Release Announcements: August 2014

The first Uvirith’s Legacy 3.2 beta patch is now available for download here. Outstanding bugs are still listed on the current Bug Reports page.

After spending weeks learning how to use Blender (most of that time fiddling with my animated treadle wheel), I found I had a lot of blacksmithing related models kicking around, so I decided to package them up as a modder’s resource. ST Forges, Fireplaces, and Grinders Resource is now live.

Here’s an excerpt from the Readme:

This mod originally started as a lavaforge resource, but I’ve since expanded it to include many of my new blacksmithing-related meshes and fireplaces.
Includes animated grinding wheels, animated lavaforges, whetstones, new Telvanni fireplaces and chimneys, a deadric anvil, and more.
This mod is a resource only, though you can find all the stuff in a cell called ST_FGG_Testcell for easy copy/pasting.

– Most items are set up as activators in the ESP so their animations play. They can be scripted to do whatever you like.
– The grinding wheels have script examples attached.
– The “water sploosh” soundfile is not used in any scripts or animations, but I included it because I often use it with my water buckets and barrels.
– The whetstones are all set up as repair items, but you can turn them into scripted misc items (that give you an attack buff perhaps) or whatever you like if you don’t like the thought of “sharpening” armor.
– The coalpile container in the ESP uses the standard Morrowind coalpile mesh, so it’s not included.
– The treadle grinder is more realistic for a single person to use, but I included my original hand-crank grinder anyway.
– The dwemer lavaforge has two modular fittings to make placement in cells easier. They even snap to grid for the standard configuration (as do the chimneys).
– I didn’t add any deadric quenching barrels (I just use the furn_pycave_pool00 activator myself).
– Included daedric fireplaces on request. I didn’t make stone fireplaces because I didn’t think anyone would want them (though you can retexture them if you want).