Modding Info

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This section has basic information on customizing Uvirith’s Legacy for yourself and lists variables for creating interactivity between Uvirith’s Legacy and other mods. Usage permissions can be found at the bottom of this page.

Modding NPCs Heads and Hair

You can customize the heads and hair of any NPCs including Sara, Gavyn, Verena, and Ash-Kosh. Back up their original .nif files first. Then give the new nifs the names of the original files.

If customizing Sara’s hair, you have to customize Sara’s tiara to match:

  1. Open the hair you want in NifSkope, select main hair node in the menu and copy.
  2. Open the Sara Tiara file (back it up first!), select main hair node and delete.
  3. Select main node and paste. The new hair should appear.
  4. You may need to edit the mesh’s position to get the tiara to sit right.
  5. Save as is, and load it up to make sure it looks right in the game.

Modding Ash-Kosh’s Armor

Because Ash-Kosh’s Armor sets are unique IDs, they’re not compatible with .esp armor replacers, but they can be easily modified in the Construction Set. In the armor tab are two sets of armor – one for female Ash-Kosh and one for male Ash-Kosh, named like this:

uvi_daedric_cuirassF – female version
uvi_daedric_cuirassM – male version

Do not change the IDs. They are necessary for the scripts to function properly. Re-save the objects with them pointing to the correct body parts from the armor you want to use.

There are also separate IDs for the male and female weapons for greater customization. Re-save the entries with the new meshes (and icons) you want to replace them with.

Ash-Kosh is equipped with a bow, a longsword, and a dagger. If you want to change these weapons, leave the IDs as they are, even if changing it into a different weapon class – unless you want to delve into the scripting/dialogue and change all those references too.

Modding Llruvii the Hoarder

Knowing some people are against creature merchants as a balance rule, Llruvii would have to be modded in the Construction Set if you want to disable her services. Please do not disable Llruvii entirely, as she has some involvement in quests.

You can disable her merchant services, but will have to place her special quill somewhere where you can find it. One of the quests requires you to buy this item from her. Alternately, you can disable all trade services except for misc items and drop her vendor gold to 0, allowing you to still purchase the expensive quill from her.

Other Notes

While Uvirith Inside moved the lower tower interior, it has been moved back to its un-modded position in Uvirith’s Legacy. Though the tower is massively altered, the floor on the lower level is back to its original height.

You are free to customize this mod for personal use. It’s your home after all, so feel free to move the furniture around or replace it, but be careful about moving scripted elements like the tower elevator. The harpsichord in the upper tower is referenced in Verena’s script, so if you want to get rid of it, change the mesh to something else, but keep the object’s ID and its relative placement.

Uvirith’s Legacy Compatibility for Modders

For easier mod integration, I’ve included global variables for potential use in other mods:

  • UL_loadgame – This variable is set to Uvirith’s Legacy’s version number in a start script. It can be used in other mods to see if Uvirith’s Legacy is loaded by checking if it’s [!= 0] or [> 0].
  • UV_PCSex – This is set in dialogue so gender checks can be made. This relates to a quest in the Tower Vault Prison, so it is set through the initial dialogue with the prison warden Trenam Faren. It could be useful to other mods, but it’s not set until the player has built the vault, visited the prison, and talked to the warden.
  • Edd_Busy – Set to 1 if Fast Eddie is busy performing a chore.

Companion Globals

  • uvi_app_chorestate – Used in much the same was as Edd_Busy, but for the apprentice Gavyn.
  • uvi_app_Disabler – Used to disable and enable Gavyn while he’s off performing chores, often used in conjunction with the chorestate.
  • Uvi_Vamp_Daylight – While the apprentice is a vampire, this tracks whether it’s day or night for dialogue. Returns 1 for day and 0 for night. Script only runs while the apprentice is a vampire and stops if the apprentice is cured (or dead).
  • Uvi_VampGavBuried – Returns 1 if vampire Gavyn is buried using the VE child burial scripts. He has special dialogue if contacted via. telepathy ring while buried.
  • Uvi_Ash_Sex – Returns 1 if the current active version of Ash-Kosh is female, 0 if Ash-Kosh is male.

Companion Follow Globals

I use these to track whether a companion is following the player or not, specifically so other NPCs acknowledge their presence. These can be added to any mod. Default is set to 0.

