Quests: Upper Tower

Inscription Quills

Requirements: Apprentice Gavyn; Tel Uvirith Upper Tower

Since version 3.1, I’ve replaced the dreary old fetch quests. The quest starts by asking your apprentice about “chores.” He will offer to find something interesting. In a few days he’ll return with a teleportation ring belonging to his former master Llapp. He’ll also set up an inscription table in the lab, which uses special quills to create spell scrolls. A starter set of scroll paper and Telvanni mineral oils (for ink-making) are provided in the chest under the table. Ink-making also requires gems, a different type for each spell school, and scroll-paper is made with ingredients like hides and fibrous plants. Both are made with the mortar and pestles on each side of the table.

You’ll notice most of the quills are missing. You’ll need Master Lapp’s instruction to the create the whole set. To visit his tower, equip the ring. He’ll first test your knowledge on inscription, which is outlined in the book Gavyn left on the inscription table. Llapp with then ask you to bring him some materials. Once you have them, he’ll give you a set of scrolls to perform the quill-making rituals. With quills in hand, you can pop them in the gem colored inkwells on the inscription table to make them active.

Making the Quills
Master Llapp’s Quiz
The first four questions are easy. The answers are all on the last page of the book he gave you. The last question is tricky. Which two letters of the daedric alphabet has the Temple banned? Try looking in the book Gavyn brought home after visiting Master Llapp. They'll be the only two missing in Daedric for Dunmer.[_/su_spoiler]
Final Answer

It’s Xayah and Yahkem.[_/su_spoiler]
Material List
Make sure you have enough ink for the rituals. You’ll need at least two of each (but only one for diamond). If you mess up, your ink will boil away and you’ll have to use more. If you’ve poured the wrong ink, you’ll have to burn it up in a ritual failure. You’ll also need six ordinary quills, but you can also accidentally enchant more than one. If this happens, trade Master Llapp a regular quill for another prepared one. Master Llapp will also give you “prepared” soul gems, which are the only kind that can be used. These won’t be destroyed if you fail a ritual, so you can keep using them.[_/su_spoiler]
The Special Quill

You can buy it from Llruvii the Hoarder.[_/su_spoiler]
The First Six Rituals

These require you to paint the ritual circle with the correct ink, then put a the prepared quill in the center. Each scroll shows a little black circle (made to look like the outline of a grand soul gem) that tells you where to place the soul gem. Make sure it’s a prepared soul gem, or the ritual will fail. The scroll will also tell you exactly what kind of soul gem you need. Once you’ve completed these rituals, return the scrolls to Master Llapp to get the final ritual.

Do not return the scrolls before you’ve completed the first six quills.[_/su_spoiler]

The Final Ritual

The last ritual requires you to make seven separate incantations: one for each spell school and then the final one, using diamond ink. You’ll be given two prepared golden saint souls (the ones you provided earlier) and six prepared petty soul gems. Again, you must use these prepared gems or the ritual will fail. First you place one golden saint gem where the book indicates with a red X, and you have to place the first petty soul gem shown with a black circle on the next page.

You must use the right kind of ink for each step (outlined in the book), and have the special quill in the center circle. Open the book after each incantation to recite the next one. If you just want to look up placement, select “no” when you open it. Once the six spell-school rituals are done, the final one will seal the deal. Pour the diamond ink and place the other prepared golden saint soul gem as indicated by the second red X (top right-hand corner).

If you remove any gems during the process, the ritual will fail. If you fail the ritual, you have to start over from the beginning (and remove all the gems except the first ones). Once you’re done this ritual, the quest is over. You can keep the book.[_/su_spoiler]

Bonus (Spoiler)

After completing the final ritual, you get a ten-point bonus to your inscription skill.[_/su_spoiler]
Gavyn’s Chore - Winged Twilight Souls
Under the dialogue “winged twilight” you can ask Gavyn to bring back a winged twilight soul. The first time you ask, it’ll take him a day or so to find one.

