The Uvirith’s Legacy Walkthrough contains quest descriptions, hints, and spoilers. All spoilers are hidden until you click on them, and greater spoilers are nested inside lesser ones, so you need not fear spoiling the game if all you’re looking for is a nudge in the right direction.

To access everything available in Uvirith’s Legacy, you have to join the Telvanni and build a stronghold. This is part of the original game and covered in the UESP Wiki. That may seem obvious, but the occasional new player doesn’t realize this.


  1. Telvanni Teleportation; Books of Daedric Summoning
  2. Tower Shipments; Slavery; Apprenticeship
  3. Inscription; Alchemy Table; Bag of Holding
  4. Building the Vault; Zhariphel Mine
  5. Missing Prisoner; Trial; Intruders
  6. Uvirith’s Tomb; N’tashra’s Boon; Vampire Research
  7. Rise of House Telvanni; Tamriel Rebuilt

Tel Uvirith Switch Locations
Most switches around the stronghold require the Tel Uvirith key to function. If a different key is required, it’ll be mentioned in the entry. All switches are triangular, similar to the ones for Ghostgate.

Tel Uvirith Lower Tower
In the entrance to the upper floor you’ll find a switch to open the hidden storage alcoves.[_/su_spoiler]
Tel Uvirith Upper Tower
Switches to the tower lift are found on every floor of the levitation shaft.

A second switch on the second floor opens small alcoves for hiding treasure.[_/su_spoiler]

Tel Uvirith Dungeon
Two switches open the nix-hound cages. They lie on the cage’s center pillars.

The door to the deep tunnels can also be hidden by a rotating shaft, activated on either side of the door.[_/su_spoiler]

Tel Uvirith Vault, Treasury
The switch to open the caged alcoves (for armor mannequins) is behind a pillar on the wall opposite the main stairway. It’s to the right of the right-hand tunnel.

Another switch controls the lift down to the lower treasury, in the hall under the main treasury. It rests on one of the walls in the center of the alcoves.[_/su_spoiler]

Tel Uvirith Vault, Library
Beside the false bookcase at the back of the library is the switch to reveal the secret passage.

Halfway down the secret passage is another switch, located on the shaft’s wall facing away from the library. It opens the door to the secret archives.[_/su_spoiler]

Tel Uvirith Prison
On the wall near the portcullis is a switch to open it. It requires the Tel Uvirith prison key.[_/su_spoiler]
Tel Uvirith High Security Prison
Underneath each cage is a switch to open it. The cell furthest from the entrance has two switches on pillars. The one on the left opens the cage door, and the one on the right raises the stairs below the cage. These switches require the Tel Uvirith high security key.[_/su_spoiler]
Easter Eggs
Ledger Covers
Many ancient books in Uvirith’s Legacy have been rebound and repurposed to become various journals strewn throughout the world. Some of their covers still have barely legible daedric titles. See if you can make out what they say, and guess the original author.[_/su_spoiler]
My Li’l Ogrim
If you try to engage your “pet” Ogrim in dialogue more than once, you can tickle him. If you keep tickling him without closing dialogue, some new options will gradually appear.[_/su_spoiler]
Zhariphel Council
If you arrive in the Archmagister’s Council Manor in the early evening, there is a random chance of walking in on a council meeting. The meeting will be different depending on how far along they are in reclaiming the deep tunnels.[_/su_spoiler]
Durza’s Bad Jokes
Talking to the off-duty guards in the prison barracks about Durza gra-Grathmok has a random chance of revealing that she likes to tell jokes. This will make the “joke” topic available in her dialogue. She has a selection of 10 random off-colour jokes to tell.

She also has funny stories to tell if you give her a big enough tip. Also try giving something strong to drink—something really strong.

If you enter the cellar behind the mess hall, the stove will catch fire. You can put it out by clicking on the fire with the water bucket in your inventory. Durza has some funny dialogue about it. Also, talking about it with Merana Relas will get Durza in trouble.[_/su_spoiler]

Master Llapp’s Study
If you turn collision off to get into Master Llapp’s Study, you’ll find all his enchanted scrolls are completely useless.[_/su_spoiler]
Vault Dedication
You’ll find an inscription on one of the stone bricks in the Tel Uvirith Prison, under the stairs.[_/su_spoiler]
Vault Corridor
Try turning collision off while you’re stuck in there.[_/su_spoiler]
Tranam Faren’s Potion
The potion that appears under his bedside table just screams “drink me” doesn’t it?[_/su_spoiler]
Dance Like a Monkey
If you fez Arnamir (using Get Fezzed!) while he’s imprisoned, and if he’s already had enough helmet torture, you can make him do a little monkey dance.[_/su_spoiler]
You are awakened by a loud noise.
Make sure you sleep at least once in your bed the night a rug change is scheduled.[_/su_spoiler]
Beware the Man Eating Tiger
Have you found that sign on a door yet?[_/su_spoiler]
Narussa’s Council (TR Add-on)
Yes, I put the ash yams there.[_/su_spoiler]
Verena’s Manor (TR Add-on)
If you’ve got this mod loaded, consider timing your release of Arnamir and Verena so they never meet each other, and they’ll both get a sad ending. After leaving for the mainland, Verena will end up dumped like Anne of Cleves and sent to live in a manor in the middle of nowhere outside Port Telvannis.

She’s got a lot of spare time on her hands. Go on, ask her for like a million doilies. She can make doilies forever. Then cover your whole tower with them. Turn it into Tel Doily. And then take screenshots and send them to me. I will totally post them on this site.[_/su_spoiler]