also created a new mesh which isn’t invisible when looking at it from below.
  • Added a few new textures to existing objects in the mod to make them more unique:
    • The magical goblet in the tower lab.
    • Dwemer textures for the golden egg containing the Ouvulas,
    • Verena’s locket has been changed to a book type object, and you can now see a picture of her when you open it.
  • By request, added a “bathroom” to the lower tower. I’ve crammed the towers with so much stuff that I had some trouble finding a place for another door.
  • I decided to add a trap door to the lower tower. I guess…if the Telvanni wanted to be discreet about these things, a trap door would be the way they might do it.
  • In the process of creating space for the new RoHT books, I decided to add a secret chamber to the library to house important documents and documents the player might wish to keep secret.
    • The secret chamber is located halfway down the tower shaft. Netheles Berom will only have the presence of mind to tell you about it if you happen to have any books sorted that will get placed there.
    • It is carefully hidden behind a moving wall plug which can be activated (using the Tel uvirith key) by a hidden switch.
    • I also added a few new books and scrolls to this area of the library. These are primarily legal documents handed down to you by Duke Vedam Dren regarding your position of Archmagister, and the increase in your stronghold.
  • Upgraded all books to the new unique meshes from Books of Vvardenfell.Also made new book covers for all the UL books.


  • Added a new quest regarding Ash-Kosh. Bringing the female version of Ash-Kosh to meet Dratha will now cause her to become very jealous and demand a female dremora of her own.
  • Choosing to help her will reward you with a “Nifty Magical Dingus” which will allow you to turn almost any npc into a rock and back again, so long as you have it in your inventory.
  • This will not work for high ranking mages or vampires, and a few other npcs in the game that are highly magicka resistant. I also included all the master trainers in the magical arts.
  • Please let me know if I missed anyone who shouldn’t be able to be turned into a rock.I left the npcs able to move and speak in rock form, purely for the comedic value.
  • I also added a little mini-quest near Tel Mora. It only makes sense, if Dratha is turning people into rocks, that you might stumble upon one
  • Once you turn someone into a rock, or stumble someone who has been turned into a rock, a rockused count is started.
  • If this is greater than 0, then a special dialogue check is made to see if the npc is a rock or not.
  • This uses the same method of Vampiric Embrace, but it is fully tested and compatible with VE’s dialogue checks.
  • It only overrides the VE dialogue if the NPC is currently a rock, otherwise it cycles to the next greeting in the list, which would be: rockcheck, VE check, normal greeting.
  • Added another small quest, which can be started in the tower kitchen.

Tweaks and Fixes

  • Removed the altered Qorwynn reference, some dialogue and his scripting and found another way to track his soulcheck so that UL is no longer in conflict with LGNPC Secret Masters.
  • Fixed minor dialogue issue with Qorwynn involving a greeting conflict with LGNPC Secret Masters.
  • Replaced invisible travelring npc with an invisible creature. This should prevent any extraneous dialogue from happening.
  • Replaced textures on movable bookcase to make it blend in a little better.
  • Added dialogue checks to make sure the missing prisoner quest only starts after the player has visited the treasury.
  • Fixed magicka font in the upper tower so it’s more targetable.
  • Fixed dialogue issue with Eddie not being able to advance the Bag of Holding quest.
  • Disabled gavyn’s training options when he’s sent out on chores. Apparently the training script bugs out when the chorestate is initiated.
  • Removed all “TalkedtoPC” checks and instead used local scripts on each npc. The TalkedtoPC function gets broken far too often to be reliable.
  • Fixed issue with Arnamir’s dialogue after defeating him. He should give the correct response now.
  • Fixed issue with Gavyn’s face-fix not working on warp script. His vampire head should be fixed in all situations now.
  • Fixed dialogue filtering issue with Gavyn when asked to meet the player in vampire form. He will now refuse to come to the player in daylight as intended.
  • Placed collision walls in parts of Uvirith’s Tomb that can be bugged out by the player jumping on the rocks.
  • Fixed an issue with Master Llapp’s “stuff count” not counting properly and not allowing the quest to proceed.
  • Edited text “The Memoirs of Baladas Uvirith” to reflect the changes made to Ash-Kosh, as well as related journal entry.
  • Fixed an issue with the librarian’s dialogue regarding the new Telvanni Brown Book.
  • Fixed issue with Lord Uvirith’s attackstate being constantly reset if you kill him with certain journal updates attached, thus causing Ash-Kosh to not stop attacking you.
  • Made sure Verena doesn’t appear in Uvirith’s Tomb if you accidentally kill Asidi before Uvirith asks you to in the tomb.
  • Fixed Ralemos’ positionscript to Shushan so that he doesn’t end up sticking halfway through the wooden deck anymore.
  • Fixed a minor issue with the player being able to carry on with the Books of Daedric Summoning quest before Eddie gets back from trying to find the first book. Doing so would break his return script.
  • Added an extra dialogue check in case the player grabs the book from Divayth Fyr before getting the quest to do so. Now the player can talk to either Eddie or Divayth Fyr with the book in their inventory to continue the quest.

