Where can I find a complete list of Telvanni mods?
Can I use this mod if I’m not playing as a Telvanni?
Does this mod contain all the original Uvirith Inside content?
Is the latest version still compatible with Rise of House Telvanni and LGNPC Tel Uvirith?
Is Uvirith’s Legacy compatible with Building up Uvirith’s Grave?
How does Vampire Embrace work with Uvirith’s Legacy, and does the load order matter?
When I free slaves in the tower, does it add to the freed slave counter for the Twin Lamps?
Why are the teleportation platforms so difficult to get to, and why don’t they teleport you directly to the next platform?
Why do the spellmaking and enchanting tomes cost money to use?
Why does the Tel Uvirith Travel Ring cause time to pass when used outdoors, but not when used indoors, and why does it cost money to use?
What if I don’t want schedules for the tower NPCs?
Why do some of the NPCs still have schedules when I turn them off?
If I decide to pursue the Vampire Research quest, do I have to turn into a vampire to complete it?
Do you have any plans to make an Uvirith’s Legacy light version? That is, something with just the tower improvements and none of the quests or servants and all that other stuff?
You used to have an add-on for Ostar's book mod. What happened to it, and is it still supported?
I just got stuck in the vault corridor, and you are a total bastard.