Quests: Vault Secrets

Uvirith’s Tomb

Requirements: Tel Uvirith Vault

The Vault guards mention the Tomb of Lord Uvirith was uncovered while attempting to build an annex to the Library. If you head down the levitation shaft to Uvirith’s Burial, you’ll sense something amiss.

Enter the Tomb
Examine the bones of Lord Uvirith, and you’ll be teleported to his real tomb. You’ll be dumped in a flooded area. Behind you is a set of stairs leading to a passage where Lady Verena Uvirith’s ashes are kept. Disturbing these remains will spawn her angry ghost. There is also a nice set of clothes here. Make sure to keep them.

Head back into the water and examine the other end of the pool. A broken opening leads to another passageway. This leads to the main chamber of Uvirith’s Tomb. If you examine the levitating corpse you’ll summon Lord Baladas Uvirith, and he’ll curse you.

Lifting the Curse
To lift it, you must find the dremora lord Ash-Kosh and lead it to the tomb. If you read The Memoirs of Baladas Uvirith, found on a lecturn below, he’ll mention meeting Ash-Kosh in Bal Fell. This is your only clue, so head on over there.[_/su_spoiler]
Finding Ash-Kosh
Bal Fell is a daedric shrine on the southeastern tip of Azura’s Coast, due west of Vivec, on a small island across the water from Omani Manor. Once there, head into the inner shrine.
 Under the statue of Sheogorath you’ll find a chest, and on it a daedric dagger. Pick it up to summon Ash-Kosh.

Ash-Kosh will challenge you. If you grabbed the ring off of Lord Uvirith’s corpse, you can convince Ash-Kosh to follow you without a fight. Otherwise you’ll need to fight Ash-Kosh to the death. Don’t worry, after you kill Ash-Kosh, she’ll resurrect herself. Either way she’ll ask you for the dagger as a sign of trust, and only then will she follow you.[_/su_spoiler]

Head back to Uvirith’s Tomb. Once Ash-Kosh is close enough to Lord Uvirith she’ll stop following and you can talk to Baladas Uvirith again. He’ll lift the curse and give you a new spell. You can also now take his staff.

♦ Verena Uvirith

Requirements: Uvirith’s Curse Lifted

After appeasing Lord Uvirith, he’ll mention his wish to resurrect his long dead wife Verena. However, he needs a body to do so – a fresh one, and one that has a passing resemblance to her. If you agree, he’ll give you a locket with her portrait. You can view it by dropping it on yourself in your inventory. So, where on Nirn are you going to find someone both expendable and decent-looking?

Finding a Warm Body
At this point a new prisoner will arrive in your dungeon. Talk to Trenam Faren about her and he’ll tell you she’s a suspected spy. If you visit her cell, you’ll notice she looks enough like Verena to pass.

Dragging her There
You will need a good command spell to get her to co-operate. If you don’t know it, you can always use Aryon’s Dominator, one of the gloves he gave you when you worked for him. Once you get her near Baladas, he’ll ask you to kill her to release her soul so he can shove Verena’s into the corpse. Make sure to loot her; the suspicious note leads to another quest.[_/su_spoiler]

Lord Uvirith will banish you from the tomb while he works his magic. You’ll have to wait a day to return. The next time you enter, Verena will be wandering around the Tomb in her new body.

Helping Lady Verena
The first thing Verena will ask for is her clothes, since she has none. She’ll only accept the clothes found near her urn on the lower level of the tomb: the robe, shoes, and gloves. She’ll give you an interesting belt as a reward.

At this point you can talk Ash-Kosh into following you again, and she/it will become a full companion.

Rescuing Lady Verena
If you talk with Verena some more she’ll mention how lonely she is. She wants you to kill Baladas so she can be free. Verena will tell you he keeps his soul in a phylactery, and you’ll have to crush it before Lord Uvirith can die. It could be anywhere. It could be anything.[_/su_spoiler]
Finding the Phylactery
You’ll have to search around the tomb for any suspicious hiding places. There’s only two likely ones: a blocked door on the upper level, and a loose boulder on the lower level. I’m probably going to add more hiding places, and perhaps even move it in the next update, but for now it’s behind the rock. You’ll need a miners pick to shift it.