Beta 1.09

Focused on fixing all the bugs currently present in the mod before adding more content.

  • Fixed issue with Eddie not being able to take on new chores because he’s “busy”. You can still only send him on one chore at a time (that’s intended), but his state should properly change now once he’s finished his previous chore.
  • Fixed dialogue regarding “recruit some guards” so that the quest is more streamlined. This line of dialogue will now forward the quest instead of having to jump to the “Seal of the Archmagister” dialogue string.You still need to talk to Llunela to get this dialogue option.
  • Fixed Sara’s follow scripting. She should no longer have a terminal case of levititus.
  • Removed Mallam Ryon’s involvement in UL due to conflicts with RoHT. Another character has replaced Mallam as the disgruntled upstart Telvanni.
  • Applied the face-fix for Gavyn’s disappearing vampire head, now on every cell load. This issue shouldn’t happen as much now, though it is a common problem with disabling/enabling and porting vampire characters.
  • Removed elements no longer required for ROHT compatibility and merged the book sorter in the main script. The RoHT compatibility .esp is no longer needed.
    • UL should be fully compatible with the next coming version of RoHT. With older versions of RoHT, you may still end up with Edd and the new mouth sharing the same platform.
    • Please make sure RoHT loads after UL to overwrite the books included for the book sorter scripts.
    • THIS STILL ONLY APPLIES TO ROHT 1.25, a new version is in the works, so new compatibility checks will have to be made!
  • Attempted a fix for Baladas Uvirith’s occassional disappearance, by repositioning him every time you enter the cell after the first encounter.Please give feedback on this if you can. It’s a completely random error, so it’s hard to test for.
  • Edited all text in game for grammatical errors and typos.
  • Made sure all quests have a finishing point.

Beta 1.08

  • Made the tower fully compatible with The Lighting Mod by changing the ambient light. Another add-on UL_TLM_ambiance.esp has been added. This darkens all the cells added by UL so they look good with TLM loaded. The lighting in some of the cells has been altered so that it is dark or bright enough that it looks good whether TLM is loaded or not.
  • A new version of the SriKandy add-on (version 2.1) is included that makes full use of the new sorter scripting.
  • Made new add-on for the library Book Sorter for Oblivion & LGNPC books (REMOVED).
  • Added sorter book for the Shock Centurion Manual from Vorwoda’s Shock Centurion mod.
  • Added sorter book for The Tale of the Devious Trader to the main file. Included all book art and meshes, but is not available in the game unless the original mod is loaded.
  • Upgraded the tower centurions and give them more functions so the player can move them around, make them follow, patrol or guard, and repair them.
  • The two tower centurions in the lower tower now have very basic companion functionality. They can be moved around, asked to move out of the way, or return to the tower.
    • Scrap metal is required to repair them, which must be initiated through dialogue. They have fairly low health, so they’re not substantial companions in any way, because having a small army of centurions is potentially unbalancing.
    • You can also set their position while in the Lower Tower, so that the centurions will return to that exact spot when you order them to return to their position.
  • Added the return to tower feature to Centurion Primus as well.
  • Added a new head and hair to Apprentice Gavyn. He also has a unique vampire face.
    • Because I had to create a unique race for the unique vampire head, meshes for better bodies have been included.
    • The body meshes have a unique ID so they will not conflict with any body meshes you currently have installed.
    • This will also allow me to create a more unique look for the aprrentice in the future. For now, he just has regular Dark Elf bb textures.
    • There are two mesh files included, one nude and one non-nude. They both have the same file name, but the nude version is in a separate folder labled bb/nude. The file name is bb_skinm_de_uv.nif for both files.
    • If you want to install the nude file instead of the non-nude mesh (which is default…so no-one gets offended), copy the file from the nude folder and over-write the non-nude file in the bb folder.
    • If you want to use a different texture for the bb mesh, the file names are bb_N_skinm_de_uvi.dds for the nude mesh, and bb_U_skinm_de_uvi.dds for the non-nude mesh. They are found in Textures/bb. So if you want to use, for example, Slof’s textures instead, just make a copy of the dark elf texture file and rename it so it replaces the uv texture file.

