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In Uvirith’s Legacy, the dungeon has been massively upgraded from the original game. I also added random dungeon encounters. Though they’re fairly rare (and mostly rats), you may occasionally find an adventurer trying to plunder your dungeon.

Release the hounds! Your own set of attack nix-hounds can hunt down those pesky rats and adventurers and eradicate them for you. However, if you’re not Telvanni, the hounds will attack you. Should they die, they’ll be replaced after three game days. You can release them with the switches on the cage walls. I’ve also added scripts to make the hounds move out of the way if they’re blocking corridors.

Llruvii the Hoarder, a winged twilight trader, resides in the deep tunnels. She spends most of her eternal twilight sitting on a hoard of gems and silver. If you touch it, she’ll attack. She also sells random soul gems. Beyond her perch, you’ll find your slave pens, along with a motley assortment awaiting your orders.

A new passage will open up in the main dungeon once you’ve built the vault, which is detailed on its own page. As you complete specific quests new areas will open up for you to explore. Most of these are covered in the secret areas section because it’s filled with spoilers.