You mean he can do this chore twice?
After finding you a soul, you can ask him to find another one. He’ll complain and wander off for quite a while. When he returns he’ll hand you one of the pages from the Books of Daedric Summoning, which will summon an angry winged twilight every time the scroll is read.[_/su_spoiler]

Fast Eddie’s Chores

Requirements: Tel Uvirith Upper Tower

The following quests are available by clicking through Eddie’s “chores” topic. After he informs you of a quest, it becomes available in a separate topic, and can be done at any time or in any order. The Books of Daedric Summoning is the first (covered earlier here), available after sending him to find the Amulet of Unity (one of the original Morrowind quests). The rest are only available after completing the Tel Uvirith upper tower, because they’re all for furnishing the secret lab.

♦ Alchemy Table

Eddie informs you that Divayth Fyr has an alchemy table gathering dust in his tower, and wonders if you’re interested in it. To continue this quest, ask Divayth Fyr about it. He’ll tell you he’s had some trouble getting this magical table to work because of the enchantment on it. To break this enchantment, he requires an object called an Ouvulas, which is a powerful soul gem devised by the Dwemer.

Quest for the Ouvulas
Divayth Fyr lent a book on the subject to Baladas Demnevanni, so head on over to Arvs-Drelen. Baladas will inform you that the book, called The Golden Dawn, was stolen from his collection some time ago. He blames someone in the Mages Guild for the theft, likely someone with an interest in Dwemer artifacts. You won’t get any answers from the Mages guild, so you can either find it yourself or ask Eddie to steal it for you.

Ask Eddie about “The Golden Dawn” if you want him to steal it from the Mages Guild. It’ll take him about a week to find it, but it costs nothing. Eddie is quite happy to loot the Guild for you. If you ask him about it again before he leaves, you’ll get a silly bit of dialogue.

Finding the Book
If you want to find it yourself, talk to Edwinna. She’ll lie about having it, so you’ll have to rummage through her stuff in the Ald’ruhn Mages Guild to find it.[_/su_spoiler]
Translating the Book
Once you have the book, take it back to Tel Fyr to get it translated. The only person fluent enough in Dwemeri is Yagrum Bagarn, who resides deep in the Corprusarium Bowels. After showing him the book, he’ll direct you to the Dwemer ruin Bthanchend, as this was where the Ouvulas experiments took place. You now have a few options: you can go dungeon crawling to retrieve it for yourself, send Eddie, send your apprentice Gavyn, or bring him along on your travels.

It’ll cost you 50 gold to send Eddie after it, and he’s reluctant to do so. It will take him about a week to return. Sending your apprentice costs nothing. He’ll return in under a week, and also have a little souvenir of his own.[_/su_spoiler]

Finding the Ouvulas
If you go yourself: Bthanchend is located in the Red Mountain Region, just inside the Ghostgate area closest to Maar Gan. Once you reach the ruin, from inside the entrance, turn left and make your way through the next door. Head down the stairs and turn right. It is in the room with the steam pump in a locked chest. You can pick the lock or find the key.[_/su_spoiler]
The Key
The key is on a small bench in the room you entered before going down the stairwell.[_/su_spoiler]
Opening the Ouvulas
What you will have is not an Ouvulas, but a Dwemerish looking egg. This is just the container. Drop the egg on yourself in the inventory menu to open it. You now have a shiny Ouvulas. Bring this back to Divayth Fyr, and he’ll give you the next part of the quest.[_/su_spoiler]
Enchanting the Ouvulas
You must take the Ouvulas to the mad enchanter Qorwynn. You’ll need the scroll that Divayth Fyr gives you, as well as the Ouvulas and the soul of a winged twilight. If you’re missing any of these things, Qorwynn will lose his patience and tell you to go away. Unmodded, he’ll attack you on sight. He’s non-hostile with LGNPC Secret Masters loaded, otherwise you’ll need a calm humanoid spell to talk to him.

