MWSE Functionality

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(Updated for Uvirith’s Legacy 3.2)

Files: UL_MWSE_Add-on.esp, UL_MWSE_Companions.esp, UL_MWSE_Primus.esp

Requires: The latest stable build of MWSE, MGE, or MGE XE

These mods use MWSE to improve functionality of a few things in Uvirith’s Legacy. The regular MWSE add-on improves scripted items, the companion add-on extends companion teleportation options, and the Primus add-on adds teleportation to Primus Pilus. You don’t have to use all three.

If you’re using Melian’s Teleport Mod, I recommend you do not use UL_MWSE_Companions or UL_MWSE_Primus. Use MTM instead.

Main Add-on

File: UL_MWSE_Add-on.esp

Alchemy Table

The Alchemy Table will accept all ingredients in the player’s inventory, mod-added or otherwise. As of version 3.2, the table will also accept alchemy apparatus.

Bag of Holding

If you need to reset the bag after a game reload, you can now do so in interior cells. In fact, it’s recommended. The whole process is faster and smoother, making your Bag of Holding a more reliable inventory helper.

Nifty Magical Rock Dingus

The Nifty Magical Dingus (the wand to turn NPCs into rocks) is converted into a spell, rather than the clunky old dialogue system.

Equip your new “Nifty Magical Dingus” (then exit inventory once) and you’ll get a new spell (so long as the wand is equipped) called “You are now a Rock!” Cast it on an NPC, and if they’re not a rock, they’ll turn into one; if the NPC is already a rock, they’ll change back.

Warning: Loading this add-on with a previous save requires save-cleaning with Enchanted Editor if you’ve ever visited the Tel Uvirith Secret Lab, otherwise you may get CTDs.

How to clean your save with Enchanted Editor:
  1. Grab your stuff from the lab, out of the Bag of Holding, and out of your Alchemy Table.
  2. Leave the Bag of Holding behind in the lab. You want to erase it along with the other references.
  3. After all your stuff is moved, save your game somewhere outside the lab.
  4. Load your save-game in Enchanted Editor.
  5. Go to the Cells list, and check “Tel Uvirith, Tower Upper”.
  6. Hit X on the toolbar to delete this cell.
  7. Go to the file menu and select “save as”. It will automatically add a 1 to the end, so it won’t save over your original.
  8. Load the MWSE patch with the new save.
  9. You can now move back into the lab and carry on.

MWSE Companions

Warning: Both UL_MWSE_Companions.esp and UL_MWSE_Primus.esp are unstable betas. Use at your own risk.

These add-ons let you call companions to you from any interior cell. They will also follow you whether you cast recall, intervention, use scripted teleportation, or even COC. If you don’t want them to follow, tell them to wait or go back to their meeting place. Exceptions are places with teleportation bans. End-game cells are also checked for, where companion teleportation is temporarily disabled.

This mod also removes the limitation on calling Sara and Gavyn back from their meeting place, so long as you change cells first (they would go missing if you called them back instantly). Ash-Kosh’s limitation is still in place, due to more complicated scripting.

Loading this mod with saved non-MWSE versions of the companions:
  1. Before loading this mod, send all your companions back to their respective meeting places.
  2. Open the console and type “sv”. Make sure none of their FollowPortS scripts are running. If they are, use the “StopScript script-name” command.
  3. Save your game, exit, and load the add-on.


CdCooley’s Improved Teleportation: do not add UL companions to the teleportation list if using this add-on.

Note to Modders: the cdc_teleportation variable must be set to a negative number to disable teleportation in both CDC Improved Teleportation and Melian’s Teleport Mod, because the normal script function DisableTeleportation will not work if these mods are running. I have used the same global variable to disable teleportation in certain cells in UL. I’ve also used the Mel_tpp_NoTeleport spell to disable MTM’s teleportation for UL companions – only if this add-on is loaded.

Credits, Thanks and Usage

  • Thanks, Melian, for helping me write these scripts.
  • Thanks, Yacoby, for his MWSE tutorial. It may not be complete, but it was enough to get me started.
  • You may alter and modify these scripts however you wish.