Once you’ve destroyed the phylactery, Lord Uvirith will attack, and this time he’s pissed. Once you kill him, you’ll also have to fight Ash-Kosh to the death again. Don’t worry, after killing Ash-Kosh, you can convince her to follow you again.[_/su_spoiler]

If you kill Lord Uvirith for her, Verena will follow you until you reach the upper tower. Leading her elsewhere will cause her to pester you until you head back onto the right path.

Once Verena moves into the upper tower, you can keep her around as long as you like. She’s vampire friendly, has plenty conversation options, and you can give her new outfits through companion share. She’ll also put your staff in order – the old fashioned way.

Getting Rid of Verena
Should you become thoroughly sick of her, talk to your staff about her. Trenam Faren has an idea: try to marry her off to some other rich noble. Be careful about choosing this dialogue. If you hatch a plan with Trenam Faren, the wheels will be set in motion. Doing so too early will cause you to miss out on a couple quest opportunities.

Finding Suitors
Take Verena’s locket to Eddie, and he’ll tell you to show it to all the Telvanni Masters (Therana excluded), and Divayth Fyr. Ask them all about Verena. After your offer is turned down by everyone, talk to Eddie again. He’ll take the locket to Port Telvannis to search for a fresh mark suitor.
Verena may have other ideas…
If you’ve set Arnamir free, she’ll run away with him. Eddie will still take a while to return, and be a little miffed at having gone all that way for nothing.

Otherwise, when Eddie returns he’ll tell you a letter has been sent to Verena. The next time you talk to her, she’ll say goodbye, pack her things, and move to Port Telvannis. If the TR add-on is loaded, she’ll even show up on the mainland. Further spoilers about this are on the main Guide page in the easter-eggs section.[_/su_spoiler]

♦ Ash-Kosh

Requirements: Uvirith’s Tomb, Resurrecting Verena, The Missing Prisoner Quest, Dratha’s Books of Daedric Summoning Quest.

Once Ash-Kosh is a companion, take her with you the next time you visit Dratha. Make sure it’s the female Ash-Kosh in tow. Dratha will be supremely jealous and want one of her own.

Helping Dratha
She’ll want a page from the Books of Daedric summoning to summon a dremora lord. She also wants to borrow your copy of Studies on Daedric Summoning so she can summon a permanent dremora lord companion, and hopefully change it into a female one. If you’ve completed the Missing Prisoner quest, you’ll have the book, but you’ll still need to find the dremora lord page. There are no clues in the game where to find this. You’re going to have to raid the shrines of Sheogorath.

Page Location
It’s in Addadshasshanammu Shrine, in the antechamber behind the Sheogorath statue.[_/su_spoiler]

Once you have the page and the book, lend them to Dratha and return in a week or so to see the results. At this time, she’ll return all the books you lent her, as well as the Clannfear page she asked you to find earlier.

Dratha’s Still Not Happy
She’s ended up a regular dremora lord at her side, and demands that it change gender. You just need to convince it to do so. Talk to the dremora lord, and it will only express confusion at the strange request.

You’re going to need someone to talk to the dremora in a way it can understand. Ask Ash-Kosh. They’ll have a short conversation and disappear. It will take a week for them to return. Ash-Kosh will call you to her lair when she’s ready. You can then head over to Tel Mora and visit Dratha again. She now has a female dremora and is ecstatic. As a reward, she’ll give you the nifty magical dingus that turns people into rocks.[_/su_spoiler]

Queen N’tashra’s Boon

Requirements: Tel Uvirith Vault

If you examine the strange statue in the Tel Uvirith Vault treasury, it will speak. If you accept Queen N’tashra’s quest, it will give you a sceptre. Examine it in your inventory, and you’ll be prompted to select one of a couple options: twist the silver ring, twist the bronze ring, or put it away.