Fixes and Tweaks

  • Found that fix for the Bag of Holding’s 72 hour bug that works.Bag of Holding Fix is now included in the main mod file.
  • Removed skills from a couple of books added by UL from the sorter books.
  • Fixed an issue with LGNPC Tel Uvirith sending Fast Eddie back to his old spot in the Council House after using the telepathy crystal. He should now be repositioned back to the Archmagister’s position every time the crystal from LGNPC is used.
  • Altered a few of the Telvanni Teleport platforms. Any that have to be unlocked by the owner of the tower no longer also require the teleport key, since they’ve already been unlocked for you if you complete the necessary requirements.
    • The teleports that no longer require the key (and require that you speak with the tower’s master instead) are Arvs-Drelen, Tel Fyr and Tel Naga. Also, Tel Naga is no longer available if the player is not Master or higher. Master Neloth will refuse to unlock it until you are the same rank as him or higher, because he likes his privacy and is not an easy man to get along with. Since the Council House teleport is nearby this shouldn’t be a huge inconvenience. This was mostly done for RP reasons, and because having a second telelport in Sadrith Mora was kind of extranious.
  • Fixed the cell “Shushan, deep caverns” so that the cave meshes weren’t an overlapping mess anymore. I hadn’t even noticed that until I was testing the lighting for the TLM patch.
    • For some reason the interior meshes were all set at a terrible angle that would not let them snap properly. I had to re-set all the pieces to make them fit properly and then re-do all of the grid points.
    • Then I found I had to set the entire mesh set at a 45 degree angle to take care of the ugly lighting problems inherent in MW’s textures, so I had to re-do the grid points again.
    • On the up-side, the Ogrim has a much easier time pathing through the caverns now when setting him on Ralemos and Arnamir. It looks much better and works much better now.
  • Fixed issue with RoHT Compatibility add-on, where sorter books were not appearing in the library.
  • Removed Book Rotate dependency from Book Jackets Add-on.
  • Fixed Gothren’s Magical BugLamp: while swimming the lamp is automatically DESTROYED. This is a hard-coded function of the game, but I’ve found a work-around. The lamp will now no longer be destroyed when you accidentally take it underwater. A new lamp will be added to your inventory when the lamp is “extinguished”.
  • Apprentice Gavyn sometimes disappears when being sent back to the stronghold. I believe this is related to the infinite spellcasting loop bug.I’ve made tweaks to the scripts to try to prevent this from happening. No bug reports on him as of 1.08. so I think he’s fixed

