Quests: Upper Tower

Inscription Quills

Requirements: Apprentice Gavyn; Tel Uvirith Upper Tower

Since version 3.1, I’ve replaced the dreary old fetch quests. The quest starts by asking your apprentice about “chores.” He will offer to find something interesting. In a few days he’ll return with a teleportation ring belonging to his former master Llapp. He’ll also set up an inscription table in the lab, which uses special quills to create spell scrolls. A starter set of scroll paper and Telvanni mineral oils (for ink-making) are provided in the chest under the table. Ink-making also requires gems, a different type for each spell school, and scroll-paper is made with ingredients like hides and fibrous plants. Both are made with the mortar and pestles on each side of the table.

You’ll notice most of the quills are missing. You’ll need Master Lapp’s instruction to the create the whole set. To visit his tower, equip the ring. He’ll first test your knowledge on inscription, which is outlined in the book Gavyn left on the inscription table. Llapp with then ask you to bring him some materials. Once you have them, he’ll give you a set of scrolls to perform the quill-making rituals. With quills in hand, you can pop them in the gem colored inkwells on the inscription table to make them active.

Making the Quills
Gavyn’s Chore - Winged Twilight Souls

Fast Eddie’s Chores

Requirements: Tel Uvirith Upper Tower

The following quests are available by clicking through Eddie’s “chores” topic. After he informs you of a quest, it becomes available in a separate topic, and can be done at any time or in any order. The Books of Daedric Summoning is the first (covered earlier here), available after sending him to find the Amulet of Unity (one of the original Morrowind quests). The rest are only available after completing the Tel Uvirith upper tower, because they’re all for furnishing the secret lab.

♦ Alchemy Table

Eddie informs you that Divayth Fyr has an alchemy table gathering dust in his tower, and wonders if you’re interested in it. To continue this quest, ask Divayth Fyr about it. He’ll tell you he’s had some trouble getting this magical table to work because of the enchantment on it. To break this enchantment, he requires an object called an Ouvulas, which is a powerful soul gem devised by the Dwemer.

Quest for the Ouvulas

♦ Bag of Holding

Master Aryon has asked Eddie to give you a book on magical containment. To find out more about this magical bag, you need to speak with Master Aryon. After you’ve read the book and discussed it with Master Aryon, you need to create the bag.

Making the Bag of Holding

♦ Tome of Knowledge

Eddie’s found out about an ancient Tome of Knowledge, and intends to steal it from the Mages Guild. He needs the Necromancer’s Amulet to unlock the Tome’s secret hiding place. Amulet in hand, it will take him about a week to return. He’ll return the amulet after completing the quest, and the Tome of Knowledge (two of them actually) will appear in your study.

The Necromancer’s Amulet

Advanced Steam Centurion

Requirements: Alchemy Table Quest

This is available after returning The Golden Dawn to Baladas Demnevanni. He’s working on an advanced dwemer annimunculi, and will let you have it once he gets it working if you help.

Building the Centurion