Tamriel Rebuilt

The TR Team is currently handling further updates to the add-on.
The latest version can always be found here.

File: Multiple. Check your UL and TR version number before loading this add-on. Make sure you unload older ones.

Requirements: TR_Data.esm, TR_Mainland.esm

This add-on brings Tamriel Rebuilt to Tel Uvirith, adding new teleportation platforms, TR books to the library book-sorter, and potential shipments from the mainland to the tower storage room.

If you’ve never visited Port Telvannis and joined mainland House Telvanni, Eddie will give you an introductory letter from Master Mithras after you’ve completed the first Zhariphel quest. Once you have the letter, Mistress Dratha will let you use her (secret) Telvannis teleportation platform in Tel Mora.

Teleportation Platforms

The Telvannis network requires a separate key to use, which you can only get by joining mainland House Telvanni. After completing the Ranyon Run quest-line, you can build a Port Telvannis platform in Tel Uvirith. Some platforms are locked by their tower’s owners and require some hoop-jumping to unlock them – because some Telvanni are jerks.

Teleportation platforms are found in the following locations:
  • Port Telvannis – The main teleportation station is near the Telvanni Council House. All other platforms lead to here.
  • Tel Uvirith – must be constructed through a quest. You’ll find it at the bottom of the levitation shaft in the Upper Tower.
  • Tel Mora – will be deactivated after constructing the Tel Uvirith platform. It’s in the new vault connected to the Lower Tower.
  • Telvanni Library – found in the passageway storage room.
  • Tel Ouada – the teleportation chamber is at the bottom of the Tower Shaft.
  • Tel Aranyon – in the Lower Tower, it requires levitation to access.
  • Tel Muthada – the teleportation chamber is in the Lower Tower.
  • Alt Bosara – in Tel Vaerin, it’s locked until you do a favor for the tower’s master.
  • Gah Sadrith – is locked until you impress Mistress Eldale with your riddling skills. It’s found in the Tel Darys Lower Tower.
  • Tel Mothriva – this platform is hidden, locked, and requires a separate key to use. The paranoid tower lord will only give you access over his dead body.
  • Helnim – the one in Tel Narrusa is out of service. You can start a quest to build a new platform in town (away from the mad lord who broke the original).

Telvannis Shipments

After finishing the Bloodmoon shipments quest, Almossaren will tell you he’s arranged more shipments from the mainland. These shipments are expensive, more than twice the original shipment cost, because TR adds a lot of pricey gems. If you complete Master Mithras’ quest-line, he’ll slip in a little ebony from Ranyon Run to help offset the costs. You can also opt out of these shipments at any time, and restart them again later.

Book Sorter

Under the -organize books- topic, a new option is available to sort mainland books.


Version 3.1 (and higher) adds TR gems to the inscription mortar so you can make ink with TR amethysts, opals, and sapphires.

Credits, Thanks, and Usage

Thanks, Arcimaestro Anteres, for giving me a new mesh to use for the Telvannis teleportation platforms.Uvirith’s Legacy