Beta 1.07

Library additions

  • A FULL test of the library book sorter, making sure all the books are being sorted and placed in the right containers.
  • I also added a shelf for the Books of Vvardenfell sorter books now, and included them in the mod, though not all of them can be found in game. I may end up doing something about that.
  • Removed ugly LIBRARY COPY text from the sorter books because there’s a script now in place that prevents the player from removing them. Also, spell-checked all the new books added by UL.
  • Added RoHT Books to the book sorter in the RoHTcompatibility.esp. The new books added by RoHT are sorted on the right-hand book shelf (as you enter the library) to the side of the main book sorter. I will be taking both bookshelves beside the center isle for the new book sorters. I’ve placed a skull on the one with the RoHT books, just to show where they’re going to go (and also to look like it’s holding them up once they’re sorted). This will only be visible if you load the compatibility .esp. Now it is even more important that this .esp is loaded after both ROHT and UL. I’ve re-dated it again though, so this shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Added a small chamber for the librarian to live in. It’s nothing much, and reflects his rather monk-like nature.
  • Before I just gave him a small meditation mat in the library, but I figured he might like at least a bed and a small enclosed space to live in.
  • A new copy of the Journal of Tarhiel that doesn’t scream when you process it through the book sorter.
  • The Book Jacket’s Add-on has been changed to reflect a couple small changes in some books. Please make sure to install the new file if you are currently using the old one.


Finished quest for the last prisoner. Tested it fully as well because it has a lot of different variations depending on pc gender and certain quests completed in vanilla MW. This quest will not start until a few days after Felinglith has left the dungeon. There are other factors that will cause this final prisoner not to show up (getting kicked out of a certain important faction…not the Telvanni).

Added the Arena Battle to the Felinglith quest if you send her to the arena without a trial. Before, you could only see the battle take place if you sent her to the arena after the trial. Now you can see it as well if you send her right away without taking the trial option. It was just a case of making the journal update to the same number and starting the arena timer script from the dialogue.

Removed Uvirith version of Vampires of Vvardenfell II because it circumvented the vampirism cure quest from reading Galur Rithari’s papers. The quest now uses the same journal entry as the regular vampirism cure quest began by reading these papers.

There is no additional scripting, it simply utilizes the quest as it was originally intended.


A new turret has been added to the upper tower. I have made a tiny change to the exterior cell Uvirith’s Grave, but it shouldn’t conflict with any other exterior mod. I’ve tested it against both Green Uvirith and Town of Uvirith and it doesn’t cause any problems. It also happens to be in the exact same spot as the fourth tower in BUUG so if there is ever an exterior only release, it won’t conflict with that either.

The new room consists of a fireplace, some cushions and a small guest bedroom upstairs. I tried to keep it cozy and inviting and didn’t add too much. It actually fits in really well with the dining room and bedroom on either side.

I’ve given the dungeon a bit of a make-over. A few new root systems, and burnt roots near the lava pits. Nothing major in the main dungeon. The area’s activated by the N’Tashra quests are going to be much much prettier. I am also moving those areas around a bit. There is now a new cell called “N’Tashra’s Sanctuary” where Sara is waiting. The Drueogh’s oasis has been moved to her former position, and he will show you the way to her new hiding place once the “sanctuary” topic pops up (You have to ask about Sara first). A new area for the Atronach to live in has been made in the former place of the Oasis. It now looks like a place Azrohaelu would be proud to call home.


Added a final reward to the Vampire Research quest-line if you find a cure for Gavyn.

Talk to Divayth Fyr after curing Gavyin. He will be very interested and ask for you to “lend” your apprentice to him for a while.

Removed all AOE spells from Gavyn. Now the player won’t be hit by friendly fire when he’s in follow mode. Left AOE spells on the Dremora Lord companion, because he is a daedra and therefore unpredictable.

Added new combat options to Gavyn as well for when he’s following the player.

Adding more Lore and Conversation options to Sara and related npcs.

  • I’ve also changed her head to the one found in Uvirith Awakened. Altered some of the N’Tashra lore just a bit, giving more reason for her to be bound to the “Lord of Uvirith” (or lady).
  • I’ve added a ton of dialogue already, and the bulk of the important stuff is there now. I’m leaving it as “in progress” because I will continue to add more as I think of it.
  • Two new quests involving Sara. These are started by introducing her to other npcs around the tower.
  • The first quest is started by introducing her to Almossaren. It will start a small quest to find a gift for Sara.
  • The second quest is started by showing her to Verena once Verena has settled into your tower. Asking Verena about Sara while she’s in your party will start a timed sequence of events that lead to a small amusing quest.
  • Added a leveling script to Sara. This is based on her skill-set rather than the player’s, but the player’s level determines how high these skills are.
  • There won’t be any training options for Sara, but she will get better at the skills she knows with experience.

