Your faithful accountant Almossaren keeps track of tower expenses and shipments.

The tower cook Salmeama prepares four NoM compatible meals a day. Her dinners are particularly lavish affairs.

Meiree keeps your tower clean from top to bottom. She’ll also change your bed covers on request.

If you want to abolish slavery in your tower, start by setting Amsemasa free.

Ra’Sha begins locked away in the slave pens. She’ll either come to honor or despise you, depending on your actions.

You’ll only find the slave T’pring in your tower if you have LGNPC Tel Uvirith loaded.

Your librarian Netheles Berom will shelve all your books for you, and complain that they’re terrible.

Trenam Faren, wisdom wellspring or bizarre creep (depending on how you roll), is your captain of the guard, prison warden, and master of pain.

Drill Sergeant Merana Relas can repair your armor, give you training demonstrations, or just leave you to it.

Mess officer Durza gra-Grathmok serves up liquid courage and essential beatings to improve moral.

Most guards spend their down-time relaxing in the mess hall, if Durza’s not yelling and chasing them out of there.

Llruvii guards her pretty shiny things in the dungeon deep tunnels.

I’ve added a few standard services to the tower, retainers who provide special services, and some who offer quests. But first, let’s get to your most important retainer:

“Fast” Eddie Theman

I’ve added several chores and involved him in many new quests. After he’s completed the two original chores, he’ll inform you about new magical items that can be created or found. You can choose to start these quests right away or save them for later, and they can be done in any order. Eddie will aid you by running errands and finding specific items for you. Note: he can only do one chore at a time.

It’s Eddie’s job to inform you about council matters, so he’ll occasionally have new information to offer that will begin other quests. He’ll also set you up with a new apprentice, and even offer to help get rid of your troublesome mistress should you so desire.

Eddie’s wardrobe upgrades as he gains prominence in the council. He has two robe changes: one when he first moves into the council house, and the second when you become Archmagister. Eddie’s position will also change after you become Archmagister, moving to center stage in the council chamber. You can also give Eddie one of the new Telvanni Servitor Robes. Don’t worry if he changes out of it, due to script or what-have-you, you can guilt him to put it back on again, the ingrate.

Tower Staff

The original Tel Uvirith retainers found outside the main tower have not been altered much by Uvirith’s Legacy. I left them alone to ensure LGNPC compatibility. I did add a daily restocking ingredient chest to Gorven Menas so she actually sells ingredients. I’ve also added dialogue and involved some of them in quests.

As of Uvirith’s Legacy 3, your retainers keep the gold you give them as rewards. Salmeama and Meiree will upgrade their wardrobes up to three times. Almossaren will upgrade his wardrobe once.


Your tower cook offers four NoM-compatible meals a day, and different selections at each meal time. You can also ask her to select one for you randomly. She only gives one meal per meal time, then you have to wait for the next hour block before she’ll cook again.

Meal Schedule and Number of Choices
  • Breakfast at 6am – 11am (Choose one meal out of four offerings)
  • Lunch at 12pm – 5pm (Choose one meal of four offerings, plus you can ask for bread)
  • Dinner at 6pm – 11pm (Five courses have four choices each, for a total of 20 options)
  • A snack at 12am – 5am (Choose one of four snacks)

The food is compatible with Necessities of Morrowind, but I altered the first alchemical property because almost all NoM food had detrimental effects. I didn’t want the cook serving you poison. Each food type has a small beneficial effect. This doesn’t necessarily reflect the ingredients used, as I wanted a specific set of combinations. If you’re using Necessities of Morrowind, make sure the file loads after Uvirith’s Legacy so any changes I made are set back to NoM standards.


Hire him to take care of tower shipments. Asking him about “recent shipments” will offer new quests to expand your trade network and bring in new supplies. You’ll have to pay him a weekly fee to maintain these shipments. As of Uvirith’s Legacy 3, you can leave funds with him in the storage strong-box, and he’ll pay the shipping fees automatically.

Almossaren is in charge of supplying the tower staff and residents. Go to him to pay your servants and arrange amenities for companions (make sure to bring Sara to meet him). He’s also in charge of the tower slaves, so speak to him about making your tower slave free, if you’re so inclined.


