The Uvirith’s Legacy Walkthrough contains quest descriptions, hints, and spoilers. All spoilers are hidden until you click on them, and greater spoilers are nested inside lesser ones, so you need not fear spoiling the game if all you’re looking for is a nudge in the right direction.

To access everything available in Uvirith’s Legacy, you have to join the Telvanni and build a stronghold. This is part of the original game and covered in the UESP Wiki. That may seem obvious, but the occasional new player doesn’t realize this.


  1. Telvanni Teleportation; Books of Daedric Summoning
  2. Tower Shipments; Slavery; Apprenticeship
  3. Inscription; Alchemy Table; Bag of Holding
  4. Building the Vault; Zhariphel Mine
  5. Missing Prisoner; Trial; Intruders
  6. Uvirith’s Tomb; N’tashra’s Boon; Vampire Research
  7. Rise of House Telvanni; Tamriel Rebuilt

Tel Uvirith Switch Locations
Easter Eggs