Twist the Silver Ring
You’ll be teleported into another realm, where you’ll be attacked on all sides.
Twist the Bronze Ring
You’ll be teleported into the dungeon deep tunnels near the lava pools. Use it to get back.
Dungeon Secrets
Once you return, having defeated N’tashra’s guardians, a new area will open up in the deep tunnels. Near the lava pools, head down the dark path and speak with the daedric guardian. After he’s given you a token of N’tashra’s esteem, he’ll direct you to the other end of the deep tunnels.

Head back up and make your way to the entrance. As you reach the door, you’ll notice another new path. This one leads to a massive underground pool. Jump in and speak with the creature swimming below.

N’tashra’s Sanctuary
Craough will eventually tell you about Sara, who’s waiting for you below. Ask him to show you the entrance to her sanctuary, and he’ll lead you to a dark hole. Make sure you have enough potions, enchantments, or magicka for waterbreathing because it will take a while to swim down the tunnel.

At the end of the tunnel, Sara is waiting in an enchanted mushroom cave. If you agree to take her on your adventures, she’ll follow you out. The path to the cave is now (magically) shorter, and will drop you back in the deep tunnels on the platform over the water. Sara will tell you to make this your meeting place. If you ever need to part with her, you can send here to wait here for you.[_/su_spoiler]

Take Sara with you up through the deep tunnels and Sara will point out another small cave has opened up above. Climb up to reach the burial of Galethis Ryma. Sara will instruct you to take the ring, which will allow you to call her telepathically. He also has an ancient set of black bonemold armor.

♦ A Gift for Sara

Requirements: Sara N’tashra, Hiring Almossaren (Storage Room Quest)

Introduce Sara to Almossaren. If you ask about “amenities” for her, he’ll offer to provide anything she needs. Ask Sara what she’d like, and she’ll claim she requires little – except perhaps a small favor. You’ll have to press her about this, because she’s too shy to ask outright.

Sara’s Request
She wants a small statue of Azura so she can make a modest shrine. These daedric figurines have been banned by the Tribunal Temple, so it will be difficult to find. Ask various pawnbrokers if they’ve ever seen such a thing.

Bargain Hunting
No luck? Who’s the shadiest pawnbroker this side of Nirn?

Talk to Ra’virr the Trader. If you bribe him, he’ll tell you that Dralasa Nithryon, the pawnbroker across the street, has just what you’re looking for. Dralasa will not give it up willingly however. Her price is steep, and she keeps it locked in a chest.[_/su_spoiler]

Five-Finger Discount?
Perhaps you can hire someone in the Balmora Thieves Guild to steal it for you. That is, if you’re not already a member. If you are, they’ll probably make fun of you for asking. If you’re not a member, you can pay them 1000 gold to nab it. Drop by in a week and it’s yours.[_/su_spoiler]
Or the Grift?
The other option is to trick Dralasa into giving it to you. Accept her quest. You don’t want to give her the real Star of Azura of course, but a clever forgery might do.

Head back to Ra’virr and ask him to create a fake Star of Azura for you (you don’t need to give him the real one for this). Give him 150 gold and he’ll have it ready in three days. Then take the fake star to Dralasa and offer a trade. Dralasa will be too excited to examine it closely, but be careful what you say. If manage to blunder the response, your stuck with the other option – paying 1000 gold to the Thieves Guild or stealing it yourself. Otherwise, she’ll pay you 500 gold and throw in the Azura Figurine as well.

Returning to Dralasa later will reveal that she’s discovered the forgery and her disposition will drop significantly. There’s nothing she can do about it though. Buyer Beware.[_/su_spoiler]

Give the statue to Sara and she’ll be ecstatic. Whenever you next ask her to go wait for you in her meeting place, she’ll set up her shrine while you’re away.

The Shrine’s Benefits
It will cure Sara of disease when she’s near it, and you can make offerings. When you make an offering of gold, it will restore your health, fatigue, and magicka. If you offer certain flowers (examples of which can be found near the shrine), it will cure your diseases.[_/su_spoiler]

♦ Verena’s Jealousy

Requirements: Sara N’tashra, Rescue Verena

If you take Sara to meet Verena while she’s dominating your tower, she will not react favorably. Ask Verena about Sara while she’s in earshot. After Verena insults Sara, ask Sara about Verena. Congratulations, you’ve started a war.

