New Years 2018 & Temporary Hosting

Great House Fliggerty has been a mess for a while and the attempted server migration late last year has broken all download links on the site. While I’m still sorting things out, I’ve put up temporary Dropbox links to all my mods, which you can find on the Downloads Page.

I’ve added a few new mods, including an optimization for Animated Containers (requires assets from the original mod), a new customizable signpost mod, and a rather ridiculous one called Kwama Eggs Enhanced. I’ve also nearly finished an update for Mesh Improvement Optimized and made it available for download.

Updates to Quest Tweaks and Alternatives and ST Alchemy are forthcoming, once I have time to test and polish them, and I also have a couple small new mods in the works, one an improvement on glass weapons and another for orcish armor (both vanilla style).

Uvirith’s Legacy 4.0 is still a ways off, since once it’s ready it’ll have to go through an extensive period of beta testing before it’s ready for wider release. I also hope to get my hosting sorted by then.

Until then, Happy New Year! Let’s hope this one is better than the previous ones.