Quests: Archmagister’s Duties

Building the Vault

Requirements: Telvanni Rank Archmagister

Once you become Archmagister, talk to Llunela Hleran in the Telvanni Council House Hermitage, and she’ll mention plans to build a vault and throne room in your tower. This will cost 5000 gold and the recruitment of guards, which will cost an additional 2000. You have to talk to Fast Eddie about recruiting guards before Llunela will begin construction. He’ll tell you he needs the Archmagister’s Seal to hire guards on your authority.

Seal of the Archmagister
A Shift in Power

Vivec Teleportation

Requirements: Telvanni Rank Archmagister, Mavon Drenim or Garethi Nemas alive in Vivec

Talking to Mavon Drenim (or Garethi Nemas if you’ve posted him to Vivec) will start a quest to build a teleportation link to the Vivec Telvanni Canton. However, it seems the Council isn’t going to co-operate on this one, since the Vivec Telvanni are pariahs. You can start this quest any time, but won’t be able to complete it before becoming Archmagister. After that it’s easy – if you’re willing to pay for it.

Teleport Ball Locations

The New Brown Book of the Telvanni

Requirements: Tel Uvirith Vault

After your vault is built, you can visit the new Library. Here your librarian Netheles Berom can sort all your books for you, and he also has a small quest. Netheles Berom wants a copy of the new Brown Book for the archives. He tells you Eddie has a copy waiting.

Talk to Eddie about the “Brown Book” and he’ll give you a couple copies, which you can hand over to Netheles whenever you head back to the library. It lists you as the new Archmagister, and also mentions a few major issues the council have been recently dealing with. Eddie will tell you there’s mention of an urgent problem in the book – read it. You’ll need to talk to Arara Uvulas about it.

Troubles in Zhariphel Mine

Requirements: The New Brown Book & The Seal of the Archmagister

After reading the new Brown Book, Arara Uvulas will tell you about Zhariphel, a secret bloat mine maintained by the Telvanni. It’s been beset by shalk attacks, and the miners require aid. The mine is located deep in Molag Amur, southwest of Tel Uvirith and due west of Galom Daeus. The entrance lies on the north face of the mountain at the end of a twisted path. Arara Uvulas will give you the key to the mine and a map.

Inside Zhariphel

Feel free to explore the town of Zhariphel, a collection of underground Telvanni housepods. The town is entered through the door to the left as you enter the mine. There’s a small side quest to help an injured slave in the warren’s slave house. There are also many notes strewn around the place that tell some some of Zhariphel’s story.

♦ The Zhariphel Council House

Requirements: Troubles in Zhariphel Mine

After completing the first Zhariphel Mine quest, you have to return to Eddie to pick up this next quest. Once you return to Zhariphel, Master Galdin will ask you to help them build a new council house in the Zhariphel warrens.

Building the Council House

♦ The Missing Son

Requirements: Zhariphel Council House (furnished)

After the council house is built and furnished, Gyladis Arven will tell you about her missing son Darys.

Finding Darys