General Problems

Cell “Ald Redaynia” not found error on load for dialogue type Topic: Info “EMPTY”
Other “X not found…” type errors.
Almossaren won’t talk about “recent shipments.”
The levitation slippers/belt bugged out so I can’t stop levitating.
The alchemy table bugs out with the MWSE add-on loaded.
I get a period, then a pause before greetings are initiated.
I keep running into lanterns when I float around the tower.
I’m missing meshes, textures, or icons.
The books in the library are all white.
I have doubled items or doors. Objects or whole pieces of rooms are missing. Things are the wrong scale. The game can’t find X script or object.
I get an error message about missing animations when I enter the lower or upper tower.
I can’t open the Bag of Holding.
I can’t open the rotating corridor in the treasury.
The treasury display cases flap up and down when I activate them.
I get a CTD in the storage room when I ask Almossaren to order in new shipments while my companions are following me.
I get a CTD when I ask Almossaren about “reward for service.”
I get a CTD in Uvirith’s Tomb.
I’ve noticed a few floating or clipping objects in some areas.

Companion Issues

Why has Ash-Kosh stopped following me in Uvirith’s Tomb?
Ash-Kosh has gotten fed up with me and left. Is there any way to get her/him back?
Vampire Gavyn has said he’s fed up with me and left. Is there any way to get him back?
When I try to train Gavyn in conjuration spells, his summons attack me.
My companions keep hopping behind me.
I can’t access my dead companion’s inventory.
Vampire Gavyn’s head has disappeared.
Sara has vanished after sending her back to the Oasis, and her teleport ring no longer works.
While traveling with my companion, I heard a teleport noise, and my companion is now a shadow.

Quest Issues

I’ve reached the level of Wizard, but Eddie is missing his “chores” topic.
Gyladis won’t give me the new Zhariphel ring even though I have the old one in my inventory.
I can’t find the gems I need to complete the inscription quest.
I have the correct souls or ingredients in my inventory, but X is not accepting it for the quest.