Beautiful Books: Grimoires

This mod adds eight unique grimoires, one for each school of magic: alteration, conjuration, destruction, illusion, mysticism, and restoration, as well as two special ones. The Dwemer grimoire is related to enchanting, and the necromancer’s grimoire has a special effect.

  • Each one has a scripted enhancement that lasts one hour.
  • The six grimoires related to the different spell schools, and the enchanting grimoire, add five points in their related skill.
  • Grimoire effects can’t be stacked. You’ll have to wait for the last effect to wear off.
  • The Necromancer’s grimoire comes with a benefit and a curse. It will summon a powerful skeleton companion with proper follow scripting. However, disappears on death just like a summon. While under the influence of the Necromancer’s grimoire, your personality will drop because you’re scaring the locals with your skeleton pal.

The six spell-school grimoires can be purchased from the bookseller in Balmora. The other two must be found.