The Feud
In a few days, Verena will ask you who’s been tampering with her bottles of Telvanni Bug Musk. If you implicate Sara, Verena will demand revenge. You can either choose to help or not, but she will have it either way.

If You Refuse
You’ll find Sara lying on the floor of her abode in the deep tunnels one day. This will happen sometime after you tell Sara to return and wait for you, at minimum a few days after the bug musk incident. Examining Sara will reveal a poisoned apple on her. Remove it and she’ll revive.[_/su_spoiler]
If You Agree
Verena will give you a cursed ring, which you can take to Sara and reveal Verena’s plan to her. If Sara’s safe at home, she’ll take the ring and ask you to tell Verena the deed is done. Inform Verena and she’ll demand to see your handiwork, so take her down to the deep tunnels and show her. Once Verena sees Sara is indeed wearing the ring and unconscious, she will leave satisfied. Remove the ring from Sara to revive her.[_/su_spoiler]
Sara’s Revenge
You can either dissuade Sara, or help her hatch a plan. If you choose to help, she’ll come up with the idea to give Verena a scamp as a servant – a lovely present which will ultimately drive her nuts because she can’t kill it or summon it away.

Sara will tell you about the librarian Netheles Berom’s Scamp problems. Apparently he bound a scamp to a crystal ball, and it’s now bound there forever. Netheles will tell you more about it. At first he’ll be reluctant to burden you with the knowledge, until you tell him who it’s intended for.

Once he gives you the scroll of incantation, take it to the upper tower where you have an unused crystal ball. With a scamp soul on hand, read the scroll once you’re near the crystal ball. After enchanting it, activate the ball to summon the scamp. Talk to it, and tell it Verena is its new mistress, and that it has to follow every one of her orders to the letter. The scamp will then follow you to Verena.

Tell Verena you have a wonderful gift for her. She will accept it with glee. In a few days, she’ll become increasingly upset with her new servant. She’ll try to kill it in vain, and scream at it constantly. If you need to calm her down to talk to her, you can dispel and summon the scamp by activating the crystal ball.[_/su_spoiler]

Sara will refuse to enter the upper tower after Verena’s revenge attempt. She will not go up there again until Verena’s gone.

Vampire Research

Requirements: Tel Uvirith Vault, Apprentice Gavyn, having never been a vampire

If you examine the Librarian’s personal copy of The Vampires of Vvardenfell (found in his chamber behind the false bookcase), you’ll notice he’s made some notes in the margins. Reading it will add the topic “Vampire Research” and you now have a new chore available for Gavyn.

Vampire Dust
Ask Gavyn to find some vampire dust for your research, and he’ll return in a week having contracted Poryphic Hemophelia. You now have the option to teach Gavyn a cure disease spell, teach him how to make a potion, or give him a false formula for the potion. Or you can leave him alone and let nature take its course. If you choose the latter options, Gavyn will become a vampire in three days. This is what we call being an asshole – or you can call it science if it makes you feel better.
Gavyn the Vampire
He will attack, so you’ll have to subdue him with a calm spell. Once he’s calm, talk to him. After a quick fadeout, you’ll be standing before him in the high security prison. Now that he’s safely locked away, you need to find a way to calm him down for the long term.

Find a Vampire Expert
Divayth Fyr is the oldest wizard in the land, so perhaps he knows a thing or two about vampires. Ask him about “subduing a vampire” and he’ll tell you how to construct an amulet of blood-binding. You need a sample of Gavyn’s blood, which Divayth will supply the vials for. Take the vial to Gavyn and ask him for blood, then return to Tel Fyr. Divayth Fyr will create an amulet that Gavyn must wear at all times.[_/su_spoiler]

After giving the amulet to Gavyn, you can safely lead him out of the cell. Gavyn will be much calmer now, but he’s still not too happy with you. He’ll be more reluctant to travel with you, especially since he’s afraid of burning up under the sun. Also, if you remove the amulet, he will attack again.

Continued Research
Speak to Divayth Fyr again. He’ll attempt to dissuade you by directing you to a book he lent to Dratha long ago. He urges you to read it and learn more about what you’re getting into.

