Bug Reports June 2014

Bugs with known fixes and workarounds are inside blue boxes, while unresolved bugs are in red.

Straelhcaegh Litany books can’t be picked up:

It is not possible to pick up and take either of the Straelhcaegh Litany books (the ones that give you spells). The books properly give you the spell, and the “take” option properly appears, but instead of adding the book to your inventory when you click it the game will pause. Right clicking gets you back to normal, but you still can’t pick up the book.

FIX FOUND (thanks to cyrano)
The script is hanging while the menu is open. Add the following lines above the line [if (OnPCDrop != 1)]:

if ( menumode == 1 )
Azura’s Blessing Spell:
NPCs (including enemy ones) will cast the “Azura’s Blessing” spell on you in combat.

Turning autocalc off on the spell in the Construction Set fixes this issue.

Uvirith’s Tomb Summoning Circle:
The summoning circle inside Baladas Uvirith’s tomb creates lag when the player steps inside it, and the “Conjuration Circle” effect never fades away, even after the player steps outside. The other summoning circle (the one in the secret lab) works fine, however.

FIX FOUND (thanks to abot)

Almossaren’s disposition:
Almossaren’s (tower/bed versions) disposition doesn’t start at a favorable level (started at 0 for me).

FIX FOUND (thanks to abot)

Quest Zainab Trade Goods Wanted:
UL changes the Zainab “trade goods wanted” quest so that it begins with a different topic, but the topic does not properly appear. This could be due to conflicts with the LGNPC mods (which modify the dialog for Aryon’s guard captain).

Open the console and type AddTopic “trade agreement”

Problems recruiting Ra’sha as a servant:
You can’t recruit her as a servant if she decides to stay after you set the slaves free.

The proper greeting doesn’t appear due to it being set to filter for slavestatus == 2, when it should be gp_slave == 2.

Inscription Ritual Book:
(from Jasons073): “I had a very difficult time getting the final inscription ritual book to work correctly (i.e prompt you to recite the incantation). Oftentimes, the only way I could get the book to work was by dropping it from my inventory on my character paper doll, close out, drop it on my character paper doll again, drop it on the ground, pick it up again, drop it on my character paper doll again, and then drop it on the ground (really random sequence, but it was the only way the book would give me the prompt to recite the incantation. This may have something to do with getting stuck in a loop with menu mod (see the solution for the litany books elsewhere in this document for details). The ritual otherwise worked as intended.”
Uvirith’s Tomb CTD:
Uvirith’s Tomb CTD reported by one user. Not talking to Trenam Faren about Asidi seems to solve the problem for the player, but it could be a fluke.

Rise of House Telvanni Add-on

Ajira’s Third Report:
When you ask Ajira to document the local plants and then rest, you get into an infinite loop of “your journal has been updated” messages, and she does not give you the report.

The scripts for the second and third quest have a command stopping the script for the first quest, instead of themselves. The line StopScript RoHT_Ajira_Report1 needs to be changed to 2 and 3 in their respective scripts.
In the dialogue “chores” Ajira doesn’t give the report due to a missing value in the results box. It should be Player->AddItem bk_Ajira3 1

Folms Mirel Disappearing:
He properly moves to your tower when you invite him, but will then disappear. Possible conflict with RoHT’s scripting.

Most of these issues have been resolved for Uvirith’s Legacy 3.3. If you’re still having issues after upgrading, particularly the ones still listed in red, please contact me.

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