Quests: Tel Uvirith Prison

Requirements:Tel Uvirith Vault

After building the Vault, you’ll find your new prison guards are already busy. Speak with Captain Trenam Faren, then look at the prison log book. It lists all current prisoners – there are two to start. Asking Trenam Faren about them with start their quests.

♦ Felinglith

Felinglith is a petty thief who was shipped to your prison from Sadrith Mora. She’s doomed to fight in the Vivec Arena unless you intercede.

Deciding Felinglith’s Fate
You can choose to judge her case or ship her off to the Arena. If you choose to judge her case, a trial will be arranged, which will take place later in the Throne Room.

You’ll have to wait about a week for the trial to be arranged. Once all is ready, the accused, the plaintiffs, and an arbiter will be waiting in the upper tower throne room. Speak to the arbiter Amala Emynal to start the trial. She’ll assist you throughout the proceedings. After you question each party, speak with her to move onto the next stage. After you’ve heard each case, you’ll be asked to judge Felinglith. You also have the opportunity to judge all other parties in the case. Ah Telvanni justice, where those in power can punish anyone who annoys them slightly.

Felinglith’s Choices
You can send Felinglith to the Arena, let her go, pay the original fine, or sentence her to live in your dungeon. If you choose trial by combat, talk to Trenam Faren about shipping her off and a few days later you can watch the fight in the Vivec Arena. She’ll be forced to fight a gigantic mudcrab, which happens to be old and lame. If you choose to send her to the dungeon, she’ll live in the guardhouse outside the vault. You can set her free at any time.[_/su_spoiler]

♦ Unadius Valodius

This drunk was found outside your tower beating on one of the tower centurions. Trenam Faren mentions Unadius has been cooling off in the cell for several days, and yet he’s still not sober. His chronic ale-ment (har har) has left everyone puzzled.

Unadius’ Problem
Through his drunken slurs you’ll make out the name Gorven Menas. Isn’t that one of the tower retainers? Head over to Gorven’s house outside the tower and she’ll admit she put a curse on him. You can either demand a cure, or tell her to deal with the problem herself.

Cure Ingredients
You need one portion of ripened belladonna. It can only be found in Solstheim.[_/su_spoiler]
Give Him the Cure
If you have the belladonna, she’ll make a potion for Unadius. You then have to convince him to drink it. He’ll take it if he thinks it booze. After he’s cured, he won’t remember happened, and the guards will escort him out of the tower.[_/su_spoiler]
Don’t Give Him the Cure
If you tell Gorven to “deal with him” the guards will find Unadius dead in his cell one morning. You can confront her about this and even penalize her for it.[_/su_spoiler]

♦ Marilla/Marinas

The requirements for prisoner M showing up is spoilered. A male PC will encounter Marilla, whereas a female PC will encounter Marinas. This Breton was caught lying naked in your bed. The guards weren’t sure if this was a blatant attempt at assassination, so they’ve thrown M in a cell.

M’s Secret
M claims to be a “gift” from “a friend”. If you want to get to the bottom of this, you’ll have to talk to him/her. You’ll have to escort M out of the cell and take her/him to the Guardhouse outside of the Vault to get more answers.

She/he claims to be a member of the Blades, and Blades status is one condition for the player ever encountering this NPC. Felinglith’s quest also has to be done first.

M’s responses will vary depending on how far in the main quest you are. I won’t bother to outline them all, but it comes down to proving yourself to the Blades due to concerns about how far you’ve risen in the Telvanni ranks. Your response to this challenge will determine how M reacts.

The Missing Prisoner

Requirements: Visit the Vault Treasury

Trenam Faren informs you that a prisoner has escaped, but he doesn’t seem concerned, thinking a prisoner smart enough to escape is smart enough not to stick around.

But he would be wrong…
The second time you visit your Treasury, you’ll notice the silver’s been stolen. If you investigate the Treasury further, you’ll find Ralemos dressed as a guard. He’ll panic and attack, then escape again. However, this time he drops a clue.

Ralemos’ Secret
Read through the book and take it to Trenam Faren. This will reveal that there’s a hidden passage in the cell where he was kept. Investigate the cell: first one on the left. Shoving the bedroll will reveal a trap door, but it’s locked.