Telepathy rings have now been added for both Sara and Gavyn.


  • Added dialogue options to the prison guards. Now you can ask them to lock or unlock any or all of the cells in the prison.
  • Added food to the tower cook Salmeama. She will now cook breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a late night snack depending on the time of day.
    • You also get four choices for each meal (12 for dinner consisting of 3 courses with 4 choices each), or you can ask her to pick one randomly.
    • You will only get one meal from her every six hours. Breakfast from 6am-11am, lunch from 12pm-5pm, dinner from 6pm-11pm, and snacks from 12am-5am.
    • This food is also NoM compatible. I’ve altered the stat bonuses for the NoM food because nearly all the first ingredient effects were detrimental, and I didn’t want the cook to be serving poison!
    • Each type of food has a different beneficial effect. It does not necessarily reflect the ingredients used, but I wanted something different for each one. I also wanted to cover all types of stat bonuses, and offer specific complimentary meal combinations for the three course dinner.
    • If you are using Nom, please make sure to use the re-dated NoM file so that my changes will be over-written and they will return to NoM standards.

Added two new quest rewards. The amulet of Vampirism for curing Gavyn, and the small Shrine of Azura for giving a gift to Sara.

  • The amulet will allow a non-vampire to become a half-vampire for 6 hours, or turn a Vampire into a mortal again for the same duration. It can only be used once per 24 hours.
  • The small Shrine of Azura will appear in the dungeon after you give Sara an Azura figuring (these are the same as added by other mods, so may be compatible meaning you only need find one and not necessarily go through the entire quest.)
  • You have to send Sara home to give her time to set up her shrine after giving her the statuette.
  • Once the shrine is set up, you may ask Sara about it and she will give you permission to donate to it for a small blessing from Azura.As an added bonus, it will also cure Sara if she has a disease. Either send her back to the tower or bring her near her shrine and it will do all the work.

Moved the special quill for Master Llapp’s inscriptions into Llruvii the Hoarder’s inventory, making it available for sale.

  • I did this to un-link the quest with the N’tashra quest-line, and also altered Master Llapp’s dialogue accordingly.
  • If you are running from a previous save, and the quill does not show up in Llruvii’s inventory, even after leaving her for a few days to clear the cache, you will need to use the console.
  • Target Lruvii in the console and type Disable, then type “winged twilight trader”->SetDelete 1 (this is optional, it will just clear her away completely to place the new one). Then position yourself to stand where you want her to be and type PlaceAtPC “winged twilight trader” 1 1 1. This will place a new instance of Llruvii and she will have the quill in her inventory.

Added more travel options to the Tel Uvirith Travel Ring, that will be enabled as you complete new parts of the stronghold. The last destination will be set after getting Sara, and will send you to her meeting place.

I did this because as I was doing a speed-run through all the quests, I got tired of running up and down the tower, and of using coc to get everywhere. So I decided to script extra destinations specially for the extra lazy player.

Fixes and Tweaks

  • Fixed an issue with apprentice Gavyn’s script and dialogue when he becomes a vampire regarding him getting angry and running away if you refuse to do anything more about his affliction after that point (i.e. you don’t become a vampire and you refuse to find a cure for him).
  • Fixed some minor dialogue and scripting issues regarding the quest to send Verena away from your tower.
  • Fixed a few issues with the prisoner Felinglith quest.
  • Fixed the silver display from the missing silver quest so that these items cannot be picked up until after the quest has started. This is to prevent getting duplicates if the player has them in inventory before initiating the quest.
  • Added journal entries to the stronghold maintenance quests so that the player has a log of what Almossaren tells you in order to arrange trade with Mournhold and Solstheim.
  • Fixed dialogue loop with Almossaren’s topic “recent shipments”.
  • Fixed issues with the Missing Prisoner quest and setting an Ogrim loose in the caverns. It now all works correctly.
  • Arnamir is also a little harder to kill, so killing him too fast before he can surrender should be less of a problem. It’s still probably not a good idea to fight him using your “uber sword of instant death” though.
  • Fixed issue with Master Llapp not recognizing quest items to continue making the quills
  • Fixed issue with the apprentice’s old local variable referenced in dialogue, causing errors when speaking to him about “scrap metal” and “flask of rain”.
  • Fixed issue with a couple topics not showing up at all. One is “Amsemasa” which will allow you to make the tower slave free. The other is “reward for service” which will allow you to reward your apprentice and Almossaren.
  • Fixed issue with one of Sara’s variables not being set properly, breaking part of Sara’s Revenge quest of you choose a certain option.
  • Fixed dialogue in topic “Skeef” when trying to forward the Sara’s Revenge quest.
  • Fixed dialogue issue with Verena during the end of the quest to get rid of her.

