Quests: Vault Secrets

Uvirith’s Tomb

Requirements: Tel Uvirith Vault

The Vault guards mention the Tomb of Lord Uvirith was uncovered while attempting to build an annex to the Library. If you head down the levitation shaft to Uvirith’s Burial, you’ll sense something amiss.

Enter the Tomb

♦ Verena Uvirith

Requirements: Uvirith’s Curse Lifted

After appeasing Lord Uvirith, he’ll mention his wish to resurrect his long dead wife Verena. However, he needs a body to do so – a fresh one, and one that has a passing resemblance to her. If you agree, he’ll give you a locket with her portrait. You can view it by dropping it on yourself in your inventory. So, where on Nirn are you going to find someone both expendable and decent-looking?

Finding a Warm Body

Lord Uvirith will banish you from the tomb while he works his magic. You’ll have to wait a day to return. The next time you enter, Verena will be wandering around the Tomb in her new body.

Helping Lady Verena

Once Verena moves into the upper tower, you can keep her around as long as you like. She’s vampire friendly, has plenty conversation options, and you can give her new outfits through companion share. She’ll also put your staff in order – the old fashioned way.

Getting Rid of Verena

♦ Ash-Kosh

Requirements: Uvirith’s Tomb, Resurrecting Verena, The Missing Prisoner Quest, Dratha’s Books of Daedric Summoning Quest.

Once Ash-Kosh is a companion, take her with you the next time you visit Dratha. Make sure it’s the female Ash-Kosh in tow. Dratha will be supremely jealous and want one of her own.

Helping Dratha

Queen N’tashra’s Boon

Requirements: Tel Uvirith Vault

If you examine the strange statue in the Tel Uvirith Vault treasury, it will speak. If you accept Queen N’tashra’s quest, it will give you a sceptre. Examine it in your inventory, and you’ll be prompted to select one of a couple options: twist the silver ring, twist the bronze ring, or put it away.

Twist the Silver Ring
Twist the Bronze Ring
Dungeon Secrets

♦ A Gift for Sara

Requirements: Sara N’tashra, Hiring Almossaren (Storage Room Quest)

Introduce Sara to Almossaren. If you ask about “amenities” for her, he’ll offer to provide anything she needs. Ask Sara what she’d like, and she’ll claim she requires little – except perhaps a small favor. You’ll have to press her about this, because she’s too shy to ask outright.

Sara’s Request

♦ Verena’s Jealousy

Requirements: Sara N’tashra, Rescue Verena

If you take Sara to meet Verena while she’s dominating your tower, she will not react favorably. Ask Verena about Sara while she’s in earshot. After Verena insults Sara, ask Sara about Verena. Congratulations, you’ve started a war.

The Feud

Vampire Research

Requirements: Tel Uvirith Vault, Apprentice Gavyn, having never been a vampire

If you examine the Librarian’s personal copy of The Vampires of Vvardenfell (found in his chamber behind the false bookcase), you’ll notice he’s made some notes in the margins. Reading it will add the topic “Vampire Research” and you now have a new chore available for Gavyn.

Vampire Dust
Gavyn the Vampire
Continued Research

♦ Becoming a Vampire the Wizard’s Way

If you decide to follow the experiment to its ungodly conclusion, you’ll need several sample of Gavyn’s blood, so bring him along to Pharra’s lab.


♦ Curing Gavyn

If you decide to remain mortal, you can tell Gavyn about a possible cure after reading Galur Rithari’s papers. You may have already found them if you’ve done Skink-in-trees-shade’s quest for the Mages Guild, outlined here on UESP Wiki. The quest is not required to cure Gavyn.

If you’re also a vampire, your only option is to find the cure for yourself and bring him along with you. The walkthrough for the cure is available here at UESP Wiki.

Possible Outcomes

Once Gavyn is cured, speak to Divayth Fyr and he’ll ask to examine Gavyn. Take him to Tel Fyr and let Divayth borrow him for a while. You can pick him up in a week.

The Reward