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Many elements of the original vault from Uvirith Inside remain, but I’ve made drastic changes. It’s now a separate build available after becoming Archmagister. Once the vault is built, a tunnel to it will open up in the main dungeon.


This library has enough bookshelves for all books in Morrowind and plenty space for mods. The center bookcases are reserved for the book-sorter, compatible with all books in Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon (not all parchments are included, but most are). Rather than include all mods in the book-sorter, there are plenty empty shelves on the library’s sides to accommodate them.

Talk to the librarian and ask him to “organize books.” He’ll place book copies on the shelves and transfer the originals to one of three containers: two book closets, and one scroll chest on the table under the stairs. You can’t pick up the shelved copies created by the sorter. If you use the book-sorter, make sure you don’t put anything on the center shelves or lecterns. It’s not a big deal, but if you enable the sorter books, they’ll clip through ones already sitting there.

I’ve also included a selection from Books of Vvardenfell. Though they’re all included in the book-sorter, you need to download BoV itself to find them all. These are sorted on the shelf to the right of the main sorter shelves as you enter the library. The Tale of the Devious Trader is also included in the main sorter script. Meshes and textures for this book are included, but it’s not placed in the game. For that you’ll have to download Xethban’s mod. You’ll also find NoM books sorted here if you have them, as well as Rise of House Telvanni books if you have the RoHT add-on loaded.

You’ll also find a secret passage behind the false bookcase. Located in the shaft behind the secret passage is the librarian’s chambers, Uvirith’s Tomb, and a secret archive. The archive houses important Telvanni documents; sorted books you’d rather not have anyone know about will end up here, including books from the Apographa. The copy of Vampires of Vvardenfell I in the librarian’s chambers is a special version with a quest attached to it.

A Book Jackets add-on for the sorter books is also included (thanks to Amberfire). Also, some add-ons add books from compatible mods to the book sorter.


Uvirith Awakened inspired, the treasury has three levels (as of Uvirith’s Legacy 3) and plenty display cases. The mannequin alcoves are empty, to fill with mannequins of your choosing (a hidden switch opens them). The hidden lower level is accessed by a switch below the main level. The upper level is accessible with levitation.

On the main floor, the quest related silverware display cannot be moved until the quest is started; afterwards you can pick it up and place it anywhere. As of version 3.0, you can return the rest of the silver to Trenam Faren and he’ll re-shelve it for you once the quest is finished. The treasury has a new strong room, which is tougher to break into than the Telvanni vault in Vivec. It has a ton of heavy-duty chests to store all your extra loot. If anyone complains about not having enough storage in this version, I’m going to plotz.


I’ve kept the original prison design from Uvirith Vault. I attempted a purist Telvanni version, but it wasn’t as satisfying, so I decided to stick with Imperial design with Telvanni roots poking through the walls. Obviously Master Aryon had a hand in designing it. I’ve added a small torture chamber beneath the prison. This rather disturbing area becomes even more disturbing once you find out what Trenam Faren likes to do in his spare time.

Several quests are available here involving the Tel Uvirith prisoners.


Is a place where you can train or grab a drink in the mess hall. I’ve added my own scripted version of BLk’s practice dummy. A trainer/armor repair NPC resides in the practice room, and the NPC in the mess hall sells drinks. More info is available in the retainers section. A NoM compatible beer keg is available in the mess hall storage room.

High Security Wing

I rebuilt this area using Kieve’s Dark Telvanni Textures. Here you can hold daedra, powerful wizards, and vampires captive. I emptied out two cells to make room for quest captures. A teleportation ban is in place inside; the crystals are magicka dampeners to prevent powerful mages from escaping.