Quests: Add-Ons

Rise of House Telvanni Teleportation Network

Requirements: RoHT + Add-on, RoHT Towers Completed

Once you start promoting people and letting them built their own towers, they’ll start begging you for teleportation platforms. You can mention extending the network to Llunela Hleran in the Telvanni Council House Hermitage at any time, but she won’t agree to build them until all four towers are complete. These builds won’t cost you any money, because it’s assumed the tower owners will be footing the bill. Once Llunela agrees to built them, it will take a week, after which you can visit all four towers and activate each one for use.

Telasero Teleport

♦ Recruiting More Mage Guild Members

The Uvirith’s Legacy RoHT patch adds the ability to recruit a couple more members from the Mages Guild if you decide to destroy it.

Folms Mirel

Introduction to Port Telvannis

Requirements: Tamriel Rebuilt + Add-on, Telvanni Rank Archmagister, Saving Zhariphel Mine

After saving Zhariphel Mine, Eddie may give you a letter from Master Mithras, extending an invitation to you from the mainland. You’ll only get this letter if you’re not already a member of mainland House Telvanni.

Journeying to Port Telvannis

♦ Telvannis Teleportation

Requirements: Rank of Oathman in mainland House Telvanni.

Once you meet the requirements, you can get a Telvannis teleportation key and use their platforms. Some are locked and require completion of certain quests before you can use them. Unlike the Vvardenfell platforms, you need the key on hand at all times to use Telvannis platforms.

Telvannis Platform Locations and Pre-requisites
Helnim Teleportation

♦ Tel Uvirith Telvannis Platform

Requirements: Tel Uvirith Upper Tower, Completing TR Telvanni Ranyon Run Quest.

After you’ve done enough for Master Mithras to gain his favor, he’ll offer to sign a permit to built a Telvannis teleportation link to your tower. You’ll have to talk to Vero Renim in the mainland Telvanni Council House to get further details on building it.

Building the Platform