Quests: Early on or Anytime

Telvanni Teleportation platforms

Requirements: Telvanni rank Oathman

You may have noticed these platforms (shown above) during your travels. Touch one of them, then ask any Telvanni about the “Telvanni Teleport” platforms. You’ll need a key to unlock each platform as you visit them. Once unlocked, you can teleport to them from any other platform.

Teleportation Platform Locations

Divayth Fyr’s Teleportation Platform Quest

Books of Daedric Summoning

Requirements: Acquiring a Mouth in the Council

The Books of Daedric Summoning are rumored to be a practical joke by Sheogorath, because when picked up or read they summon an angry daedra to attack the invoker. You’ll find them in compete volumes and as pages scattered across Vvardenfell. Each complete volume summons a specific set, or level, of random lesser daedra. Each page only summons one type. There is a series of quests to obtain some of the books, or otherwise fetch them for other uses, but for the most part they must be sought without aid.

Note: Though the quests require Telvanni membership, most books can be found by any player. In the next Uvirith’s Legacy update, I intend to make them all available to non-Telvannni players. Also, it seems the Unofficial Morrowind Patch altered Eddie’s dialogue so he can only do chores once you become a Master of House Telvanni, and this technically means you need to have your first stronghold build started.

How the Books Work
Locations of the Books of Daedric Summoning

Fast Eddie’s Expedition

One of Edd Theman’s first new chores is to steal one of these book pages from Master Neloth. If you send Eddie to recover this page, it will open up a new series of quests regarding the Books of Daedric Summoning. If you tell him not to go right now, the quest will be available under the “Books of Daedric Summoning” topic at any time.

Eddie’s Results
The First Book of Daedric Summoning
Gavyn’s Chore

Dratha’s Experiment

After investigating the first Book of Daedric Summoning, Eddie will inform you that Mistress Dratha has an interest in them. If you head to Tel Mora and ask her about it, she’ll ask you to find the page that summons clannfear for her experiments. She can’t tell you where to find one however.

As you wander around Vvardenfell, you’ll be able to ask a few people about “clannfear.” Perhaps a rogue wizard has gotten a hold of the page and is using it to terrorize the locals. From their reports of sightings, you can begin to make out where this page is hidden. If you’re having trouble, all page locations are listed inside the nested locations spoiler.

Dratha’s Reward

♦ Terror in Tel Branora

After finding the page for Dratha, Eddie will inform you that Mistress Therana has gotten hold of the page of Summon Scamp, and has unleashed an army of scamps on the tower (only if she’s still alive however). It’s up to you to save the denizens of Tel Branora from her madness, or just go there to watch and have a good laugh.

Stopping Therana

A Talking Rock

Requirements: None (you don’t even have to be Telvanni)

If you’re wandering near Tel Mora, you may hear a cry for help. There’s no one there, but it seems to be coming from the rocks. Examine the rocks, and you might find one shuffling about. Talk to the rock.

Helping the Talking Rock