Uvirith’s Legacy 3.3 Christmas Wishlist 2014

While going through bug reports and screenshots for the website, I surveyed what would need to be done for Uvirith’s legacy 3.3, and the outlook is good. There are not a lot of bugs, and most seem fixable. I won’t have a lot of time to work on it, but I figure a healthy estimate for the next update, with a lot of wiggle-room, is the end of this year or beginning of the next. So, tentatively December 2014, or January 2015.

This gives plenty time to compile a wishlist for tweaks or new features you’d like to see. I’ve already compiled one of my own:

  • Improve the Tome of Knowledge quest somehow. As Eddie’s final chore, it’s pretty anticlimactic. It’s the only quest nearly unaltered from Uvirith Inside.
  • Make building Primus Plus! more involved. Only having to find five scrap metal for him is kinda weak. You should at least have to find his head, since I already have a head mesh for him in case he breaks.
  • Find some good meshes/textures for any stuff left over that isn’t unique, like Gothren’s magical buglamp.
  • Make all Books of Daedric Summoning available to non-Telvanni players.
  • Enliven area outside the vault? It’s a big open space, kinda too big, too empty. I’m not sure what I want to do with it, but I want to do something. More ’shrooms maybe?
  • Make the Vault build take longer, and have it constructed in stages? I’ll want some player feedback on this idea before I touch anything.

And some popular user requests:

  • Add more random encounters around the tower.
  • Make the outdoor centurions protect you if you get attacked in the tower’s vicinity.
  • Do more with the Books of Daedric Summoning, like turning them into summoning grimoires once you’ve figured out how to alter them.
  • Some interaction with one or more of the Daedric Princes/Plains of Oblivion (could possibly integrate this into improving the Tome of Knowledge quest).
  • Save Sharn gra-Muzgrob from the destruction of the Mages Guild in the RoHT add-on.
  • Give the player a manor near Port Telvannis in the TR patch (after attaining a high rank and fulfilling some TR quest requirements).
  • Improving Sara’s character (much needed upgrade, but beyond the scope of the 3.3 release – to be saved for another future release).
  • Further integrate Uvirith’s Legacy and Building up Uvirith’s Legacy (and perhaps some integration with Village of Mora Uvirith) – would require updating BuUL, which is not my project, and beyond the limits of my time at present. I’d be willing to help anyone who would like to take this project on however.

I have the complete list of reported bugs from Jasons073, along with abot’s script fixes (thank you both again). I also found a couple minor bugs while doing a speed-run for better screenshots. I’ll probably peck away at that first, so if the Christmas deadline creeps up on me, I’ll at least have all the bugs fixed for release.

Also, the website’s update is complete, though I may add more features later.

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