Beta 1.06


Thanks to Amberfire, this Book Jackets add-on was made for the UL library. I’ve fully cleaned it and made sure the proper dependencies are listed. I also re-arranged some of the Library books to make it look better with the Book Jackets add-on.

You can now create a weather control device that will allow you to change the weather around your tower! This quest becomes available after you capture Arnamir. Script for weather control device has been fully tested and should be working as intended.

Added SriKandy Alchemy patch.esp to file, after ironing out some of the kinks.

Added more dialogue to Arnamir as well as a new quest.

  • There is now a new quest to create a weather control device for the tower! This is obtainable after capturing the Wizard Arnamir and sending him to prison.
  • Fast Eddie and Apprentice Gavyn also have new quests attached to find some of the items used to create the device.
  • This has been tested and should be working. The weather control script controls the entire Molag Mar region.
  • You can even decide to set him free. There are a couple different outcomes to this depending on when you decide you want to be rid of him.

Added compatibity with RoHT to make sure second instance of Mallam Ryon does not appear. Will add dialogue relating to making him master later (so he refuses, just like in RoHT) Also added compatibility with the new mouth added by RoHt. There is a separate .esp file including this fix.

Added an extra, optional quest-line to get rid of Verena once she’s moved into your tower.

  • It turns out, Verena isn’t very nice. It’s up to you whether you want to keep her around. Now there’s a way to get rid of her without killing her.
  • I’ve also added more dialogue to her and the other tower npcs. They now all talk about each other.

Expanded Zheriphel mine…a lot, and gave each bloat miner some character. I got bored waiting for bug reports to come in. Ever since making that mushroom guard house in the dungeon I’ve been wanting to build a little underground mushroom town.


  • Made sure the book “The Golden Dawn” can’t be found in the game world if Eddie is sent to retrieve it.
  • Fixed many small dialogue issues.
  • Found a missing script (oops) and replaced it. Sending your apprentice to find a daedra heart as a test should now work again.
  • Further tweaked the apprentice’s main script.
  • Fixed several dialogue issues, one very important one that was causing a CTD while talking to Bonelord Uvirith because of a dialogue filtering issue.There are a lot of minor fixes to dialogue as well.
  • Made it possible to get Tel Uvirith key from several of Llunela’s greetings if player doesn’t have one.
  • Added noLore check to “Books of Daedric Summoning”
  • Added more dialogue to prisoner Felinglith, particularly if you sentence her to live in your dungeon.
  • Fixed issue with CTD when sending Arnamir to prison. This seemed to be caused by the Ogrim not stopping combat.
  • Made a few fixes regarding Uvirith kicking you out of the tomb when resurrecting Verena. Sometimes zoning back into the tomb after this can cause a CTD. I think I have this resolved. I’ve adjusted the scripting on a few things to try and make it more stable.
  • Also fixed scripting issue with Mallam Ryon that happens if you refuse to promote him…as well as some related dialogue.
  • Moved an NPC out of the dungeon and into a little holding pen until she is activated. She was yelling while disabled, sometimes if the player enters combat in the dungeon.
  • Fixed one of Fast Eddie’s scripts to make sure his chorestate was resetting to 0. It should now reset properly during the Bag of Holding quest.
  • Also fixed some issues with the apprentice disabling permanently.
  • Fixed an issue with the bug lamp where if it is destroyed while swimming the spell effects remain indefinitely. This has to do with the fact (which I just found out, lol) that lights are hard-coded to “extinguish” themselves when the player is submersed in water. This means the lamp is deleted from inventory entirely and the script attached is no longer running. I’ve added a global script which will remove the spell effects if this happens. I’m not sure what can be done about the lamp being destroyed though so be aware that you have to un-equip it before swimming. The lamp does not like to get wet, keep it out of water!
  • Fixed issues with Prisoner Felinglith quest-line if you choose to send her to the arena.
  • Fixed all issues found with the Vampire Research quest-line. I also made the quest just a little bit easier to figure out in parts.
  • Fixed the apprentice’s winged twilight quest. Added an extra quest to this as well.
  • Added more scripting to the dungeon hounds so that they get out of the player’s way.

