Quest Tweaks & Alternatives

This mod adds more options to Morrowind’s original quests, fleshes out some quest related dialogue, and makes minor tweaks to a few quest rewards. This mod does not add whole new quests, and does not remove original content.

Version 1.0 is primarily mage focused, because those quests are the ones I’m most familiar with. Future versions will address Hlaalu and Redoran, the Thieves and Fighters Guild rivalry, Morag Tong conflicts with the player’s Great House of choice, flesh out more town/wilderness quests, and more. If you have any requests/suggestions, feel free to send them my way or post in the relevant forum threads.

Full List of Changes
Main Quest
I didn't originally intend to touch anything in the MQ, but a few tiny things bugged me enough that I decided to tweak them.

Hassour Zainsubani will now only accept a book he doesn't already own. Not only does it make more sense, but it removes the exploit of him accepting books you stole from him. I've removed the one from his chest. The bookseller will give you a list of poetry books, so you'll know which one out of the three you need to buy after you poke around in his room to see which of the three he already has.[_/su_spoiler]

Tribunal Temple
Added quest rewards where there formerly were none, all skill-books (The Sermons of Vivec) because that's generally in line with other rewards the Temple gives you, and doesn't suck like potions. Also, I tried to give out sermon books that are otherwise hard/impossible to acquire legally.

  • Quest rewards added:
    • 36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 8 for returning the Shoes of St. Rilms
    • 36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 15 for completing the pilgrimage to Mount Kand.
    • 36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 14 for slaying the necromancer in Mawia (or lying about it if you're Telvanni - yes, that's a new option).
    • 36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 11 for bringing food and drink to the hermit. You also get two potions of water walking and some boat fare for accepting the quest.
    • 36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 21 for returning the Hair Shirt of St. Aralor.
    • 36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 16 for returning the Cleaver of St. Felms.
    • 36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 22; 36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 23; 36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 24; 36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 29 for returning the Crosier of St. Lothis. Since Endryn Llethan gives your four skillbooks for the Sanctus Shrine Pilgrimage, I figured giving the same for going all the way to Dagoth Ur to recover the Crosier of St. Lothis not out of line.
  • Brought poor Lette indoors after curing her of Swamp Fever. You'll find her hanging out near the Covenant bar.[_/su_spoiler]
Great Houses (general)
  • Made sure Telvanni stronghold can be entered before any stronghold assassination quests become available.
  • Added same faction checks to dialogue like "stronghold" and "advancement" where it didn't exist before.[_/su_spoiler]
House Telvanni
  • Reordered final quests so recruiting Eddie is the last chore you do before becoming Master/Magister.
  • Becoming Master/Magister now requires starting the third stage of your stronghold.
  • Added some dialogue to Eddie so you can interview him a bit more in Balmora.
  • Eddie has more dialogue you can ask him before deciding to make him your Mouth.
  • Aryon has more to say about Gothren which you can ask him while thinking about/becoming Magister.
  • Black Jinx quest now has more options for Morag Tong players if they haven't become Grandmaster yet.
  • Ring of Equity now has non-kill/steal option. You can give Eddie two quality Chameleon potions instead. This may actually be more the difficult option, since the potions are few and scattered.
  • Reduced Ring of Equity timer to three days because Eddie is only sneaking into Tel Naga. It's right there.[_/su_spoiler]
Morag Tong
  • Non-hostile NPCs that had no indication that they carried Sanguine items now either have small quests or challenges. Mehrunes Razor is required as a "Sanguine indicator" – that is, these NPCs won't reveal they have Sanguine items unless you're carrying the Razor, because most of them are Dark Brotherhood/Mehrunes Dagon worshipers.
  • One of these NPCs is involved in an LGNPC quest, so I've disabled this option in favor of LGNPC if (and only if) their quest is started.
  • (NOT DONE YET) Quests need to be unchained, checked for difficulty (use rank for this), and given the option to turn down writs after hearing the details.
  • (NOT DONE YET) Work on dialogue from Great House leaders about your role in the Morag Tong and carrying out writs for House Wars.[_/su_spoiler]
Fighters Guild
  • Telvanni Agents quest has more dialogue if you're Telvanni, and an alternate quest option if you inform the Telvanni Council about their agents being found out by the Fighters Guild.
  • The Necromancer in Vas has, not so much another option for Telvanni players, but a more amusing outcome.
  • Engaer's Bounty is one of the few quests you can turn down due to conflict of interest rather than trying to play both sides. I did it this way because Hrundi is too close to Sadrith Mora to be fooled if you let this bounty go if you're Telvanni. Better to turn it down, then at least he slowly comes to respect your honesty. It'll take about a week for him to come around. In the meantime you can still pick up the bounty, warn Engaer, or keep your nose out of it and let someone else take him out. Although, if you're Telvanni, I added a super secret way to murder him and get away with it.
  • If you anger Hrundi by letting Sondaale get killed, when he says he has no more quests for you, he means it. For good. You get second chances if you screw up earlier (easier) escorts, but not this one.
  • Added slightly better directions to Elith-Pal mine.
  • Percius gives you money to pay Desele's debt if you ask him about it before collecting, rather than just telling you to pay it yourself. He'll use it as a way to get the dirt in Eydis.
  • Talking to Percius about the tax girl will let you refuse the quest in such a way that it'll get checked as complete in your journal. You still won't be able to get Lorbumol's last quest, but if you don't want to do this one, you won't want to do the next one anyway.
  • (NOT DONE YET) Add more options to the Code Book quest and address rivalry with the Thieves Guild.[_/su_spoiler]
Mages Guild
These changes mainly focus on making the guild and their faction the Telvanni more like an actual rivalry, especially if the player joins both factions, and focuses on guild members who actively hate the Telvanni.

