Ash Armor

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Ash Armor Divine Domina

File: UL_AshArmor_DivineDomina.esp

Requires: Divine Domina part 1 (resources only)

You can use this add-on as an example of how to mod Ash-Kosh’s armor by pointing to new body objects in the Construction Set. Used as-is it requires Divine Domina part 1 resources, but DD itself doesn’t have to be loaded.

Ash Armor Plangkye

File: UL_AshArmor_Plangkye.esp

Requirements: None

Changes Ash-Kosh’s cuirass for Plangkye’s female version. The required mesh is included because Plangkye’s female Armor was not officially released as of Uvirith’s Legacy 2.0, and she gave me permission to use it. You can now find it in Plangkye’s Partial Female Cuirass Replacer v1.0.

Note: you can use both armor mods together. Plangkye’s cuirass will override the Divine Domina version, but you’ll still get the DD grieves. You can also make your own armor mod for Ash-Kosh. Instructions are here.