She can be found sweeping your tower in the daytime, and in the servant’s quarters at night. If you change her into a vampire using Vampire Embrace, she’ll start to do strange things. As of Uvirith’s Legacy 3, you can ask her to change the bed covers in the master bedroom.

The CoM add-on will convert her into a teenager.

Amsemasa and Other Slaves

Amsemasa is the household slave in the kitchen. If you decide to set her free, it will make a quest available to abolish slavery in your tower (which will halt random slave spawns in the dungeon). A slave key is found near the slave pens in the dungeon deep tunnels. If you’re not role-playing that way, you can pretend she does your laundry every morning.

Among the slaves penned in the deep tunnels is one called Ra’Sha, who may decide to stay on if you abolish slavery in the tower (unless you’ve already set her free). She also has a small quest involving skooma use among the slaves. If you feed skooma to any of them, she will not stay if you set them all free, unless you abolish skooma or refuse them enough to compensate. Abolishing slavery will automatically set all these slaves free (and add them to your freed slave counter). If you find a fleeing slave in your dungeon before you complete the abolition quest, casting calm on them will make the “go free” topic available.

You can also capture fleeing slaves if you have a slave bracer in your inventory. They can be found in a crate near the slave pens. All slaves have follow scripting so you can position them around the tower like so many game pieces. You can even feed them skooma and turn them all into addicts (total bastard option).

Vault and Dungeon Staff

Trenam Faren

Your prison warden has a few quests available regarding the prisoners. He also has some sage advice when it comes to defending your tower and protecting yourself (and also regarding domestic affairs). As of Uvirith’s Legacy 3, Trenam Faren has some small personal quests, more dialogue, a unique face, and is equipped with a new weapon and servitor robe.

The Missing Prisoner quest from Uvirith Inside has had a major overhaul. I made it into a long comical quest line. I also rebalanced a the NPCs involved, and altered the quest rewards.

The other Vault Prisoners have quests as well, which Trenam Faren can tell you more about. Some prisoners will appear in the prison as they’re captured. Some quests are short, others more involved. Originally scenery in Uvirith Inside, I’ve given each a reason to be there, and a resolution to their incarceration.

Netheles Berom

The librarian will automatically remove books from your inventory, make copies for the shelves, and place the originals in containers. Ask him to “organize books” to sort them for you. He’s also involved in a couple quests and has strong opinions on literature.

Merana Relas

Merana is the guard trainer, found in the training room in the prison barracks. She offers training and repair services. If you ask her for a demonstration, she’ll beat on the practice dummy for a while. If you want to practice alone (especially if you’re training Gavyn here) you can ask her to leave and she’ll wander off to the mess hall for a drink.

Durza gra-Grathmok

Durza runs the bar in the barracks mess hall, and also likes to beat in heads when the boys get too rowdy. She has a decent selection of drinks for sale. If you ask the resting guards in the barracks about her, they may have something interesting to reveal about her character. These revelations are random, and only one will get her personality to really open up. You can also get her to reveal more about her nightly drunken misadventures if you tip her big.

Prison Guards open or close the portcullis for you on demand, and lock or unlock the prison cells.

Llruvii the Hoarder

Llruvii is a fairly tame winged twilight who likes shiny things. She’ll buy any junk you have on hand, as well as weapons and armor. She also buys and sells lights, because fire is pretty, and stocks random soul gems. Llruvii also has minor quest involvement. Be careful not to touch anything on Llruvii’s hoard because she’ll attack. There is an exception (see walkthrough section).

If you’re against creature merchants as a gameplay rule, there’s info about altering her in the modding section.

Craough and Azrohaelu The two creature guardians of the deep tunnels are found during the N’tashra quest-line. Craough is a lore master, and has unique information about daedra.

Tower Schedules

All Tel Uvirith’s servants and retainers have schedules. They can be found working around the tower in the day, and retire to their bedrooms at night. If you change any NPCs into vampires using Vampire Embrace, their schedules will flip to night.

List of NPC Schedules

Meiree putters around the tower with a broom in the daytime, and returns to her quarters at night.