Beta 1.05

Found a fix for the teleporting doors!

Quests for the Vault prisoners

  • Asidi only appears in the prison once the quest to find her has started.
  • Quest for the prisoner Valodius is finished.
  • Quest for prisoner Felinglith is finished.
  • Added lots of dialogue to Arnamir for after he’s imprisoned.


Topic “Telvanni Councellors” will now update the Brown Book journal entry for LGNPC compatibility. This, along with activating the book, will prevent the LGNPC Brown Book from being used, and also disables the related dialogue (which will interfere with some of UL’s quests temporarily because they supersede Eddie’s greetings). This only works if you reset the journal BEFORE you become Archmagister, otherwise, you’re stuck with two separate copies of the New Brown Book.

  • Added Journal Update to Aryon’s topic “Magister”. You no longer have to click this topic twice for the Archmagister journal update.
  • Archmagister Gothren will now attack you after you talk to him once you become Magister.
  • Fixed Greetings for Prison Guard and Librarian.
  • Added more dialogue to options for freeing tower slave (you need the key though). This mod should now be %100 Twin Lamps friendly now, if the player is so inclined. This starts a mini-quest allowing the player to make the tower slave-free if the player chooses to go that route. After the quest is completed by talking to Almossaren about having set Amsemasa free, dungeon spawns of escaped and dead slaves will be disabled. You still have to set the slaves in the dungeon free yourself though.
  • Also added -follow- topic to slaves if you want to position them around as furniture for your tower.
  • Removed gender specifics from regular dialogue, and added PC Sex modifiers to dialogue where different strings made sense.


Added alchemy items from SriKandy’s mod to game world (Amethyst, Opal, Sapphire). They’re temporarily located on the rock near the Winged Twilight Trader. You can pick these (but only these!) items up without her attacking. This is a temporary solution. I will probably add them either as a quest for Gavyn, or to the replenishing store room containers.

  • Added extra script to the library book copies so that they can be read, but not picked up.
  • Fixed timer script for Gothren’s mouth so that he finds the item after a couple of days. Also added alternate consequences for not promoting him.
  • Fixed scripts for N’tashra quest item spell effects (thanks Garren!).
  • Fixed script related to Vampire Research Quest. It no longer breaks when beginning the store-room quest chain.
  • Removed constant effect levitate from Verena’s robe to prevent her from falling to her death when changing cells.
  • Removed all scripts and dialogue for Baladas Shock Centurion. Is now fully compatible with Vorwoda’s Shock Centurion mod.
  • Fixed Apprentice Gavyn’s infinite spellcasting loop.
  • Also fixed issue that caused a crash when getting the winged twilight soul gem in Gav’s dialogue.
  • Closed some mesh gaps in the Zhariphel Deep Tunnels.
  • Fixed scripts for Alchemy Table sorter.

Beta 1.04

The New Brown book is now made compatible with the LGNPC Brown Book, by making sure only the one from this mod is enabled. If you have already been given a copy of the brown book you MUST activate it at least once to make sure this fix takes effect.

