General Problems

Cell “Ald Redaynia” not found error on load for dialogue type Topic: Info “EMPTY”
This is known issue with MGSO 3.0 (not Uvirith’s Legacy), but I get enough people asking me about it that I decided to list it here. The error message is harmless, but MGSO should be patched before you play anyway as it contains a few bugs and is badly in need of an update. The MGSO thread is here. It updates frequently, so if the one linked is no longer the current thread, please let me know.
Other “X not found…” type errors.
This means the add-ons are loading before the main mod. Mlox is sadly out of date and has been screwing up a lot of people’s load orders lately. You’re going to have to redate the esps manually (using something like Wrye Mash) or reinstall them to fix this problem.
Almossaren won’t talk about “recent shipments.”
This can happen if you change your loaded mods. Open the console, click on Almossaren, and type “set state to 1” to fix him.
The levitation slippers/belt bugged out so I can’t stop levitating.
This is caused by doubled references. Track down the duplicate belt/slippers, usually near the bed in the upper tower where you first found them, and delete the second pair.

To do so, open the console, click on the offending object, and type “disable”; then close the console, reopen it (do not click on anything else) and type “setdelete 1” to get rid of it completely.

With this done, you can then remove the persistent spell safely by typing in the console “player->removespell uvi_tower_lev_s” for the slippers, or change the s to a b for the belt.

If you can’t find a doubled reference, it’s also possible you’re using an earlier (bugged) version of the RoHT add-on. Because I packaged all add-ons in a separate add-ons folder, it’s easy to miss upgrading it during install. Make sure you update it to the latest version.

The alchemy table bugs out with the MWSE add-on loaded.
The last user who reported this problem said it stopped when they upgraded to MGE XE from MGE, so it seems to be an incompatibility issue with one of the versions of MGE.
I get a period, then a pause before greetings are initiated.
It has to do with the rock wand. This is normal behavior, and in most cases it’s nothing to worry about. If the pre-greetings are causing problems, you have to change all those NPCs back to undo the count. If you set the global “uvi_rockused to 0” in the console instead, you won’t be able to change them back.

If you’re using the MWSE add-on, this pre-greeting system is no longer necessary. The uvi_rockused variable should be automatically set back to 0 to stop the pre-greetings for good.

I keep running into lanterns when I float around the tower.
MGSO 3.0 uses an old version of the Dunmer Lanterns Replacer that accidentally added collision to lanterns where there’s not supposed to be any. You need to upgrade the Dunmer Lanterns Replacer to version 9.0.
I’m missing meshes, textures, or icons.
Make sure all folders installed correctly. Sometimes automatic installers drop them in the wrong places. Try dragging and dropping them manually.
The books in the library are all white.
You have the UL Book Jackets add-on checked without the Book Jackets mod installed. Either un-check the add-on or install Book Jackets.

Ok, I’ve installed book jackets, but the books are still white.
Check your Book Jackets installation; make sure the PA subfolders are in the correct meshes, textures, and icons folders.[_/su_spoiler]
I have doubled items or doors. Objects or whole pieces of rooms are missing. Things are the wrong scale. The game can’t find X script or object.
These are all caused by a dirty save, often caused by upgrading mods. The best advice I’ve found for cleaning dirty saves is here.
I get an error message about missing animations when I enter the lower or upper tower.
If you have LizTail’s Animation Kit installed, use the “repair animations” function to fix this. Otherwise, this error message is not actually harmful, so it can be safely ignored.
I can’t open the Bag of Holding.
Try dropping it on the ground and picking it up again. It should work after that.
I can’t open the rotating corridor in the treasury.
Due to an engine bug, you have to click on the corridor at least once per load (or 72 game hours) before activating the switch.
The treasury display cases flap up and down when I activate them.
This seems to be a problem with either Morrowind’s old engine and CPU timing, or with the improved animation script in MCP. The script in version 3+ attempts to fix this, but if it’s still happening to you, the modding community has alternate scripts and workarounds you can ask about.
I get a CTD in the storage room when I ask Almossaren to order in new shipments while my companions are following me.
Unfortunately the amount of scripting on the companions can cause the game to have a heart attack when it attempts to run the storage replenishing scripts. If this occurs, don’t order in new shipments if your companions are in tow. Leave them behind while you’re doing this.
I get a CTD when I ask Almossaren about “reward for service.”
This is an old bug that may be eradicated in version 3+, since I overhauled Almossaren’s scripts. If you do encounter this bug in the new version, let me know.
I get a CTD in Uvirith’s Tomb.
Until I release the fix in UL 3.3, try commenting out (with a semicolon, as shown) the following line in the script Uvirith_Tomb_Undead:

