Major Mods

Minor Mods

  • Mesh Improvements Optimized: mesh replacer for misc items that works equally well with MGSO or vanilla Morrowind.
  • Animated Containers Optimized: This patch optimizes Animated Containers scripts to reduce CPU load, as well as other improvements.
  • Animated Practice Dummies: Version 3.1. Spread throughout Vvardenfell for combat practice (also a modding resource).
  • Propylons: improved version of CDC’s Propylons.
  • FreshStart: Blank Chargen: Cleanly wipes out original chargen sequence and leaves the main quest on a dead incarnate near Balmora you can safely ignore as long as you like. You can customize your character further if you have a little CS know-how.
  • Kwama Eggs Enhanced: This simple mod randomizes kwama egg sacks so you have a chance to get small or large eggs, and a random chance to spawn a scrib or kwama forager instead.
  • ST Signposts: (Dropbox link) Designed to be the ultimate signpost replacer, this mod utilizes detail and decal textures so different wood, details, and text can be applied with a simple texture swap.
  • Dark Uvirith Exterior: texture replacer for Tel Uvirith using Kieve’s tileset.
  • Dark Uvirith Exterior for Building up Uvirith’s Grave: also compatible with Building up Uvirith’s Legacy.
  • Stinkers 2.0 – 3.0 Updater: Run this mod if you have mods that rely on the old version of the Bathing Mod.

Ridiculous Mods


Modding Resources

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