Books of Vvardenfell

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Adds over 50 lore-friendly books to Morrowind, each with a unique authorial voice, some of whom are existing NPCs. Every book has a unique cover, and some have interior illustrations. They also have Book Rotate scripting (Book Rotate mod not required).

Full text and illustrations for each book is linked below.

Alchemical Information

  • Complete Alchemists Compendium, by Madame Mary Madrigal. Comes as a single book or five volume set. Includes Alchemy for Beginners, which is also available in a single volume with interior illustrations. A set of complex alchemy recipes is also available in individual scrolls.
  • The Flora of Vvardenfell, by Madame Mary Madrigal. Comes as a single book or six volume set. There are also separate volumes on The Flora of Mournhold and The Special Flora of Solstheim.
  • The Fauna of Vvardenfell, by Edras Oril. After waxing poetic about the Kagouti, he’s come out with a whole book about his favorite creatures and not-so-favorite.
  • The Hunter’s Guild to Soltheim, by Halgren the Hunter. The unabridged version is available on this site, if you’re curious about how much of Halgren’s rambling the editors cut from the original publication.
  • Mineralogical Survey of Vvardenfell, by the East Empire Company. Includes a map to Vvardenfell mines as well as alchemical information about ore and gemstones.

World Information


  • The Blacksmith’s Complete Handbook, by Charles Alton Wayn. A book on weaponsmithing, plus three separate volumes on armorsmithing, classed by weight. These are not basic game guides to weapons armor, they teach you how to make weapons armor. These methods, for the most part, are real. As a trained jeweler, I have some experience in these techniques, or have done enough research to bullshit the rest. Includes illustrations of tools, chain mail patterns, and plate armor.
  • Bloatspore Cultivation and Harvesting, by Barusa Galdin. Originally a quest reward from Uvirith’s Legacy, there’s some scripting on it to make it compatible.
  • Dangerous Places and How to Avoid Them!, by Ansel the Craven Adventurer. This is the antithesis of an in-game guide. It contains the most unhelpful information ever.
  • Imperial Egg Mining: A Tract by Uther Orandus to the Imperial Empire.
  • Pack Guars, Our Faithful Friends, by Llando Omavel. A book about taming, raising, and training guars
  • The Spirits of Vvardenfell, by Andren Belecosta. A book about the liquors of Morrowind and how they’re made. Real brewing and distillation techniques have been adapted for these fantasy alcohols.Fiction, Poetry, and Jokes.

Jokes, Riddles, and Stories

Books by Jac

Book Locations
  • Vivec, Jobasha’s Rare Books. Jobasha has all the books from this mod, excluding the individual alchemy recipes.
  • Vivec, Simine Fralinie. Simine is not strong competition for Jobasha, but she has a small selection – great if you want duplicates of all the alchemy volumes to fill a second library or lab.
  • Balmora, Dorisa Darvel. She has small selection of books including Alchemy for Beginners and Maps of Vvardenfell.
  • Ald’ruhn, Codus Callonus. He has a modest selection of books including the individual alchemy recipes, not found anywhere else.
  • The Tribunal Tomb Registry is found in the Temple’s secret library. It cannot be taken. However, there is a small quest involving a copy of the book, available to members of the Tribunal Temple. For non-members of the Temple, carrying the book is a severe crime, so beware.