If ( GetDisabled )
; SetDelete 1

When you save the fixed esp, make sure to redate it in Wrye Mash so your load order doesn’t change. You may also want to clean the cell Uvirith’s Tomb from your save (not the mod) using Enchanted Editor. If none of this solves the problem, please contact me for further trouble-shooting.

I’ve noticed a few floating or clipping objects in some areas.
Bhl was kind enough to go over all of my cells with a fine-toothed comb, but it’s possible something was missed.

More likely, I’ve noticed mesh problems with certain replacers. For example, up until it was fixed, Souly Soulgems (a fantastic mod) used to cause all the greater soulgems to float. All cells in UL were constructed with no mesh replacers installed, so all placement is based on the original meshes.

Companion Issues

Why has Ash-Kosh stopped following me in Uvirith’s Tomb?
This is a normal part of the quest. Ash-Kosh won’t become your full companion until the next quest from Lord Uvirith is resolved (in either way you choose).
Ash-Kosh has gotten fed up with me and left. Is there any way to get her/him back?
No. Ash-Kosh is a fickle and impatient creature. If you’ve left her waiting long enough to become bored she’ll warn you, but once she leaves for good, there’s no way to get her back.

It should take well over a month for this to happen. If it happens sooner than this, please contact me about it.

Vampire Gavyn has said he’s fed up with me and left. Is there any way to get him back?
No. If you leave Gavyn as a vampire, without being a vampire yourself, and never offer to cure him, he’ll eventually get mad and leave after a few months. There’s no way to get him back at this point.
When I try to train Gavyn in conjuration spells, his summons attack me.
It may be due to an older version of Useful Summoned Creatures. If you are indeed running Useful Summoned Creatures, update it to the latest version.
My companions keep hopping behind me.
If your companions refuse to walk, they could be over-encumbered or stuck in combat. If encumberance isn’t the problem, select the “sheath weapon” command in the companion’s combat dialogue, or open the console, select the companion, and type StartCombat [enter] then StopCombat [enter].
I can’t access my dead companion’s inventory.
If the burial menu closes their inventory before you can do anything, toggle sneak on and activate them to claim your stuff.
Vampire Gavyn’s head has disappeared.
This is a common issue with vampire characters. I’ve this in most cases, but it still might happen occasionally.

You can either open the console, select Gavyn, and “Set FaceFix to 1”, or open his inventory and give him a light armor helmet. This should fix the problem.

Sara has vanished after sending her back to the Oasis, and her teleport ring no longer works.
She’s fallen into the water due to pathing problems. Dive in and get her to follow you out.
While traveling with my companion, I heard a teleport noise, and my companion is now a shadow.
You’re changing cells too fast with a companion in tow, and the teleportation script can’t keep up. This seems to be a problem with the MWSE Companion Add-on (formerly built into the MWSE patch in version 2.0). I recommend not using the MWSE Companion Add-on until I’ve fixed this problem.

Quest Issues

I’ve reached the level of Wizard, but Eddie is missing his “chores” topic.
The Unnofficial Morrowind Patch bumps the rank requirement for Eddie’s chores up to Master or higher. Uvirith’s Legacy has nothing to do with it.
Gyladis won’t give me the new Zhariphel ring even though I have the old one in my inventory.
Try picking up the ring and dropping it back in your inventory. If you’ve used it to travel there, the game engine can make the dialogue bug out for some reason.
I can’t find the gems I need to complete the inscription quest.
Take the gems from Lruvii’s hoard (they’re the only ones you can take). I’ve also made them available for sale from select alchemy vendors.
I have the correct souls or ingredients in my inventory, but X is not accepting it for the quest.
I can’t possibly script for the souls of all the unique creature IDs added to the game from other mods. You’ll need to find some vanilla creatures of the same type to soultrap.

For the gems, you might have a cursed or modded gem on hand. Try finding a regular one.