Several add-ons are included with Uvirith’s Legacy. Most increase compatibility with certain mods. They are designed to enhance content already available in UL and are not required. All add-ons must come after UL in your load list, so they’re redated appropriately.

Do not clean these with TESTool. All add-ons have been cleaned using Enchanted Editor and tes3cmd, since TESTool frequently bodged it up. Any add-on TESTool will break has a warning.

Read the individual requirements for each add-on before loading it.

All add-ons require Uvirith’s Legacy. If a UL version number is specified in the file name, it means it requires that version of UL or higher. If you’re upgrading from earlier versions of Uvirith’s Legacy, make sure you upgrade your add-ons as well, and double-check to make sure they’re all loaded after UL.

Add-on Pages