The Tea Mod

The original tea shop, found outside Ebonheart.

The tea shop sells 30 kinds of tea, 6 kinds of coffee, and more.

Over 20 new tea sets are for sale, as well as tea tins, platters, and more.

The Ebonheart shop boasts a large selection of fine china and Akavirian imports.

Sheema not only serves tea, but bakes goods daily.

The Tea Mod 2.0 adds a new shop outside Tel Mora

The Tel Mora tea shop has an all new selection of items to choose from.

The Tel Mora shop sells all the same teas you can find in Ebonheart.

All new meshes include new tins, dishes, and a complete bug-design set.

The Tel Mora shop also sells chocolates, new cutlery sets, and small portable display cases.

The Tel Mora shop has magic muffins, baked daily.

Many locals frequent the shop throughout the day.

This mod adds 30 teas (including blacks, greens, and herbals) and 6 different coffees to the game, as well as a few tasty treats. Each is an ingredient with unique alchemical properties that can either be used in regular alchemy or brewed with a tea pot. Brewing requires no alchemical skill, only requires one ingredient, and gives you specific multi-effect potions with a milder effect than you can achieve with proper alchemy. 20 different tea sets are for sale, as well as a book about Tamriel teas, a ton of new trays, tins, jars, and other items to dress up your kitchen or alchemy lab.

Version 2.0 also adds chocolates, honey, and a huge selection of new decorative items including a full set of bug-design ware, 12 new sets of cutlery, and portable chests and display cases.

Brewing Tea

Requires tea and a teapot to brew it in. Cups are optional, but having them in your inventory allows you to brew potion versions for later consumption. You’ll get the cups back after drinking. Coffee must be ground before brewing. The coffee grinders for sale have to be dropped before you can use them. You can also use the permanent ones in the shops.

Where to Buy Tea

All the teas are imported, so you won’t find any tea plants in Vvardenfell. Version 2.0 adds two shops to the game.

Ebonheart: turn left at the dragon statue as you enter town and cross the bridge. You’ll find the shop on a little hill outside.
Tel Mora: turn right at the docks, as you face town, and head towards the Convenant/Clothier. The shop is a little ways down the road, just outside town.

You’ll also find a multitude of NPCs frequenting both shops, and a couple small quests.

Special Orders and Shipments

Most teas and other items are shipped in weekly if you deplete their stock. Rare teas and expensive items are shipped in monthly, and some rare items take three months to resupply. You can also make a special order on almost any item available in the shop, for a small shipping fee paid up front.


The Necessities of Morrowind compatiblity add-on adds tisane scripts to every tea pot, makes sure teas reduce thirst when consumed, and adds the requirement for fire and water to make teas. The tea giving add-on lets you offer tea to any NPC in the game.

Book: The Famous Teas of Tamriel