  • Tweaked the respawning container scripts in the Storage room and the waste basket in the Servant’s Quarters. This will hopefully resolve any ctds encountered when entering these rooms.
  • Adjusted the timing on the appearance of a quest-related intruder in the dungeon.
  • Re-ordered the global values for the Telvanni Teleport platforms to try and address issues with certain doors not enabling after activating their specific platform. This may cause errors for anyone currently running an earlier version of this mod if you haven’t activated all the platforms yet.
  • Added a gold-return script to the Tower Travel Ring so that the travel is actually free of charge. Any gold spent using the travel ring will be returned to the player’s inventory.
  • Rebalanced the Spell Tome. It now returns only 50% of the player’s gold rather than all of it. (requested by users because the original was too unbalancing). The original UI script underwent some major cleanup in the process as well.
  • Fixed the Bag of Holding enchantment script as well as some quest/dialogue related issues. After enchanting the bag, the timer now runs properly allowing the real Bag of Holding to enable. You will need to wait 30 seconds for the bag to “absorb the power of the enchantment”…if you touch it during those 30 seconds, the bag will zap you.
  • Rebalanced Kynes Sweet Embrace and Straelcaeghs Wraithtouch, (given by artifacts from N’tashra quest) making them a little less powerful.
  • Added some more dialogue to the tower retainers.
  • Removed faction from Almossaren (the tower accountant), making him a free agent rather than Telvanni. I did to remove the options added by Antere’s BigMod (from the Archmagister’s Privilages).
  • Tweaked script on chest in Bthanchend (hopefully fixing an error that wouldn’t allow you to open it).

Beta 1.03

Fixed Random function which was causing some books to give a SYNTAX error.

Made Fast Eddie fully compatible with LGNPC Tel Uvirith by tweaking his script again

Beta 1.02

  • Fixed Fast Eddie’s disable/enable for good this time. I was experimenting earlier and finally decided to go back to something that works!
  • Fixed the Imprisonment script for the Vampire Apprentice quest ( and Imprisonment script for Arnamir as well ). It now fades out properly, and orients both the pc and npc in the right directions once positioned in the prison.
  • Removed a framecounter from Ralemos’ script that caused him to wait too long before casting recall and escaping from the player. This should prevent the player from killing him too soon and messing up the order of part of the quest. If anyone does manage to kill him ( not while in god mode or uber-ed out lol ) please let me know so I can tweak his script some more.
  • I have taken steps to help stabilize the scripts on the storage containers. The timer script was formerly on more than one container, and the current day was only being set properly by one of them. I believe this was causing some problems, so I’ve removed the currentday function to only one scripted container ( the control container ). All the rest are set by this container, rather than having them all trying to set the day and messing up the global counter.
  • Added journal entry and script to make sure the journal updates if daedric summoning page is obtained from Sorkvild the Raven by killing him.
  • Fixed a small issue with Arnamir’s script that caused him to forcegreet and surrender before actually being beaten by the player
  • Changed some of the text in Ralemos’ Journal to make the story mesh better with the changes I’ve made to the vault and dungeon.
  • Changed Teleportation Gauntlet found in Arnamir’s “study” to something slightly less useful, but better fitting the overall story behind it.
  • Started to add dialogue options regarding the Tel Uvirith Vault prisoners, but have only just started. The initial dialogue hints at possible options that are not available yet. I’ll continue working on this for the next version.
  • Added “Crispy Fried Adventurer” to one of the lava pools in the dungeon.
  • Added the SetPos function to all the moving doors, the portcullis, elevators, hidden passages…anything that used the MoveWorld function. This should fix the problem where the positions reset on reload, causing them to move in the wrong direction when activating the switch again. The Uvirith Inside portcullis is finally fixed everyone!!

Beta 1.01

  • Fixed the high security prison door switches. Added a message that informs the player that you have to unlock the cage door before the switch will work. This way the player has some instructions on how to activate the door in the game.
  • Re-ordered the apprentice’s greetings and re-arranged some dialogue to fix some quest conflicts.
  • Fixed a problem with Fast Eddie enabling after completing the final stage of the stronghold.
  • Moved the Teleport Platform in the Telvanni Council House to make it compatible with Pozzo’s ROHT. The platform is now located in it’s own little room, through a door on the upper floor of the Telvanni Council Chamber.