Dratha will give you the book, but you’ll find some pages are missing. She thinks the rest are hidden in the Corprusarium. You’re going to have to search down there if you want to find out more. If you talk to Divayth Fyr again, he’ll confirm that a vampire once resided down there, but he’ll only offer another stern warning.

The Corprusarium
Once you’re inside the Corprusarium, take your first right and continue down that path until you reach a watery dead-end. Look around the cavern for a dark hole. Crawling into it will lead you to a secret cavern filled with water. Swim down to the bottom and look for a switch or lever. It’s attached to the Dwemer machinery near the bottom. Pull the lever to drain the water out of the cavern.

There’s a table with apparatus here and a few chests. You’re going to have to find a key to open them. It probably sunk down to the bottom somewhere.

The Key and Deavvo’s Studies
You’ll find the key on top one of the wells.
 Deavvo Pharra’s notes are are in the combination-locked chest (similar to Gothren’s), and you can learn more about his experiments into curing vampirism. During his quest, he discovered an elixir that can instantly change a mortal into a vampire. You’ll also find an amulet that can identify the clan of a vampire’s blood.[_/su_spoiler]
Determining Gavyn’s Vampire Clan
There are plenty vials in one of the chests in the lab. Ask Gavyn for a blood sample with a vial in your inventory. With a blood-filled vial in your inventory, equip the amulet to use it. After identifying Gavyn’s blood, you can decide if you want to turn yourself into a vampire of his clan.[_/su_spoiler]

If you tell Gavyn about your experiments, the quest is considered complete. You don’t have to become a vampire to finish this quest.

If you turn yourself into a lich using Lichcraft or Illuminated Order, the quest to turn Gavyn into a vampire is now available as of Uvirith’s Legacy 3. You’ll have to perform an additional experiment with Pharra’s equipment to bind Gavyn to you, after which he’ll be your undead thrall forever. The option to cure him of vampirism is unavailable after this point.

♦ Becoming a Vampire the Wizard’s Way

If you decide to follow the experiment to its ungodly conclusion, you’ll need several sample of Gavyn’s blood, so bring him along to Pharra’s lab.

Activate the apparatus one at a time. If you have the correct ingredients in your inventory, they’ll be used up in the process. If you activate the apparatus in the wrong order, the potion will fail and you’ll have to start again. You can do this by trial and error.

Or you could find the recipe…
It’s hidden on one of the corprus beasts in the Corprusarium. You’ll have to either sneak up on them, or calm them to initiate dialogue. I won’t outline the recipe here. Go find it in the game and have fun.[_/su_spoiler]

If you decide to follow the clues of Deavvo Pharra’s quest, you can also find an amulet that will temporarily turn you into a vampire, or back into a mortal for a short period if you’re already a vampire. I won’t spoil it here. The answer is somewhere in his books.

♦ Curing Gavyn

If you decide to remain mortal, you can tell Gavyn about a possible cure after reading Galur Rithari’s papers. You may have already found them if you’ve done Skink-in-trees-shade’s quest for the Mages Guild, outlined here on UESP Wiki. The quest is not required to cure Gavyn.

If you’re also a vampire, your only option is to find the cure for yourself and bring him along with you. The walkthrough for the cure is available here at UESP Wiki.

Possible Outcomes
If you allow Gavyn to seek the cure, he’ll disappear and eventually return once he’s found it. If you refuse him permission, he’ll go anyway.

If you leave Gavyn as a vampire too long, without finding a cure for him, he’ll grow restless and leave forever; this only applies if you’re not a vampire yourself. If Gavyn leaves under those circumstances, he won’t find a cure, but rather find a home in the Aundae lair. If you raid it, he’ll attack along with the rest of them. You can try calming him, but he won’t listen to you. If you become Aundae later, he’ll laugh at your foolishness, only gradually accepting you as you rise in the ranks.

Once Gavyn is cured, speak to Divayth Fyr and he’ll ask to examine Gavyn. Take him to Tel Fyr and let Divayth borrow him for a while. You can pick him up in a week.

The Reward
After the week has passed, Divayth Fyr will give you an amulet that can turn you into a vampire temporarily.