Inform Trenam Faren about the trap door, and he’ll put a guard on it and keep an eye out for the key. The book also mentions a wizard involved in these dungeon invasions, so you want to be prepared. Trenam Faren suggests you look for a better way to clear out the passage underneath and guard it. He suggests some kind of permanent conjuration.[_/su_spoiler]

A Good Conjurer is Hard to Find
Find some the best conjurers you know and ask them about “permanent conjuration.” Unfortunately, some of the best conjurers around happen to be dead ones. You can be pretty sure Gothren’s ghost won’t be willing to help you, but do you know of any other great dead conjurers around?[_/su_spoiler]
One Might be Under Your Nose
This requires you to first complete part of the Uvirith’s Tomb Quest. If you’ve satisfied Baladas, he’ll tell you about the book he’s written on the subject, Studies in Daedric Summoning. The book can be found in the claws of a skeleton lying on the floor in the small room behind the main tomb.

The book mentions a way to alter the Ogrim page from the Books of Daedric Summoning. You need to find this page, then read Baladas’ book again once you have it.[_/su_spoiler]

Finding the Missing Page
If you ask some of the more experienced wizards around, they’ll direct you to Sorkvild the Raven.

Wander over to Dagon Fel and confront Sorkvild in his tower outside town. You can kill him for the page, or talk to him if you have a calm spell handy. He’ll be happy to give it to you if you tell him what you want it for. The idea of setting an angry Ogrim loose on people amuses him.[_/su_spoiler]

Getting the Key
Return to Trenam Faren with the altered page you get by reading Studies in Daedric Summoning with the Ogrim page in hand. This time he’ll have a lead on the trapdoor key. Unfortunately, Llruvii the Hoarder has it and refuses to part with it. Trenam Faren gives you a shiny key to trick her with. After you trade keys with her, open the trapdoor and head into the caverns below.[_/su_spoiler]
Raiding the Cavern
You’ll have to fight a few pickaxe-wielding bandits when you first enter. Next is Ralemos and his wizard friend. Summon the Ogrim by equipping the page in your inventory and the little bugger will tear after your enemies. Kill Ralemos and follow the Ogrim up to the wizards den. The wizard Arnamir will beg for mercy after you beat him down. You can kill him or capture him, the latter of which will teleport you both into the high security prison. The little Ogrim will happily patrol the tunnels from now on, so long as he wasn’t killed in battle.[_/su_spoiler]
Finding the Silver
Most of the stolen silver can be found in a chest on the wooden platforms in the Shushan deep tunnels. The rest will eventually be recovered by the guards. You can give the stuff you find to Trenam Faren, and he’ll send someone to put it back on display.[_/su_spoiler]
Bonus Hidden Passage
There’s a hole in upper Shushan that leads into the dungeon deep tunnels, above the “Crispy Fried Adventurer.” This must be how those pesky rats and thieves keep getting in.[_/su_spoiler]

♦ Arnamir’s Secret

Requirements: The Missing Prisoner - Arnamir Imprisoned

Once your new pet wizard is safely contained in the high security prison, you can try to extract information out of him. The high security prison requires another key, found in the strongbox on Trenam Faren’s desk. The regular prison key will open the strongbox, which Trenam Faren would have given you the first time you talked to him.

Dealing With Arnamir
Arnamir will refuse to talk at first, so you’ll need to soften him up. There’s a nice way and a nasty way. You can raise his disposition with moon sugar and porn, or you can ask Trenam Faren for torture tips. Arnamir also has tons of stupid dialogue, including different reactions to companions if you have them in tow.

Tormenting Arnamir
Trenam Faren will suggest sticking his patented torment helm on Arnamir for a few days. The helmet blinds its victim and fills their head with ghost noises. Arnamir won’t be impressed at first, but leave it on long enough, and it’ll get to him. You’ll need to check him once a day until he’s ready to crack.[_/su_spoiler]
Once He’s Ready to Crack
Arnamir, in his infinite arrogance, will boast about being the greatest enchanter alive. Ask him about his “background” and the “greatest enchanter” topic will show up. He’ll be eager to prove it by revealing his secret for weather control. He’ll only give you the enchantment once you give him a quill and a piece of paper. Read his mad scribblings, then take it to another wizard more experienced than yourself to analyze.[_/su_spoiler]

After getting him to talk you can do whatever you want with him. If you decide to set him free, he’ll teleport out the moment you leave the high security prison. This will have different outcomes depending on how far you are into other quests when it is done.

Possible Outcomes

After you set him free he may appear in Uvirith’s Tomb. If you do this while Lord Uvirith is still around, he’ll be killed. Otherwise he’ll end up trapped in the tomb, and beg you to show him the way out. If you do so, he may appear again elsewhere.

Setting him free at any point after rescuing Verena, if you then decide to get rid of her Arnamir will come sweep her off her feet. They’ll wait around to confront you in the drawing room (near the harpsichord) and Verena will insist on “having a little talk” before running off with him.