  • Recruit or Kill Llarar Bereloth has more quest options if you're Telvanni.
  • Telvanni Spy quest can play out a bit differently if you're Telvanni:
    • You can't get this quest if you're too high-ranking in the Telvanni by the time you talk to Ranis Athrys. Instead, she'll attack you.
    • If you got the quest and didn't finish it before becoming Archmagister, it plays out a bit differently, and assumes you're out to find the spy to help discredit Ranis.
    • If you're Telvanni, people will be unhelpful, and perhaps even suspicious. Trebonius remains relatively oblivious.
    • If you're Archmagister, most people won't talk to you about this, and Trebonius assumes you're threatening him.
    • Tiram Gadar will give you a reward for turning in Ranis if you're Telvanni. Trebonius will do it if you're not Telvanni. The reward is an enchanted daedric dagger, much like the one she would give you, but instead of having soultrap it has an absorb health effect.
    • Made sure Tiram Gadar's behavior integrates with RoHT.
  • Trebonius' dialogue "House Telvanni" plays out a lot differently if you're Telvanni depending on your status in both factions.
  • Altered the Kill All Telvanni Councilors quest if you're Telvanni. You still have to option to take the quest, but threatening him will make him challenge you to a duel and bump you into taking his place as Arch-Mage. Only available if you've become Archmagister of the Telvanni.
  • Added alternate dialogue to Ranis Athrys if the player is Telvanni. She'll give you a harder time than anyone else, but won't totally oppose you – she wants to convert "your kind" to the guild after all.
  • Ranis Athrys won't talk to you after you become Archmagister of the Telvanni, and she'll attack you if you become both Archmagister and Arch-Mage.
  • Joining the Mages Guild after becoming Archmagister of the Telvanni will give you the starting rank of Evoker. Ranis won't let you join or give you duties. Trebonius will assume your joking if you ask him to join as Archmagister, but he won't refuse you quests afterwards.
  • You have to kill Trebonius to become Arch-Mage if you're Telvanni.
  • Ajira's quest gives slightly better rewards. The last quest even gives you rare potions instead of fire/frost/lightening shield, and a journeyman's mortar and pestle.
  • You can now talk Sirilonwe into giving you Chimarvamidium, and buy it from her later if your disposition is really high.
  • Edwinna's dialogue makes a check to see if you haven't stolen Chimarvamidium, yet somehow acquired a copy through random loot tables or mods.
  • (NOT DONE YET) Escorts Itimerel and Tenyeminwe need to have more to say.
  • (NOT DONE YET) Check Tashpi Abaal's house for her disappearance.[_/su_spoiler]
Imperial Cult
  • Odral Helvi will no longer sell out Cunius Pelelius like other NPCs in the Governor's Hall.
  • Slaves in Caldera Mine slave shacks will now talk if freed, just as the ones in the mine do.
  • You can threaten Cunius Pelelius with both the slave's testimony or the secret ledger if you've found both.
  • Kaye will recognize if you're a High Elf while talking about Caryarel.[_/su_spoiler]
Seyda Neen
Adds door to empty version of Vodunius' house if player gives him money to leave. I made a new version instead of just having him give you a key to his place because it didn't make sense to have him leave stuff like his silverware behind (he could have sold that for boat fare), and a clean cell has no ownership on the containers. I left a couple ingredients in the containers and the pos crate – a couple minor freebies for a starting character. If you want to steal his stuff, do it before he leaves.[_/su_spoiler]
  • Added a jerk option to the "Invisible Son" quest. Refuse the pay the debt, then cause family strife for fun.
  • Added more options to the "Liberate the Limeware" quest. You now have the opportunity to extort Bolrin or get him fired (even easier to do if you're made Factor). Note: firing him will make his shady "Client List" quest unavailable of course, because he will disappear.
  • Added the option to give Tarer Braryn Trebonius' cure even after you've informed him that Trebonius is dead. Formerly this permanently ended the quest and there was no way to cure him afterwards, even if you found the potion. Now recovering the potion will allow you to turn it in, but you'll only get the promised 50 gold reward because you didn't impress Tarer in the process. You still can't start the quest if Trebonius is dead however.[_/su_spoiler]
Tel Branora

Added more options for the Trerayna Bounty quest if the player is a Telvanni Master or higher.[_/su_spoiler]

  • Added disposition rewards where they were sorely lacking, making fewer NPCs complete ingrates.
  • Adds dialogue filters and new responses for certain topics that were prone to being very awkward if you weren't in the faction they were designed for, such as asking about your stronghold with a totally different Great House.
  • I considered moving the giant bull netch to Big-Mouth's island where it's supposed to be, but then I realized the giant bull netch not being where it is supposed to be is part of Sheogorath screwing with you, so I deleted that change and left it as is.
  • This mod also adds some silly dialogue as little easter eggs, because I just can't help myself.[_/su_spoiler]