Release Announcements: December 2016

Uvirith’s Legacy 3.5 is a light update for a few remaining dialogue and bug fixes, but it also includes a major update on the TR add-on for Tamriel Rebuilt 16.09.10. I had to redo the entire library sorter from scratch due to TR’s ID changes, but it was good spring cleaning to get all the old deprecated books out of there and make sure I got all the new ones in.

Quest Tweaks and Alternatives has been updated to version 1.7, still working on the mage front with a whole new quest-line that allows you to side with Galbedir instead of Ajira. I also overhauled half the Imperial Cult quests, involving Iulus Truptor and Synnolian Tunifus, because they were the worst. I changed all the “I failed your quest” dialogue options into something less lame. Now you can REALLY fail their quests by messing them up on purpose in gradually more insulting ways. I tried to make doing the quests properly a little less onerous as well.

ST Alchemy has had an update as well, with a few new ingredients and add-ons. The biggest change is to the Sri’s Alchemy esp, which now relies on the esp ST_Alchemy_Base (because it’s much easier to update), because it only alters the ingredient effects (and the Alchemist’s Formulary to match). Future add-ons for other rebalances will function the same way. A new replacer is included that changes all the static kelp, moss, and spiderwebs into ingredient containers. The other is an add-on for Graphic Herbalism, that makes the added containers function the same way. I’m working on a Pearls Enhanced patch for it as well, but it’s not yet ready.

The old Forges and Fireplaces mod is now a massive resource called ST Smith and Crafting. It has huge sets of meshes, almost all made or altered by me, for blacksmithing, glassblowing, barrel making, and more. I’m adding new stuff all the time, eventually hoping to complete full sets for all kinds of craftsmen in the game.

Uvirith Modder’s Resource contains all the Telvanni meshes I’ve acquired or made over the years for use in Uvirith’s Legacy. As I work on UL 4, I’ve made a lot of new meshes to get around the fickleness of the Telvanni tileset and create more functional space inside it. I’ve also made a bunch of Telvanni furniture like hanging chairs and basins.

And finally, Statics to Activators is a simple modder’s resource that makes activator versions of most static objects, to make life easier when building things like portable furniture mods or towns.