Lower Tower

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This area remains true to its original design but grander. I’ve hidden the service areas in the lower tower’s rabbit-warren corridors. The grand entrance contains alcoves where you can place mannequins from any mods available.

Uvirith’s Legacy 3 also adds storage alcoves, hidden behind a secret access panel. You’ll need the tower key to open these, so I’ve made it available as soon as the lower tower is built. You’ll find a note from Llunela Hleran about the tower key. To get it, speak with her or your retainer Ferena Arelas. You’ll be given a tower travel along with it.

Tower Storage Room

This is not your ordinary storage room; it is not a place to deposit your loot. The storage room’s weekly re-spawning containers provide food and ingredients to your tower.

You begin with a few containers of Kwama eggs: a gift from Master Aryon for helping with his mine. To acquire more ingredients, you hire a retainer and complete quests to establish trade routes. Not all rare ingredients are available, but common non-food ingredients are found in urns with random contents (including many from Sri’s Alchemy). A weekly fee keeps supplies flowing in. As ingredients improve the cost increases. It’s not necessary to pay every week. Shipments merely stop until you pay up again.

New shipments are available after you establish a trade route with Solstheim. This last shipment upgrade does not require a quest. It will bring in mod-added ingredients from Necessities of Morrowind, The Bathing Mod, The Tea Mod, and Tamriel Rebuilt (if the TR add-on is loaded). These shipments are pricey, especially with the TR add-on, so you can choose to downgrade at any time. If you want to resume mainland shipments, ask Almossaren to start bringing them in again. You can also halt ordinary shipments at any time, though you’ll still need to pay the servant’s wages every week.

Uvirith’s Legacy 3 lets you stick money in the storage strongbox, and Almossaren will automatically use those funds to pay for tower shipments. Don’t worry if you’re away for weeks at a time. It will only pay on the weeks you enter the storage room.

Almossaren will also sell skooma and/or moon sugar on request, if you decide to encourage smugglers to your tower (talk to one of the dungeon slaves for this option to become available). Almossaren only offers it at a fixed price and in limited quantities, to be replenished every time you bring in new shipments.

Servant’s Quarter

I decided to keep this area cozy rather than adding a huge extra wing to the tower. It has a kitchen, cellar, and servant’s communal bedroom. The kitchen also contains NoM compatible objects (stove and cooking utensils), and a wine keg in the cellar.

The tower cook provides three meals a day and a late night snack. More information is available in the retainers section.

The kitchen also contains a waste basket. I added this so you can delete trash items in the game. The container will delete itself and re-spawn every three days, so don’t put anything important in there.

Tower Bath

It is a bathroom – a Telvanni style bathroom. I’ve also included a bit of “bathroom reading” down here: one of Crassius’ books from the latest version of Books of Vvardenfell. Ah, good old fashioned toilet humor.

You’ll find a Telvanni bathing crystal in the pool, only functional if you’re using The Bathing Mod. I included a small selection of soaps for this purpose, which can also be found in the random ingredient urns in the storage room if you have The Bathing Mod loaded. Bathing Mod 2.0 compatibility is built in; a separate patch is required for The Bathing Mod 3.0.