Secret Areas

Zhariphel is the last bloat mine in Vvardenfell. The Telvanni need your help to keep it going.

The shalk infestation, even outside the mine, is out of control.

Zhariphel warrens is a small Telvanni town, deep underground.

The people of Zhariphel have managed to grow housepods without sunlight.

Inside, these housepods are quite cozy.

Guarding the secret mine requires a lot of guards, so they have to be well looked after.

Master Galdin keeps a Telvanni teleportation crystal in his lab.

Zhariphel Mine

The last remaining bloat mine in Vvardenfell is run by the Telvanni. Zhariphel is also a small village, with Telvanni housepods growing deep underground. A small mod within a mod, it has multiple quest-lines. After becoming Archmagister, and acquiring the new Brown Book of the Telvanni, the first Zhariphel quest will be available. The Zhariphel miners are fighting a massive shalk infestation, threatening the precious bloatspores. It’s up to you to help them.


After returning to Zhariphel Mine, you can have a huge impact on this community and see the results of your efforts. You’ll also receive free bloat shipments to your tower storage room.

Zhariphel Warrens

The small underground town is filled with cozy housepods. Zhariphel’s residents live here in isolation. After completing the first quest, and picking up your reward in the Telvanni Council House, the people here will settle into regular daily work patterns. All NPCs here have schedules. You’ll find them at work in the mines in the day and in their homes at night. There’s even a night shift for the guards. Each home has a story to tell, and each NPC has their own worldview.

Available Services

It has potential to become a fully functional town, but to benefit from all these services, you must help establish them. After completing the first quest, the next will allow you to build a new Council House for Zhariphel.

Zhariphel Council House

Zhairphel Floating Gardens

Other Hidden Areas

Uvirith’s Tomb
N’tashra’s Sanctuary
Berom’s Ancestral Tomb
Master Llapp’s Study

There are more hidden areas and easter-eggs than listed here, but I’m not going to spoil them. You’ll just have to keep exploring.