  • You cannot turn the sweeper version into a vampire. This version will be disabled if you turn the standard Meiree into a vampire.
  • If you change Meiree into a vampire, her behavior will change significantly. She will start wandering around the tower at night, and be found in the some of the strangest places.
  • If you tell Meiree to “keep out of the way” she’ll return to her room and not come out until aked. This works for both the sweeper version or if she’s wandering around as a vampire.
  • Both versions will change your bed, but if you ask night Meiree, she may be a little grumpy about it.

Almossaren takes one of the beds in the lower tower. This NPC does not actually move, because it would break his part in the shipment scripting.

  • A new version appears in the lower tower at night, and the original disappears for a while.
  • You cannot advance shipment quests with the sleeping version of Almossaren (because of the special scripting in the storage room), but other quests are still available.
  • The bed version of Almossaren cannot be turned into a vampire. You must turn the original version into a vampire, and the other will be disabled.
  • If Almossaren is changed into a vampire, he will become completely unavailable during the daytime (he goes and finds a hiding place sleep in).

Vault NPCs

Trenam Faren, and the two service NPCs in the barracks, go to their rooms during the night. The two service NPCs will not offer their services at this time, but they will return to their positions at 6am every morning to resume work. You can advance quests with Trenam Faren during this time.

Relief guards hang out in the barracks at different times of day. Changing guards into vampires will not alter their schedules, since they all work shifts around the clock.

Netheles Berom, the librarian, has a sporadic sleep schedule. In fact, he barely sleeps at all. You may find him randomly meditating in his chambers for one hour per day.

Disabling Schedules

You have the option to turn schedules off for one night (or day, for vampires) for certain NPCs. Near the lower tower entrance, and inside the vault entrance, is a bell-pull. Pulling on this rope, named “Please ring for service!” will put essential NPCs on alert. If they’re already in bed, they’ll return to their posts. This will reset between 6 and 7pm; they will resume their sleep schedules again only at this time. Using the bell to wake the staff will result in an increase in pay for that week. Almossaren will charge and additional 500 gold on top of the regular cost for shipments, as a bonus for sleep-deprived tower staff.

You have the option to wake the following NPCs
  • Almossaren (because he only offers shipments quests in the storage room)
  • Trenam Faren (because he only informs you about quests in his greetings when he’s not trying to sleep – he will discuss one essential quest in any case because it’s urgent)
  • Merana Relas (the guard in the barracks who offers repair services and training)
  • Durza-gra-Grathmok (the NPC who sells drinks in the barracks)
  • The other NPCs don’t have service refusals during the night, so their schedules remain the same.

Disabling Schedules Completely

You also have the option to completely disable schedules for the NPCs listed above. Toggle sneak and pull the bell, and it will bring up a menu; you may choose to turn schedules off, turn them back on again, or cancel your selection. If you turn schedules off using this menu, they’ll remain off until you bring up the menu again to turn them back on. Turning schedules back on will completely reset their schedules. Removing schedules this way will not incur a payment penalty.

Other NPCs

Master Llapp

This NPC will train you in the art of inscription. Gavyn, as Master Llapp’s former apprentice, will show you how to reach him.

Other changes from Uvirith Inside
  • Master Llapp now accepts any soul gems of the right type, not just summoned ones. These must be the souls of orginal Morrowind creatures however.
  • The “special quill” has been moved so it’s no longer reliant the N’tashra quest. Master Llapp’s dialogue has also been changed to reflect this.
  • Master Llapp has been rebalanced. He’s not so powerful now, but I’ve added a nasty surprise should you attack him.

Archmagister Gothren

Once you become Magister, he’ll recognize you as a threat to his position and attack after you’ve finished speaking with him. This removes the annoying need to taunt him. The Archmagister Robe is also added to his inventory, and a script simulates the robe’s shields while he’s in combat. I also used this script to give him the equivalent of the wormburned ability from the Atronach birthsign. Between the two, he’ll be a much tougher fight.

I’ve also added a key to his inventory, which you’ll need to find his seal of office. If you’ve already killed Gothren and become Archmagister, there’s an alternate way to get it: speak to his disgruntled apprentice, who’ll appear in the Tel Aruhn upper tower after Eddie informs you about him.