Secret Areas

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Zhariphel Mine

The last remaining bloat mine in Vvardenfell is run by the Telvanni. Zhariphel is also a small village, with Telvanni housepods growing deep underground. A small mod within a mod, it has multiple quest-lines. After becoming Archmagister, and acquiring the new Brown Book of the Telvanni, the first Zhariphel quest will be available. The Zhariphel miners are fighting a massive shalk infestation, threatening the precious bloatspores. It’s up to you to help them.

Zhariphel Mine is located in the Molag Amur region, out of reach and hidden from prying eyes. Because descriptions are inadequate when you’re talking about mountains like any other without defining landmarks, I’ve provided a map along with the key to the mine.

After completing the first Zhariphel quest, you’ll get a travel ring to take you directly to Zhariphel. You can either find this in the note from Master Galdin, delivered to you by Fast Eddie after completing the quest, or receive it from Arara Uvulas, who previously sent you to Zhariphel Mine.

After returning to Zhariphel Mine, you can have a huge impact on this community and see the results of your efforts. You’ll also receive free bloat shipments to your tower storage room.

Zhariphel Warrens

The small underground town is filled with cozy housepods. Zhariphel’s residents live here in isolation. After completing the first quest, and picking up your reward in the Telvanni Council House, the people here will settle into regular daily work patterns. All NPCs here have schedules. You’ll find them at work in the mines in the day and in their homes at night. There’s even a night shift for the guards. Each home has a story to tell, and each NPC has their own worldview.

Available Services
  • The Bath House is compatible with the bathing mod.
  • The Guard House has a functional practice dummy in the basement.
  • One of the guards will repair your weapons and armor.
  • Gyladis Arven sells ingredients and potions, and even sells the rare gems from Sri’s Alchemy required for inscription.
  • Berinna Valys will trade with you for basic adventuring supplies and has some NoM survival gear to sell.
  • A new publican will become available in a later quest, who will serve food and drink including a small selection of local NoM dishes, and also sells soaps for The Bathing Mod.
  • Building a new council house will provide you with a comfortable bed to sleep in.

It has potential to become a fully functional town, but to benefit from all these services, you must help establish them. After completing the first quest, the next will allow you to build a new Council House for Zhariphel.

Zhariphel Council House
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The residents of Zhariphel want to build a new council house in the warrens, and they need your help. This will require you to pay some gold and complete a small quest. Once you return with the new baby podspores, Master Galdin will cultivate a new underground housepod. This process will take a few weeks to complete, but you can watch the pod grow in stages over time. Once the housepod is fully grown, you can walk around in the new building, but starts out empty. If you offer to help furnish the place and turn it into a luxurious manor, the Zhariphel residents will rename it in your honor and provide you with a private bath and bedroom.

Once the Council House is complete, a new quest will be available to help Gyladis find her long lost son. If you aid her, a new publican will take residence in the tower, and Gyladis will give you an improved version of the Zhariphel travel ring. This new ring has a unique look and will teleport you directly to the new Council Manor rather than the Zhariphel Mine entrance.[_/su_spoiler]

Zhairphel Floating Gardens
Uvirith’s Legacy Zhariphel Floating Gardens
Master Galdin works magic with mushrooms. You’ll eventually find the gardens deep in Bloat Run.

Once the Council House is complete, the residents of Zhariphel will work to reclaim the deep tunnels. There is nothing you need to do here. You’ve already helped them enough, so they take their own initiative.

The first stage will reclaim the deep tunnels. They’ll plant new bloatspores down there, which will take a week or so to grow. Galdin also starts to grow a new housepod, which will eventually become the Zhariphel Floating Gardens. This build will take a couple weeks to complete.[_/su_spoiler]

The Zhariphel Floating Gardens in an indoor alchemy garden with a unique look. Magical floating platforms are this sanctuary’s centerpiece. You’ll find Master Galdin spending most of the day here once it’s finished.

Other Hidden Areas

Uvirith’s Tomb

Uvirith’s TombSo they built your tower on Uvirith’s Grave, but who was Lord Uvirith? You’ll soon find out. Delve into Uvirith’s Tomb and uncover his dark secrets. Do some evil deeds and gain some wicked spells and items. Acquire a sexy mistress for your tower and a unique dremora companion. Learn the secrets of the Books of Daedric Summoning.

The secret passage in the library leads to Uvirith’s burial. I’ll say no more about it here.

Lord Uvirith is a unique lich and has a unique staff in Uvirith’s Legacy 3. I debated not spoiling it, but at this point most people have met the old version already. However, there’s a new secret about him I won’t let slip yet.

N’tashra’s Sanctuary

Uvirith’s Legacy N’tashra’s Sanctuary

Giving the dungeon a make-over, adding a few more roots and mushrooms here and there, led me to re-create N’tashra’s hidden areas in the dungeon deep tunnels. I prettied up Craough’s oasis with wild growth, and moved it away from Azrohaelu’s lava pit – now expanded into a proper home for a fire elemental.

Accessed through Craough’s oasis (you must talk to him first), is N’tashra’s sanctuary. No longer a tomb, it is a magical place where Sara has awakened from her long slumber. You’ll need a good waterbreathing spell or potions to get to her. The first time down you have to swim a long way; after meeting Sara, I’ve created a shortcut for further visits to her sanctuary.

Berom’s Ancestral Tomb
Tel Uvirith Vault Berom’s Tomb
Barrie the Skeleton has a bone to pick with you.

I originally intended to make this area above the library a reading nook, but your librarian decided to bring his “family” along to Tel Uvirith instead. This area serves no purpose other than pure goofiness – because I was bored.

Master Llapp’s Study
Uvirith's Legacy Master Llapp's Study
Master Llapp keeps all his good stuff locked up.

I’ve replaced Uvirith Inside’s inscription ring interior with Master Llapp’s Study, making it look more like a place where he’d live. Around Llapp’s hall, the rest of his abode is locked behind balcony screens (made to look movable with a switch, but you can’t actually access it). You can peek through the balcony screens to see his study filled with inscription scrolls, a garden, a summoning chamber, and a hall shaft leading to “somewhere else.”

The inscription ring will teleport you to his study, where you have to levitate up to talk to him.

Master Llapp also has a training room, which you can use to train Gavyn in offensive spells if you don’t have the vault built yet. Gavyn can teleport you there to train, and it’s also accessible from Master Llapp’s study. Master Llapp will give you a key if you pass his test for the inscription ritual.


Asharakumuk the Daedric Lair

Ash-Kosh’s lair: the dremora can teleport you here if you’ve banished it. You can’t teleport from this place normally, because it’s technically not a place on Nirn, but somewhere between worlds on the edge of Oblivion. If Ash-Kosh brings you here, you’ll have to ask Ash-Kosh to teleport you away.

Uvirith’s Legacy 3 adds Arcmaestro Anteres’ Daedric Portal, from which you can teleport to any daedric ruin in Vvardenfell.

There are more hidden areas and easter-eggs than listed here, but I’m not going to spoil them. You’ll just have to keep exploring.