ST Alchemy

This mod upgrades the assets of Sri’s Alchemy and also provides a lite version of Sri’s Alchemy that doesn’t include changes to Morrowind’s original ingredients. Much like Sri’s Alchemy, the base mod also adds Sri’s ingredients to leveled lists and makes them available for sale, as well as doing the same for Tribunal and Bloodmoon ingredients. However, unlike Sri’s Alchemy, food and ingredient leveled lists are not heavily altered, instead opting to add new containers to select alchemy vendors.

ST Alchemy also adds a few new ingredients and flora containers, some of which can be used to replace existing static flora and others that must be manually placed in the game. The base mod can be used as a modder’s resource. No IDs have been changed from Sri’s Alchemy, and any ST ingredients and container IDs will not be altered in future versions either. This mod also gives gravetar and meteor slime unique meshes.

The calc sheet included in this mod lists added ingredients, proposed add-ons, and changes in full detail. Though balance changes have not been completely worked out and are up for discussion in the relevant forum threads. As this mod evolves, separate add-ons will be made for economy and alchemy rebalances. The base mod alters no ingredients from the original game.

The most up-to-date calc sheet can be downloaded here.