Sayings of Tamriel

Morrowind Edition

This is a book of collected sayings by the many races and factions that inhabit the province of Morrowind.

Altmeri sayings

Magicka is like water: Without a proper vessel it cannot be contained.

Only through the study of magic can we touch Aetherius.

Only a fool levitates as high as the duration of his spells.

Only a fool blames a bad star for his folly.

Dunmeri sayings

One cannot see what is in the distance when standing in the midst of an ash storm.

You cannot push a guar’s head down unless it is drinking water by its own will.

House Hlaalu sayings

Never allow family to stand in the way of opportunity.

Anything worth doing is worth doing for money.

A deal is a deal until a better one comes along.

House Redoran sayings

A warrior must tend his spirit as carefully as he tends his wounds.

Only as a warrior can one withstand the path of knowledge.

House Telvanni sayings

Knowledge is power. Keep as much to yourself as you can.

One part of knowledge consists of being ignorant of things not worthy to be known.

With enough magicka you can harness the winds and turn the tides.

House Dres sayings

Put your money into crops and slaves. These things reproduce. Money alone does not.

House Indoril sayings

If you do not serve the gods, your prayers will go unanswered.

Do not pay lip service to the gods. A false tongue is as ill as a heresy.

The spiritual life is the only one worth living.

Bosmeri sayings

If you want to know good character, look to the trees.

Those which don’t scream when they die are more suited to life.

A forest gives more to the world than all of civilization.

Orcish sayings

A mirror does not reflect the soul.

Talking can solve many problems, but a big axe is quicker.

Stupidity is as natural as breathing. Wisdom is learning how to hold your breath.

Argonian sayings

You can’t change your character by licking the Hist.

Adapting to the uninhabitable is the heart of safety.

Khajiit sayings

The blowing sands of time wipe clean the footprints of the past.

A perfect society is always elsewhere.

Moonsugar may be the key to paradise, but it is through a false door.

Nordic sayings

Ease your drinking before battle. There will be plenty of mead in Sovngarde.

The best women are like war horses — hard ridden and battle hardened.

The scars make the man.

Imperial sayings

A leader is not judged by the length of his reign, but by the decisions he makes.

Destroying an Empire to win a war is no victory, and ending a battle to save an Empire is no defeat.

The conquered will be glad of a better ruler.

Redguard sayings

Do not weep for Yokuda. Carry its spirit in your blood.

A warrior takes everything as a challenge. The ordinary man takes everything as a blessing or a curse.

A weapon is only as good as the hands that wield it.

Breton sayings

A bard embellishes tales with a greater truth than mere facts can express.

A poet conquers with words, not the sword.

Love, like magic, can be dispelled with a word.

There’s not enough magic in a bloodline to forge an instant, irrevocable bond.

Text by Sarah Dimento (a.k.a. Stuporstar)
Some sayings provided by members of the Elder Scrolls forums.
(see mod readme for full credits)