Dibella’s Whispers

The Collected Love Poems by the Breton Bard Deandre

In Her Embrace

Flaxen hair
Tossed over bare shoulders
Supple ivory skin
Exposed in my naked eye

How I long to
Touch every inch
Feel every curve
Taste every drop
To hear every sigh
Sung through the choir

To see every breath
Smell every scent
Become every thought
I am undone

Stripped of eloquence
Lying in your embrace
No longer myself
Now a part of you
I am more.

Lush Expanse

Laid before me,
A lush expanse
Quivering under my gaze.
My senses capture every essence,
As I rise before you.
My hands glide over silken dominion
As your body rises in kind.
Joined together,
Time losing all meaning,
Souls intertwined.
I roam across your landscape,
Ascending every mountain,
Crossing every valley,
Leaving no field unturned,
As I find my way to you.

An Exquisite Song

Come to me, my love.
Lie in my arms,
An exquisite song.
I’ll caress your neck,
Pluck your strings gently,
Filling the air
With your beautiful music.
I’ll hold you close
And play you through the night.
Never stopping
Until I am undone.

Dream a Dream

Dream a dream, my sweet.
Floating upon the currents of my love.
Borne away by my tide.

Come to me, my love.
My soul your beacon.
My breath your wind.

Lay with me, my dear.
My body your bed.
My heart your blanket.

Never leave me, my love.
My caress your substance.
My love your raiment.

Beautiful Flower

My beautiful flower,
Laying before me.
Glistening with the morning dew,
Petals eager to open.
I caress your folds,
Coaxing you to untwine.
Opening up to me,
I taste of your sweet nectar.
Food of the Gods
My only sustenance.
Blossom beneath me
As we greet the rising sun.

Beneath the Stars

Lying ‘neath the stars,
Supple skin caressed by moonlight.
Beside you, hands lazily tracing patterns,
Feeling your heart rise.
I move to you,
Obeying your desire’s every command.
Your music fills my ears
As our bodies move in time.
With each breath,
You draw me deeper into you.
Skin ripples with pleasure,
Washing over me.
My waves crash against your shore.
Receding, I crumple, spent
As the moon retires to her bed.
The sun peeks through the leaves,
Covering us with its soft light.

Come to me

Come to me, my love.
Lay amongst my sheets,
Reveal yourself to me.

Breathe me in my love.
Caress every curve,
Fingertips painting my desire.

Be mine always, my love.
Hearts knowing no other,
Bodies flowing in time.


Desire burning bright,
Consumed by your fire.
Yearning rising molten within me,
Mingling with the passion of your flames,
All reason burned away.
Senses roaring, twisting to and fro.
All thought extinguished,
Devoured by you.


Whisper on the wind,
Cry escaping lips,
Reaching across the plains,
A spirit’s call to be free.

Ears strain with every heartbeat,
Pierced by the sound.
Body rises erect,
Responding in kind.

Striking forward,
Challenging the wind.
Course set as stone,
Arrow unerring in flight.

Desert burning below,
Obstacles ignored.
Seeking solace in union.

Text by Jac