Uvirith’s Legacy 3.3 Changelog Jan 2015

Version 3.33 Update

Fixed endless alchemy equipment spawning when sorting them with alchemy table (problem with base mod version, not MWSE add-on).

Main Mod

  • Cleaned up Uvirith’s Tomb scripts, including Asidi’s, and added timer to Uvirth sending you away.
  • Missing manacles icon included.
  • Ash-Kosh can no longer teleport you to Asharakumuk before becoming companion.
  • Fixed male Ash-kosh not returning to tower along with player.
  • Fixed issue that could cause naked prisoner quest to never start.
  • Straelhcaegh Litany books can now be picked up.
  • Fixed summoning circle in Uvirith’s Tomb causing lag.
  • Fixed Almossaren’s disposition not synchronizing between both versions.
  • Fixed Zainab “trade goods wanted” topic not appearing.
  • Felinglith doesn’t have the “telvanni teleport” topic in Vivec when she shouldn’t.\
  • Fixed NPCs casting Azura’s Blessing.
  • Fixed problem recruiting Ra’Sha as a kitchen servant.
  • Fixed Anasmi’s buggy script.
  • Last bugs worked out of Felinglith’s trial dialogue.
  • Fixed Brown Book topic not appearing due to misordered greeting in librarian’s dialogue.
  • Made it harder for unauthorized people to pass through Zhariphel.
  • New effect on Ash-Kosh’s teleportation magic.
  • Made Verena able to follow you in the upper tower (only).
  • Sara’s altar resets her position of she’s waiting in the deep tunnels (just in case she fell in the water).
  • Fixed Relief Guards not wearing their shoes (same done for Zhariphel guards).
  • Librarian’s service refusal greeting removed because it was seriously annoying.
  • “You’re not Telvanni” dialogue was filtered incorrectly so the tower servants never refuse service to non-Telvanni. Instead of faction filtering in dialogue, I’ve used their scripts to check if the player is not Telvanni so people playing a join-all-factions mod don’t get screwed.

RoHT Add-on

  • Fixed Ajira’s third report dialogue.
  • Attempted fix for Folms Mirel disappears after moving to your tower.
  • Fixed buggy conjuration circle in Archmagister’s Chambers.

TR Add-on

  • Updated for TR 14 compatibility.

MWSE Companions Add-on

  • Fixed buggy scripts. Should now be stable for all companions.
  • Merged Primus add-on with main companions add-on.
  • Redated all add-ons.