Children of Morrowind

File: Uvirith’s Legacy CoM Add-on.esp

Requires: Children of Morrowind

This add-on changes Apprentice Gavyn and Servant Meiree into teenagers.

Because Meiree has a CoM voice, I’ve adhered to Emma’s wishes about their usage. Meiree has a CoM “recall amulet” and will teleport away (for good) if she’s attacked. As in Children of Morrowind, you still have the ability to turn her into a vampire using Vampire Embrace. Gavyn doesn’t have a recall amulet because it interferes with his companion functionality, and he doesn’t have a real kid’s voice.

Credits, Thanks, and Usage

As per Emma’s wishes, please don’t alter this mod so you can kill kids. I know nobody could stop you, but it’s totally creepy, yo.