  • Uvi_Gav_flw – Returns 1 if Gavyn is following the player.
  • Uvi_AshF_flw – Returns 1 if the female Ash-Kosh is following the player.
  • Uvi_AshM_flw – Returns 1 if the male Ash-Kosh is following the player.
  • Uvi_Sara_flw – Returns 1 if Sara is following the player.

Emma’s NPC IDs are short variables called in the local scripts of each companion. Emma developed this system so dialogue could be added to companions in any mod. All you have to do is filter for the local variable emmasnpcid and set the number in the returns box, and that dialogue string will be added to the companion.

  • Short emmasnpcid – Set to 883 for Gavyn
  • Short emmasnpcid – Set to 887 for Sarah
  • Short emmasnpcid – Set to 888 for both versions of Ash-Kosh

ULNPCID is a short variable added to non-companion NPCs in Uvirith’s Legacy 3 so I could potentially add dialogue in later compatible mods. The list number is the number this short variable is set to for each NPC.

  1. Trenam Faren
  2. Almossaren (only tower versions)
  3. Salmeama
  4. Meiree
  5. Netheles Berom
  6. Durza gra-Grathmok
  7. Merana Relas
  8. Amsemasa
  9. Ra’Sha
  10. Verena
  11. Garethi Nemas (if transferred to Vivec)
  12. Arnamir
  13. Master Llapp
  14. Master Galdin
  15. Gyladis Arven
  16. Aren Hathra
  17. Berinna Valys
  18. Darys Arven (publican version only)
  19. Felinglith (if living in the dungeon)
  20. Skeleton Barrie
  21. Lord Uvirith
  22. Garethi Nemas’ guard (if Garethi’s transferred to Vivec)

Other Locals

  • UviGuard == 1 (all working tel uvirith guards)
  • Uvi_ReliefGuard == 1 (all resting guards in vault barracks)
  • gp_slave == 1 (all Uvirith dungeon slaves, including Ra’Sha)
  • Zhar_NPC == 1 (for generic Zhariphel dialogue — rarely used because I made most of their dialogue ungeneric)
  • Zhar_Guard == 1 (all Zhariphel guards)
  • Zhar_Slave == 1 (all Zhariphel slaves)
  • Guild_C_NPC == 1 (Carpet Layers)


If you want to make sure you can’t turn a companion into a rock, set the companion’s willpower to 100 or higher. Alternately, if you want your companion to recognize being turned into a rock, you can use the following:

uvi_rock_comp – global variable to detect if a companion has been turned into a rock, and circumvents regular forcegreetings. It’s set to 0 unless a telepathy ring triggers it.

uvi_memitem_rock – a misc item used to detect if an NPC is currently a rock. This item can be anything. In Uvirith’s Legacy it is a piece of gold.

If you want a companion to recognize that they’re a rock when using their telepathy rings, you need to add these lines to your ring script somewhere in the section that sets the forcegreeting variables.

If ( "your companion"->GetItemCount "uvi_memitem_rock" > 0 ) ;NPC is a rock
   Set uvi_rock_comp to 1

This will circumvent your regular forcegreetings and replace it with “I’m not doing anything for you until you change me back!” “Goodbye.” The global uvi_rock_comp is set back to 0 in the greeting that checks for this variable. If you un-transform your companion, uvi_memitem_rock is removed and greetings go back to normal again.

Usage Permissions and Crediting

I give full permission to any modders to make patches and add-ons for Uvirith’s Legacy.

If you want to use any resources available in this mod, please refer to the credits section. It would be a good idea to look up individual author’s permissions, and attempt to contact them if requested, before using their resources.

For resources I created myself, I only ask that due credit is given. In some cases, multiple author accreditation may be required – if you’re unsure just ask.

I’ve included a couple resources that are completely free for use. One is the floating platforms created for the Zhariphel Floating Gardens. I’ve also included a version that does not have bloatspores added to the top. You can also use their scripting and modify it.

Another resource is the summoning floor used in Master Llapp’s training room. This has been modified significantly from the UA version, and can be placed on top of any floor. If you wish to use this, credit Uvirith Awakened and myself.

Version 3.0 adds many new resources. Almost all new textures are done by me, and these are totally free for use in other mods.

Feel free to use any of my scripts and modify them to whatever purpose you need. There is no need to seek permission. However, if credits are included in the scripts, please leave them commented at the top.