Qorwynn the Enchanter resides deep in the depths of the Dunmer stronghold Indoranyon. The quickest way to get there is by heading north from Tel Aruhn and waterwalking until you reach the shore.[_/su_spoiler]

Inside Indoranyon
Entering the main door will send you deep into the stronghold. Head up the ladders and make your way across the natural rock bridge and onto the platform. Then head into the tunnel, down the ladder, onto the next platform below. Head up the next rock bridge over the daedric statue and into the next tunnel. This tunnel will lead you back into the room with the statue. Jump across the rocks into the tunnel to the right. Take the right passage from the tunnel into the last room. Head across the rock bridge. Qorwynn is on the final platform at the end. 
Give him the required stuff and he’ll tell you to come back in three days. Return to him then and he’ll give you the Enchanted Ouvulas.[_/su_spoiler]

Once you have the Ouvulas, give it Divayth Fyr and he’ll start work on the table. In a few days, the table will appear in your tower lab. If you return The Golden Dawn to Baladas after completing the quest, he has a reward for you.

♦ Bag of Holding

Master Aryon has asked Eddie to give you a book on magical containment. To find out more about this magical bag, you need to speak with Master Aryon. After you’ve read the book and discussed it with Master Aryon, you need to create the bag.

Making the Bag of Holding
Ask Eddie to scout around town for a clothier. He’ll return a day later with a precise estimate of ingredients required and cost. Give him the gold and ingredients and he’ll have the bag crafted.

Ingredients List
  • 500 gold
  • 5 Alit Hide
  • 10 Scuttle
  • 2 Bonemeal

A week later, the bag will show up your study. Now you need to enchant it. Master Aryon will help with this step. Return to him, and he’ll give you a scroll containing the enchantment along with further instructions.

Enchanting Instructions
  • You need to know the spells Mark, Recall, and Telekinesis.
  • You need a strong soul in your inventory. This is the same requirement as the first stronghold build: the soul of a winged twilight, storm atronach, or golden saint.
  • Read the scroll while you’re near the bag, and if you know the right spells and have the right souls, the bag will be enchanted.
  • The bag will sparkle for a moment, and you won’t be able to touch it until it’s absorbed all the magicka.

Once you can open the bag, take the smaller bag inside. Drop it into your inventory to access the larger bag from anywhere. You may need to drop the bag on the floor before you can use it.

A Favor for Eddie
After enchanting the bag, if you talk to Eddie about it you can let him borrow the scroll for his own purposes. This is optional and only gives him a minor disposition boost. He’ll return everything in a week or so after he’s done his experiments.[_/su_spoiler]

♦ Tome of Knowledge

Eddie’s found out about an ancient Tome of Knowledge, and intends to steal it from the Mages Guild. He needs the Necromancer’s Amulet to unlock the Tome’s secret hiding place. Amulet in hand, it will take him about a week to return. He’ll return the amulet after completing the quest, and the Tome of Knowledge (two of them actually) will appear in your study.

The Necromancer’s Amulet
The Necromancer’s Amulet belongs to Archmage Trebonius. You’ll have to kill him to get it, if you haven’t already done so (I don’t know if picking his pocket for it works, but you can go ahead and try). If you’re a member of the Mages Guild, you can fight him in the arena to become Arch-Mage and loot him afterwards. The only other way to get it is by assassinating all the Telvanni Councilors for him.

Advanced Steam Centurion

Requirements: Alchemy Table Quest

This is available after returning The Golden Dawn to Baladas Demnevanni. He’s working on an advanced dwemer annimunculi, and will let you have it once he gets it working if you help.

Building the Centurion
Bring him five pieces of scrap metal and he’ll start working. You can send your apprentice to collect the scrap metal for you. The centurion Primus, a functional companion, will appear in the main entrance to your lower tower in a few days.

Gavyn’s Chore
If you send Gavyn, he’ll be gone a few days and return with an interesting ring.[_/su_spoiler]
Breaking the Centurion
You’ll find Primus has a malfunctioning personality chip when you get him. You can bring Primus back to Arvs-Drelen and let Baladas look him over, but he’ll conclude the only way to get Primus to stop talking like a used car salesman is to destroy the ancient chip altogether. Agreeing to this will permanently turn Primus into a mindless drone like all your other centurions.[_/su_spoiler]