Uvirith’s Legacy turns Tel Uvirith into a fitting home for a mage lord and a stunning symbol of the Archmagister’s power. This third generation Tel Uvirith mod, based on Uvirith Inside, does what Uvirith Awakened was trying to do before the project fell into limbo. Along with Rise of House Telvanni, LGNPC Tel Uvirith, and Building up Uvirith’s Legacy, Uvirith’s Legacy is now one of the four pillars of the ultimate Telvanni experience. I have worked closely with all modders involved in these projects to make the Telvanni experience as immersive and seamless as possible.

This mod began with Uvirith Inside, back when I decided to make the original mod compatible with Tribunal and Bloodmoon. I contacted DopeHatMan and, with his blessing, the mod took on a life of its own.

New quests, new areas to explore, new magical artifacts, new tower services, and updated Uvirith Inside content, are all designed to make the daily life of a Telvanni lord more interesting. At this point, everything present in Uvirith Inside has been completely overhauled and expanded, but it’s all present in some form or other.

Uvirith’s Legacy 3 is the latest major release, currently awaiting at least one more update. I will return to it later this year, because I want to ensure you all have the best experience possible.

What’s new in version 3?

Version 3 overhauls the entire tower, with new meshes and textures to make it more stunning than before. You can even customize the rugs and bedding in the upper tower, in-game. Tower shipments have been expanded and rebalanced, and more dialogue, new areas, new robes, and easter-eggs have been added. The biggest change is the secret lab in the upper tower, which has been expanded and moved into its own cell. There is also a new hidden storage area on the lower tower second floor, handy for those who would like to start living in their tower the moment it’s built.