If Arnamir makes it away from your tower safely, he’ll eventually send you a copy of his memoirs, to gloat of course. The memoirs will have a different ending depending on whether or not he ran off with Verena.[_/su_spoiler]

♦ Weather Control Device

Using Arnamir’s knowledge, you can build a device to control the weather for the region around your tower. The device will end up in your upper tower lab alongside all the other magical devices you’ve acquired.

Building the Device
Taking the parchment to either Master Aryon or Divayth Fyr will allow you to translate Arnamir’s Mad Scribblings and come up with a proper enchantment. Either of them reveal how Arnamir has written the enchantment so it’ll cause an explosion big enough to level the whole tower. He probably hoped it would give him the chance to escape and kill you. Listed on the scroll are several items you’ll need to build the device and perform the enchantment.

Finding a Scrying Crystal
The simple crystal balls already lying around your tower won’t do for this job. Talk to Eddie, and he’ll ask for 500 gold and a week to find one. Once he’s returned, the crystal will be placed in the upper tower lab. Once you have the crystal, you’ll need several items to enchant it.[_/su_spoiler]
Enchanting Ingredients
You need several items to enchant the Scrying Crystal, all listed on the scroll:

  • A diamond and opal

Fire salts, 

frost salts, void salts, and ash salts – one of each

Pure pain water in a silver flask
  • A silver bowl

A silver dagger imbued with Lightning
  • A Golden Saint soulgem
Where to Find the Odd Stuff
Ask Arnamir about the dagger, and he’ll tell you he had one confiscated by the guards. You can ask Trenam Faren for it.

Getting a flask of rain is the perfect opportunity to send your apprentice on a chore. Ask him about the “Flask of Rain” and give him an ordinary silver pitcher to hold it in. In a couple days he’ll return, soaking wet, with a rain-filled silver pitcher in hand.[_/su_spoiler]

Once all the ingredients and the scroll are in hand, activate the Scrying Crystal to enchant it. You now have a device that can control the weather for the entire region around the tower.

Intruder in the Dungeon

Requires: Ressurecting Verena (Uvirith’s Tomb Quest)

You may be randomly attacked at any time in the dungeon, but this one will seem a little more personal.

Connecting the Dots
If you looted that note off Asidi’s corpse before giving her to Lord Uvirith, a new intruder will spawn in the dungeon at a later date. Looting this corpse will give you another note revealing a plot against you.

Take both notes to Trenam Faren and tell him about the “intruder in the dungeon.” He’ll attempt to decipher them, which will only reveal the name Javan Tserris. Trenam Faren suggests you hire the Morag Tong to find him. You can try to track down and confron Javan Tserris yourself, but you’ll find no clues. Trenam Faren’s guesses about Asidi might prove misleading.

Hiring the Morag Tong
The Morag Tong will be far more helpful. You can order a contract on Javan Tserris by talking to any member of the Morag Tong. They’ll demand 100 gold deposit, and more to be negotiated once they’ve researched their target and calculated costs. If you’re a member of the Morag Tong, this fee is waived. In a few days, an agent will arrive at your tower discreetly, in plain sight, by presenting himself as a common petitioner.

Hem-jesha-lo will present himself in the throne room, where you can order the contract to be carried out. For 200 gold he’ll offer up some information about the target. You can skip this and go straight to the contract if you prefer. The cost of the writ and the execution is 1000 gold. If you agree, in a few days a simple ring will be placed on your throne as a sign of the job’s completion.

If you’re a member of the Morag-Tong, you have more options. The cost of the writ and the information is 500 gold. You can pay this, accept the writ yourself, and carry out the execution. If you choose to have another agent carry it out execution, the cost is 750 gold. You get a guild discount.

Either way, as a member of the Morag Tong, the guild is willing to offer more information about the target than if you’re not. If you’re not a member, you may want to pay the extra 200 gold for the little information you can get, just so you know who’s after you.[_/su_spoiler]

Who is Javan Tserris?
It turns out he’s related to Banden Indarys, and his motives are pure revenge. He apparently acted on his own, not on the orders of the Redoran Council, who are reluctant to start an all out war with the Telvanni. If you find Javan and confront him about sending Asidi and Anasmi, you can enrage him enough to attack.[_/su_spoiler]

Trenam Faren’s Missing Sword

Talking to Trenam Faren in his room will reveal he lost a prize sword on his trip from Port Telvannis. It’s possible to find it and give it back to him. This quest is so inessential it won’t even show up in your journal until you’ve completed it, but it’s listed here for completeness’ sake.

You might find it swimming in the ocean northeast of Tel Mora. It is seriously hard to find.

You can get closest to it by typing COE 13,21 in the console and swimming back towards Tel Mora. It’s in a giant fish.[_/su_spoiler]