Where can I find a complete list of Telvanni mods?
Karpik777 is currently keeping the most up to date list. It can be found at the ES Forum Archive here.
Can I use this mod if I’m not playing as a Telvanni?
Yes, but your experience will be limited. You can speak to the characters in the tower and they will react accordingly, and there’s a quest you can do as any faction, but you won’t be able to do any other quests, and you will never see the tower fully completed.
Does this mod contain all the original Uvirith Inside content?
Yes, everything is there. However, it’s been expanded so much it’s hardly recognizable.
Is the latest version still compatible with Rise of House Telvanni and LGNPC Tel Uvirith?
Yes, Uvirith’s Legacy was designed to merge seamlessly with these mods. In fact, this sometimes causes confusion about which content comes from which mod.

For example, the telepathy crystal found in the Upper Tower, used to contact Eddie, comes from LGNPC Tel Uvirith, as does the slave in the upper tower and the new dialogue for your retainers in the homes outside Tel Uvirith. Rise of House Telvanni deals with most political Telvanni aspects, such as any interaction with Duke Dren.

Does the load order matter between these mods?
Uvirith’s Legacy currently loads last by default. Rise of House Telvanni is a master file, so there’s no issue there. Whenever LGNPC Tel Uvirith is updated, we’ll see.[_/su_spoiler]
Which version of LGNPC Tel Uvirith should I use?
Use LGNPC Tel Uvirith 2.0, not the UI version.[_/su_spoiler]
Is the RoHT add-on required?
No, it’s entirely optional. It currently has a few bugs (which I’ll fix in the next update), so if you’re having problems, you may have to do without it until Uvirith’s Legacy 3.3.[_/su_spoiler]
Is Uvirith’s Legacy compatible with Building up Uvirith’s Grave?
Artimis Fowl has made a compatible version called Building up Uvirith’s Legacy, found here.

Does Building up Uvirith’s Legacy include Uvirith’s Legacy?
No. Building up Uvirith’s Legacy is designed to be used in conjunction with Uvirith’s Legacy or any other interior Tel Uvirith expansion like Uvirith Unleashed or Uvirith Inside.[_/su_spoiler]
Will I lose anything from Building up Uvirith’s Grave by running Building up Uvirith’s Legacy and Uvirith’s Legacy?
Not much. The interiors from Building up Uvirith’s Grave have been removed from BuUL to make way for Uvirith’s Legacy. It also removed things from BuUG already present in Uvirith’s Legacy. Other features, like centurion repair, have been moved out of the tower so they remain available.

Altogether, the content in BuUL and Uvirith’s Legacy exceeds what’s available in Building up Uvirith’s Grave alone, so it’s definitely worth it. Also, BuUL is more compatible with LGNPC Tel Uvirith, and doesn't have the same issues with Fast Eddie that BuUG did.[_/su_spoiler]

Does the load order matter between Uvirith’s Legacy and Building up Uvirith’s Legacy?
No, because both are designed to stand alone.[_/su_spoiler]
How does Vampire Embrace work with Uvirith’s Legacy, and does the load order matter?
A vampire player running Vampire Embrace has to use the embrace function to turn the apprentice into a vampire. There’s also built-in dialogue and night schedules for embraced retainers. Uvirith’s Legacy is dated to load after Vampire Embrace.
When I free slaves in the tower, does it add to the freed slave counter for the Twin Lamps?
Why are the teleportation platforms so difficult to get to, and why don’t they teleport you directly to the next platform?
This was a conscious design decision because most Telvanni Masters are paranoid jerks. They place the platforms close enough to themselves for quick evacuation, but teleporting there places you as far from them as possible to hinder attempted assassination. The Telvanni Masters force you to make your way throughout the tower to meet them, all out of sheer capriciousness and whimsy. No one ever said being Telvanni was easy.
Why do the spellmaking and enchanting tomes cost money to use?
Hardcore players demand money-sinks. I’m up for better ideas if you’ve got one, but it has to be balanced.
Why does the Tel Uvirith Travel Ring cause time to pass when used outdoors, but not when used indoors, and why does it cost money to use?
It uses an invisible creature with travel service AI. The game is hardcoded to make time pass for a ship or siltstrider, but not for guild guides. Just chalk it up to unpredictable Telvanni magic. As for the cost, that money is returned so it’s technically free.
What if I don’t want schedules for the tower NPCs?
Toggle sneak on before pulling the bell-pull (located in the lower tower or vault entrances). This will bring up a settings menu to turn schedules off for essential retainers.
Why do some of the NPCs still have schedules when I turn them off?
Some NPCs schedules have no bearing on their service availability, so it’s not important to disable them. These are the tower servants and changing relief guards in the barracks. You can prevent Meiree from running around your tower by telling her to “Keep out of the way.”
If I decide to pursue the Vampire Research quest, do I have to turn into a vampire to complete it?
No, that part is optional. The quest will be completed after you do enough research to figure out vampire Gavyn’s bloodline.
Do you have any plans to make an Uvirith’s Legacy light version? That is, something with just the tower improvements and none of the quests or servants and all that other stuff?
No. This is primarily a faction mod designed to give the Archmagister more things to do around the tower. If all you’re looking for is a better interior, you can ignore the quests, alter this mod for personal use, or find a mod smaller in scope. It’s up to you.
You used to have an add-on for Ostar's book mod. What happened to it, and is it still supported?
The add-on had to be removed because Ostar’s LGNPC and Oblivion books had copyright issues with Bethsada. Modders are not allowed to release mods with resources from their other games, including other TES games. This, unfortunately, also means their books, so I can no longer support the add-on.
I just got stuck in the vault corridor, and you are a total bastard.