Quests: Tel Uvirith Prison

Requirements:Tel Uvirith Vault

After building the Vault, you’ll find your new prison guards are already busy. Speak with Captain Trenam Faren, then look at the prison log book. It lists all current prisoners – there are two to start. Asking Trenam Faren about them with start their quests.

♦ Felinglith

Felinglith is a petty thief who was shipped to your prison from Sadrith Mora. She’s doomed to fight in the Vivec Arena unless you intercede.

Deciding Felinglith’s Fate

♦ Unadius Valodius

This drunk was found outside your tower beating on one of the tower centurions. Trenam Faren mentions Unadius has been cooling off in the cell for several days, and yet he’s still not sober. His chronic ale-ment (har har) has left everyone puzzled.

Unadius’ Problem

♦ Marilla/Marinas

The requirements for prisoner M showing up is spoilered. A male PC will encounter Marilla, whereas a female PC will encounter Marinas. This Breton was caught lying naked in your bed. The guards weren’t sure if this was a blatant attempt at assassination, so they’ve thrown M in a cell.

M’s Secret

The Missing Prisoner

Requirements: Visit the Vault Treasury

Trenam Faren informs you that a prisoner has escaped, but he doesn’t seem concerned, thinking a prisoner smart enough to escape is smart enough not to stick around.

But he would be wrong…

♦ Arnamir’s Secret

Requirements: The Missing Prisoner – Arnamir Imprisoned

Once your new pet wizard is safely contained in the high security prison, you can try to extract information out of him. The high security prison requires another key, found in the strongbox on Trenam Faren’s desk. The regular prison key will open the strongbox, which Trenam Faren would have given you the first time you talked to him.

Dealing With Arnamir

♦ Weather Control Device

Using Arnamir’s knowledge, you can build a device to control the weather for the region around your tower. The device will end up in your upper tower lab alongside all the other magical devices you’ve acquired.

Building the Device

Intruder in the Dungeon

Requires: Ressurecting Verena (Uvirith’s Tomb Quest)

You may be randomly attacked at any time in the dungeon, but this one will seem a little more personal.

Connecting the Dots

Trenam Faren’s Missing Sword

Talking to Trenam Faren in his room will reveal he lost a prize sword on his trip from Port Telvannis. It’s possible to find it and give it back to him. This quest is so inessential it won’t even show up in your journal until you’ve completed it, but it’s listed here for completeness’ sake.