The Uvirith’s Legacy Armor Hunt

Though I’m currently on a modding hiatus, I’m looking for new armor sets to adapt for the next major release of Uvirith’s Legacy. The next version will introduce the Atronach Forge, which will allow the player to custom order three sets of Atronach armor: the light version is based on glass, and heavy is based on ebony. I don’t have medium armor set yet, but here are couple I’ve found that may be suitable for adapting:

I’m also looking for a set of bonemold armor for the Tel Uvirith Guards. There are a few options already out there:

Some notes:

  • I probably won’t use Melchior’s armor because I feel it should be unique to Tel Vos. In fact, I’d like to see similar unique armor for Archmagister Gothren, and perhaps the other Telvanni Masters – but that would be a small mod all to itself.
  • It’s been mentioned in this thread on the TES forums that Danke’s Cephalopod armor would be better suited to the Archmagister, perhaps added to Gothren to match the Archmagister’s robe in UL.
  • However, the guards added to Tel Uvirith are only added after you become Archmagister, so there’s a couple different aesthetics to consider: fancy armor for the Archmagister’s guard, or dark armor that matches the setting of Molag Amur.
  • I could make the guard’s armor customizable, allowing the player to choose. I could probably handle no more than three choices, seeing as the relief guards in the barracks have armor changing scripts. The three choices could be: standard Telvanni armor, royal armor, and dark armor.

Another option is to create my own armor, most likely by adapting an existing set. I’m currently looking for opinions as well as suggestions for suitable sets I’ve missed. Please let me know in the comments.