Bathing Mod

Click on the “Strange Looking Crystal” to bathe.

File: Stinkers 2.0 to 3.0 Upgrader.esp

Requires: Stinkers 3.0

Bathing Mod 2.0 resources are included in Uvirith’s Legacy. This add-on replaces them with BM 3.0 versions. However, the Telvanni crystals must have their scale set manually in the console. When you walk into the bathroom and get a face full of big honkin’ crystal, open the console, click on the crystal, and type “setscale 0.5”.


Load this patch after any mods with Bathing Mod 2.0 resources (ANY mods, not just Uvirith’s Legacy). To ensure Bathing Mod 2.0 resources are always replaced as you run into them, keep this patch loaded along with the Bathing Mod 3.0.

Warning: this patch permanently alters Bathing Mod 2.0 leveled lists in your saves, so don’t use it if you think you might want to downgrade.