Quests: Lower Tower

Tel Uvirith Shipments

Requirements: Tel Uvirith, Lower Tower

The storage room can be found in the halls under the grand staircase in the lower tower entrance. It’s the first door, facing the hall leading down to the dungeon. These shelves are designated for shipments to the tower. Upstairs is a desk with a note from Master Aryon. He’s been kind enough to ship eggs to your tower from his mine, and would like to discuss future prospects with you. Head over to Tel Vos and speak with him about “recent shipments.” He’ll tell you about Almossaren, an accountant you can hire to take care of shipments and tower expenses.

Hiring Almossaren

Once your new retainer is settled in, ask him about “recent shipments.” He’ll inform you of the cost, and if you decide to pay, the first shipment will be available in a few days. You have to pay weekly to maintain them, but you only have to pay for the weeks you spend in the tower, so don’t worry about strongbox funds running dry if you decide on automated payments. After your first set of shipments has come in, ask again about “recent shipments” to start a quest series to establish new supply lines.

With each new trade deal, the weekly shipment cost will increase. The costs of the shipments is intended to be a late-game money sink; you’re paying for convenience. The Telvannis ingredients are particularly expensive, so you have the option to stop and restart them if you don’t want to pay that much every week.

Price List

♦ Establishing Trade

Each quest will send you to different places to make bargains with NPCs. Return to Almossaren after each, and he’ll point you to the next one.

The Ashlanders
Gem Smuggling

Finishing the quests will open up another option to bring in mod-added ingredients. These will come from “the mainland” and include NoM and Tea Mod ingredients. If you have the TR add-on loaded, they’ll literally come from the mainland, but they’ll cost twice as much because Tamriel Rebuilt adds a ton of expensive ingredients. If you need to cut down costs, you can ask Almossaren to stop these top-tier shipments and resume them again at any time.

Abolishing Slavery

Requires: Hiring Almossaren (Tower Shipment Quest)

This quest is in place for the Twin Lamps friendly players as a role-playing option. You can set your slaves free once you find the Tel Uvirith slave key on the top slave pen platform in the dungeon deep tunnels. This key will set any slave free in Tel Uvirith, unless the slave happens to be an imported one that has its own special key assigned (like the one from LGNPC). Random escaping slaves can be freed if you can manage to calm them and talk to them – this no longer requires the key because they’ve already escaped their bindings.

You can also set Amsemasa free and give her a little gold to help her out. After setting her free, talk to Almossaren and you can tell him you want all your servants paid and free. The slaves in the dungeon will disappear (except perhaps for Ra’Sha) and random escaping slave spawns will halt. Ra’Sha will only agree to stay on as a paid servant if you prove yourself a good master. This means no feeding skooma to other slaves. If you agree to let Ra’Sha stay on, a tiny quest starts regarding her working in the kitchen.

Alternately, if you choose to capture fleeing slaves, you need a slave bracer in your inventory. These can be found in the crates near the slave pens. It’s easy enough to cast a command spell and drag them there if you don’t have one on you.

♦ Abolishing Skooma

Requires: Hiring Almossaren (Tower Shipment Quest), Dungeon Build

Ra’Sha, one of the slaves from the dungeon, will inform you about the other slaves’ skooma addiction and beg you to remove its influence from the tower to save them. You can agree to help or tell her to get stuffed. If you’ve agreed to abolish it from the tower, make the arrangements with Almossaren.

“Controlling” the Substance

Hire an Apprentice

Requirements: Tel Uvirith, Lower Tower; Minimum Telvanni Rank Master

Eddie will ask you if you want an apprentice once the option becomes available. If you say yes, your new apprentice will be waiting in your lower tower. The option remains open if you tell Eddie you don’t want one at the moment, under the topic “apprentice.”

Gavyn Helerim is a young and inexperienced Telvanni who is eager to please. When you first speak to him, you have the option to test him in a couple ways: you can send him to collect a daedra heart, or ask him to fight you. If you ask him to fetch for you, he’ll be gone a couple days. If you fight, be careful not to kill him. He’ll stop attacking after you beat him down and will be ready to talk again. Vampires only have the option to fight him (unless you’re using Vampire Embrace). The fight will cause him to catch Porphyric Hemophelia and become a vampire in three days.

After making him your apprentice, you can send him out on chores, train him, and travel with him. Only one chore is offered directly through the “chores” dialogue, and requires the upper tower to be built. The rest pop up during other quests and are available under other dialogue entries. They will be covered later in this walkthrough as they come up.

♦ Gavyn’s Insatiable Appetite

This quest is entirely optional, so if you’re a serious mage with no discernible sense of humor you can stifle all talk of cookies in your tower, and not have to bother with such piffling trifles. However, this will effectively abandon the quest for good.

Caught in the Cookie Jar

♦ Reward for Service

If you’re so inclined, you can give Gavin a desk for his studies. Talk to Gavyn about rewards, and tell him you’ll get him something special, then talk to Amossaren to arrange it. For a small price, Almossaren will order the desk and it will appear in the lower tower in a few days. You can also give Gavyn money, which he’ll randomly fritter away on sweetrolls and what-have-you.