Since Planet Elder Scrolls is defunct, I figured I’d post a couple of the reviews Uvirith’s Legacy has received before they disappear forever.

The following review is for Uvirith’s Legacy 3.0.

Posted by Jemolk at 2014-05-25 21:44:30 Voted 10.00 on 05/25/14

Amazing. Just amazing. Best house mod ever, period. A staple in all my future Telvanni playthroughs. Just one issue. With the MWSE plugin, the alchemy table doesn’t work. It only presents me with any options a single time shortly after I load the game from the desktop, but not even immediately there. Otherwise the desk simply opens as a container. Worse, the options other than “Open desk” do nothing positive. What they DO do is make the desk completely unresponsive until I reload. At which point the problem repeats.

Still a solid 10, and would be higher if the ratings would allow it. 20 out of 10 would be more appropriate for such a masterful piece of work IMHO. Even with this one issue that can be easily fixed by disabling the MWSE plugin. It would be nice if it were addressed, but I’m not even sure if anyone even visits this page regularly anymore, so I’ll content myself with simply congratulating you on a job well done, Stuporstar. Thank you for this amazing mod.

Note: the MWSE alchemy table issue will be looked into for the next release.

The following review was for Uvirith’s Legacy 2.0.

Posted by Kogorn at 2011-10-15 20:12:54 Voted 10.00 on 10/15/11

Before I being [sic], I have to say that this is one of the most creative, interesting, novel (while remaining consistent with lore) and entertaining mods that I have ever downloaded. It also has the advantage of blending in seamlessly with almost all other Telvanni mods out there (LGNPC, RoHT), and many non-Telvanni, though “staple” Morrowind mods (NOM, Bathing mod, etc.). I have played through with multiple characters, to the point where I know roughly all of its ins and outs, as well as the few bugs that remain.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this mod, is essentially beefs up and elaborates upon not only the physical Telvanni stronghold (Tel Uvirith), but the entire Telvanni stronghold EXPERIENCE. Think the Baldur’s Gate II Mage stronghold quest on crack.

This mod gives Eddie (your mouth) more chores to do (giving you many useful items for your stronghold), an apprentice for you to train (and have as a companion), two other companions for you to discover, many secrets to unearth in your tower, a mine for you to run, adds servants to your tower, and much much more. All of the features interact with one another, so that the servants recognize and comment on new objects and residents in your tower, you can send your apprentice out to gather materials for many of the mod’s quests, forge trade routes with your mine and other people on Vvardenfell (or Solthseim), release your nix-hounds on an assassin that might try to sneak up on you in your dungeon, and much more. The quests also offer opportunities to be good (freeing the slaves in your tower) or evil (turning your apprentice into a vampire test subject). While it leans toward the evil side, this is not to a berserk extreme.

The tower is also excellently done. The lower and upper floors are widened and decorated, the dungeon is heavily expanded to allow for a prison, library, treasure room (with display cases/shelves) and other secrets, throne room, and a secret lab in your upper tower. Most of these features come with the new 4th stage of construction this mod adds to the stronghold. While some of the content can be played through beforehand, it is meant for the Telvanni Archmagister (and the 4th stage can only be built at that point).

The mod does have a few bugs. The book sorter combines books in a series (i.e. poison song) into one compilation once you collect them all. However, once you create a compilation, each time you give your librarian more books of any type, it creates another copy of the compilation. Since the compilations sell for 1500 gold apiece, this can be unbalancing, so I settle for tossing the extras in a handy “wastebasket” this mod puts in your tower’s kitchen (which destroys items you put in it), to eliminate the temptation to sell them. It also occasionally relies on the “cell-changed” function, which has its glitches, and there is one game-crashing dialogue error. This error only occurs in one specific situation: if you talk to your Apprentice when you become a vampire, after you have already made him a vampire. It is easily fixed in the construction set (by correcting the journal variable for the greeting), if you know what you’re doing, however.

Despite these few flaws, this mod is otherwise as close to perfect as a mod can get. It blends in seemlessly with the vanilla game and many other popular mods, is a great deal of fun to play, and adds so much more for a high-ranking Telvanni to do.

Consequently, for all you Telvanni players out there, this is a “must have.”


Feel free to post your own reviews here. Criticism is also acceptable (I learn a lot from it). However, if you need to report a bug, please do so here.


  1. Jemolk said:

    PES is now truly dead? I was kind of worried about that considering that nothing was loading for the past while, but I had hoped it was just more server problems like all the times before.

    Anyway, the alchemy table thing seems to have worked out; I had been using the latest regular MGE and it wasn’t working, but when I upgraded to MGE XE, that seemed to be what it took. Either that or having the addon loaded at the beginning of the game or some other earlier point than around the point where I got the table. Strange, but since MGE XE looks better anyway, who am I to complain about being driven to try using it? I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. =)

    August 29, 2014
    • PES has been a shuffling zombie for a while, but I think it’s well and truly dead now. I haven’t been able to access it for over a month. IGN pulled all the people maintaining the PES/Fileplanet servers and just left them running until they died. Most of the mods hosted there are on Morrowind Modding History, but the reviews are gone.

      As for the alchemy table problem, if it’s a compatibility problem with MGE’s internal script extender it makes sense that only a couple people have reported it, because most people run MGE XE now that it’s the more stable of the two options. That’s something I’ll make sure to ask next time a similar bug is reported so I’ll know for sure. Btw, have you downloaded the patch yet?

      August 29, 2014
      • Jemolk said:

        I have indeed downloaded the patch, but unfortunately I just started a new game and won’t be able to tell you if anything’s fixed for a bit. Once I get there, though, I’ll be sure to give feedback, particularly on the things that needed testing.

        As far as the alchemy table goes, hopefully my comment on that helps pinpoint the problem. I would hate to think I had to deal with that craziness for nothing. Hopefully people will actually notice what the problem appears to be, too.

        August 30, 2014
  2. I recently finished Rise of House Telvanni , then I installed Uvirith s Legacy, up until lately everything has been going well.

    February 15, 2016
  3. link said:

    They all can be used together. There are patches for that at Uvirith s Legacy s site. Aside them I don t think there s any good Telvanni mods.

    June 14, 2016
  4. fan said:

    I’m just here to thank you for this astonishing mod, but I shouldn’t called it a mod, because it is a masterpiece. This is one of the best mods ever created for Morrowind. Thank you for your work!

    August 7, 2016
  5. Lynne said:

    Thank you very much for this incredible mod! It is easily one of the best mods in the entire TES series; seamlessly integrated into the world, with superb writing that is virtually indistinguishable from Morrowind’s writing (except that it might even be slightly better).

    I never want to leave Tel Uvirith now…

    December 2, 2016

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