Ages ago, Bethesda made the Master Index plug-in and modder CDCooley improved on it. However, the mod wasn’t without a few bugs, so I took it upon myself to give the mod a final polish.

  • Version 1.2 fixes an error in the “little secret” topic that could make your game CTD. While I was at it, I cleaned up all the typos and punctuation errors.
  • I merged this mod more fully with the Master Index Plugin to include the travel options to the strongholds from Caldera. Not only can you talk to Folms Mirel to have him teleport you to any stronghold, but the master index will also teleport you to the Caldera Mages Guild from anywhere. However, for the latter it takes the index a full day to recharge.
  • I made the Master Index skip-equip (to serve as a teleportation item) because it’s relatively useless as a shield – extremely expensive to repair compared to the other index stones, and also has a weaker reflect enchantment than the diamond index.
  • I also included a copy of Folms Mirel’s book “The Key to Dunmer Strongholds” from Books of Vvardenfell. He will give you a copy once you complete the first index test, or if you visit him after getting the master index if you’ve already completed the quest and are upgrading.